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Men that move with the sediment (not sentiment) of popular culture may not be moving with same sediment that flows from life’s river tomorrow. The rivers sediments will eventually have to take a non-yielding turn, in a direction that may be where neither one wishes to be nor that one may want to go. The flow of the mainstream will force that rivers waters to remove it from where it stands, and that sediment will surely remain adrift.

When progressive thinking is allowed to control a cultural revolution the goal is to use this sediment of man to impeded the flow of the certainty and divert it in another direction. With those two words, Cultural Revolution, together in a sentence, it brings an agitation to my soul.

When man feels that his morality is such that he must impose a Cultural Revolution on his fellow man, be brave. For it will not perfectly last. Listen to the voices that proclaim this refrain of Cultural Revolution but heed them as distrustful. The arrogance of thought that propels a man to choose or proclaim an ideology for the rest is a man that should be given no following. The professing of a Cultural Revolution is not unique to the progressive ideology. It can be co-opted and easily permeated into any mainstream or lesser known ideology of thought and behavior.

But if one is to follow the latest cultural trends it is most often those that are of a progressive mentality. It can be argued that when one is of a spirit of sediment in a river flowing with the strongest current that propels one to be part of a Cultural Revolution, then so goes the belief system and environment in which one lives. A member of the Cultural Revolution will find itself constantly moving through life with but a loose foundation of belief and from that will form around them a loose and unfortified wall of morality while they allow themselves to be swept along life’s river as but a fragment of a collective sediment bank on its floor.

Love, wisdom, morality, ethics and self are formed over time. They are discovered and learnt. Strong moral and ethical behaviors are foundational in solid beliefs a kin to bedrock and stones. They are natural.

These beliefs tend to be anchored primarily in religiosity. As a free man who is observant and honest with himself, I will determine for myself the truth of right and wrong, darkness and evil by my own revelation and experience. But for me to do so without the admission of and guidance from my creator, I am no more than the sediment that flows down the river. I am easily moved in my locale. I am easily changed and blended into different piles of loose sand designed to hold off the constant flow of certainty. I am then ignorant prey to be used as a useless member of a Cultural Revolution that is supposed to fundamentally transform me and my beliefs.

To think that any man should be free living as moral sediment (not sentiment) is the ultimate in arrogance and hypocrisy. A man that chooses to be cultural sediment is dependent upon the flow of the Revolution to shape it and use it.

For a man to think that I would not choose or have a right to a well-defined and sublime truth of right and wrong and live my life according to what nature through our creator defined for us as fundamental truths is equally as arrogant. Therefore I do not oppose ones natural ignorance in their determination of being life’s sediment upon her floor.

A river needs its sediment. It needs its rocks and bedrock foundation too. The system was designed to use many dislike systems to construct one larger system. This is a natural fact. True too is the fact that when one of the components has become out of balance it can easily bring change to the entire system as a whole.

This is why I choose to develop myself in the bedrock of our natural system. I choose to be solid in my person by being solid in my belief. As the sediment builds a top that foundation and attempts to hold back the certainty of nature, that obstruction will of its own design need to create a deviation to hold back the swell from upstream that will build behind it. In the beginning the diverted water will go around the obstruction and continue upon its way downstream. As time passes the swell of reason and faith’s resolve will erode the sediment and move through it. Then will the bedrock and stone be cleared and still in place knowing that another day will come that the sediment will arrogantly try to dam the flow once again. And like it’s many of predecessor’s that have tried to prevent natural law from occurring, it too will be swept along the rivers bottom not to be recognized again.

It is one of life’s cycles. So I stand then as a part of the natural cycle of life and do so from a self-chosen foundation of stability and eagerness to nurture my faith and desire to learn more and increase my understanding in those things that are natural and certain. This is what a free man can do. I can hold onto these teachings and learning’s because I have a stable foundation from whence to exist. I am not moral sediment a drift in Life’s River.

We form rule of law from the foundation of standards and ethics. Moreover, without a representative formation of these laws, we are remiss in our obligation to the Founding Fathers and those before us who have worked to advance these principles.

So the question I then must next ask myself is whether I allow myself to have a self-imposed label or conscribe to a banner of beliefs. That is way too much for the few remaining brain cells I have firing at the moment!

~ Eric D. Miller – 2013