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Let me ask you, has DC come to Indiantown ?

Because it sure smells like the swamp

(updated-10 Aug 20) – (11 Aug 20)

Mathew 7:23The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one.

This article is not a 4th grade Meme or Facebook dig post. It is intended to create dialogue and bring awareness to a problem in your own home town. So, please ask yourself honestly; “What values and principles do you want in a person you elect to make your law and decide your future?”.

First, here is the Answer to the question of who is Robert Burns.

Burns is a paid political operative. He is based out of Viera, Florida. It is a community in Brevard. He is a heavily left leaning Progressive. He and others like him are typically associated to organizations like the (Young Elected Officials) YEO networks as Progressive operatives.

After speaking with local media in Brevard we have found out that Robert was hired by FL REP. Fines opponent to run her campaign. So we do know he is a paid operative. We have also learned that he is new to this game and has completely ruined his candidates chances to be elected. Not a good way to build your name or reputation but whatever. As for Mr. Fine. Well that is between them.

From research and experience I can affirm that Burns types are usually trained by organizations like the YEO Network.

The recent use of an absentee voter role on screen in Indiantown Community Facebook, which is a felony, shows the Junior High level of intellect we are dealing with. It is one example of his behavior as a political operative. I might add a paid operative. As a responsible citizen I am in the process of contacting FDLE in reference to the matter.

According the Supervisor of elections office The Absentee roles are only available to candidates, political parties, party executive committees and office holders. Office holders?  Candidates ?

So how did he get our voter role and how did it illegally make it to the screen?

Well, it seems that the only three candidates in this election that are authorized to have the list are Guy Parker, Anthony Zweiner and Janet Hernandez. So I know it was not Tony Z, really,  and I doubt Guy Parker is beating himself up like this. That leaves one source for the data. Janet Hernandez. At least according to the law. I say that because no one else has requested an official copy but the three named. A rookie mistake really. One that is punishable by law.

Also according to Florida Statute 101.62(3) –s. 119.07(1) and shall be made available to or reproduced only for the voter requesting the ballot, a canvassing board, an election official, a political party or official thereof, a candidate who has filed qualification papers and is opposed in an upcoming election, and registered political committees for political purposes only.

The action taken to leak and use this is a direct violation and I will be issuing a complaint with the elections commission in Tallahassee against Councilwoman Janet. I will update you when I learn more.

Again YEO style gorilla tactics from a less than honorable ideology of progressive socialism. Mob Rule. They think they know better than you and I.

“There is a tradition of asking for permission. We are no longer asking for permission. We’re setting the agenda. We know what our communities need”

So, who is the YEO Network? Well the YEO network is a Progressive Socialist training operative group funded by the far-left radical agenda. They stand for Anti American Values.As expressed in the graphic on their site.

From their website: “Our vision is to create a new political system of truly representative government that amplifies the voices of youth and marginalized communities.” – Whats wrong with this one? A discussion for later. Here is a link to their policy manual as well. Notice Bernie Sanders, a self avowed Democratic Socialist.

YEO exists for the purpose of mentorship and guidance to any elected or candidate willing to adhere to the Progressive YEO agenda as well as willing to carry out their Anti-American plan of Liberties subversion.  The YEO members receive National support, locally for their obedience to the Progressive agenda.

The graphic here from their site says the same thing “Progressive Values”.

More about YEO in a second. Remember though this is the organization Councilman Anthony Dowling is a member of. Anthony Dowling had ample opportunity to leverage his connections with YEO for this smear. Maybe not with Burns directly, but definitely through his YEO Twitter network. All it took was for someone to pay this troll. But who? Was it one of the other campaigns or a deep pocket supporter?

Anthony in his YEO shirt the night he passed the YEO proclamations as your Councilman without even giving you time to read it.

Is that speculation? No. First we know Burns is a paid operative. Second these types of connections are a resource provided to Anthony Dowling through his membership in YEO. Third we know Janet was the only candidate that would give the list to Burns.

Have you looked at the site yet? We can talk funding trails and all that later. That tightens the screws even further.

Even if Robert is not a direct operative for YEO, not important. Why is he here? At who’s bequest? Did he just fall from the Facebook sky?

He is using private documents intended to be confidential and for legitimate campaign purposes. There are laws still.

He had to receive those from a campaign or an elected official. You connect the dots and figure that one out. Not real hard.

Seems too that Guyton Stone is a Facebook friend with our friend Robert Burns.

Burns is baseless in accusation and attacking not only candidates but neighbors and citizens and masking it as if it was the all in the election process.

He lives several County to the North. He was brought here, that is the real answer. And who better to have access to these professional trolls than professional progressive organizations and their elected members?

If you are willing to read and learn you will see why that is a true statement.

The operative in question, Robert Burns, is a part of the anti-American movement that is burning down our cities and trying to dismantle the nuclear family and our American Way of life. Same with groups like YEO, Burns is a paid troll.

This is a proven fact you can see with your own eyes. Just like Anthony in his YEO shirt and tweets and proclamations.

Below is a copy from a YEO Networks Bravo Board. It is proof positive that Anthony is a Progressive Socialist that is towing the line. It seems too that Janet and Guyton are on board as well. Simply through their association. We are known by the company we keep after all.

(Here is a Policy Examples from YEOs by Topic link to the document referenced.)

  • Denise Davis, Mayor Pro Tem, Redlands, CA, introduced and passed a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis (7/22/20)
  • Anthony D. Dowling, Councilor, Village of Indiantown, FL, helped pass two resolutions for diversity (6/12/20):
    • Celebrating The Diversity Of Our Community And Denouncing All Acts of Racism, Intolerance And Unlawful Discrimination
    • Designating June 19th of Each Year As “Juneteenth Independence Day”

This is from Anthony in proud acceptance. Even Though I think he let Janet push the second one he still took credit. Class act Anthony.

I am also going to follow up on here with the Council meeting broadcast and the story about the last-minute rush to make sure this got on the agenda a couple hours before the meeting. And how Janet and Anthony insisted they knew better than the people and your voice was not required. Just like Ileana Omar.

I will post a link below and times for your own reference for all that care to look.

I urge you to do your own homework. Check it all out for yourself.

Ask yourself. Are these the people you want in charge of the laws and planning for you?

Has DC come to Indiantown?

Just after the smear was started Anthony was ready with a flashy graphic and began advocating for both Councilwoman Janet and Councilman Guyton. I guess they are like three men in a tub.

Actually, he demanded you vote for them. WOW!

It seems that they are desperate like a rock in water. I am curious as too who in town paid for this?

Here is a purely speculative suggestion, but sure does lock into place. It goes back to Janet and Guyton legally writing campaign checks to a company owned by Guyton.

They said it was for printing and bumper stickers. A recent video by Martin Townson showed up on Facebook recently asking questions about this same topic.

He asks how do we know if the dollars really went to pay for signs? Well, how do we know?

We can’t see the outcome unless anyone can produce some receipts that total the amount spent in question. Otherwise it is behind closed doors for only the two of them to know. But why ?

There have been several people who have suggested on line that the disclosure is legal. On it’s own it is, however when you consider as it was suggested that someone could be doing work for them and that person may not want to be known to be associated for the candidates cover it takes a new light when investigating voter data violations and voter abuse laws.

The original thinking was a bit more altruistic in nature and expressed the idea that a local person who wanted to remain anonymous for business purposes may have requested it. Maybe, but given the puzzle pieces locking in place I think we can see another not so altruistic reason to do this as well. They did not want you to see their payments to Burns.

There too is the fact that Janet has yet to report $3,000 in PAC funds from the MLS endorsement like Mr. Parker received from them. Between the $1,250 they paid Guyton’s company and the $3,000 from the MLS, $4,250 is a reasonable sum to expect to pay a troll like Burns. Until we know the existence of the checks from the MLS we have to guess. If they do exist and are not claimed and have been cashed. Well that is a crime in and of itself. If that is what happened.

I cannot say for sure this is the case. However, can you see where this leads when you use less than ethical approaches to business in governance. Janet and Guyton could have very well funded the whole project once Anthony found them the troll, Robert Burns.

Even if this is not the funding source then who footed the bill?

Meanwhile, Mr. Burns has also been busy in the Brevard campaigns. He is falsely claiming a candidate raped someone in a campaign in his area. He is making false and misleading claims in our election process as well.

The next logical question that has to be asked is why did Mr. Burns use an obvious late-night error to base his accusations on? Well, good question. It made me ask another one to try and answer. That was, “What was the original accusation”? It was that Guy took illegal PAC dollars. Which he did not.

Wait, he received them from the MLS, that endorsed him? Didn’t they endorse Janet too? Where is Janet’s disclosure? It should have already been disclosed.

Guy duplicated an entry for a check – a mistake – he owns it and will correct it I am sure. The amounts are not inaccurate – they are not illegal PAC’s just a clerical error that is easily remedied.

What about Ms. Hernandez though?

Where is her disclosure statement that should have been filed already for full transparency? Seems suspect at best if she received a PAC donation too?

I guess that is what upsets me most about this campaign cycle is that It seems governance and well thought out planning is somehow secondary to the Junior High School popularity contest being made out of our American system of governance.

So, before the newly green politico operatives in Indiantown start hurling grenades, they better make sure they are girded up because the flack is going to get them otherwise. They cannot win on merit or truth so they bring in the scum to stir the pot. I can stand on my name and my word.

May God Bless America and May God Bless Indiantown

Now, the adults will take it from here.

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Here is YEO Network that Anthony is a member of here is the link to YEO –>   YEO Network

And according to Janet’s campaign website she is a Board member of the (Young Elected Municipal Officials) – And according to a letter she has published this is accurate.

Here is Burns political company => http://www.myrelentlessgroup.com/

Here is Burns attack dog he calls news –>  https://thespacecoastrocket.com/

Here is Burns LinkedIn account à https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-burns-92417532/

Here is the type of smear job he does –> https://floridapolitics.com/archives/333065-prostitutes-gay-bugs-and-anti-semitism-the-story-behind-randy-fine-and-robert-burns-salacious-battle

And Here –>  https://floridapolitics.com/archives/331977-too-far-randy-fine-demands-apology-after-opponent-ruined-mothers-day

Agenda with proclamations and times

(Video is Here)

Approval of Amended Agenda 43:40-59:51

Diversity Resolution  1:25:45-1:32:25

Juneteenth Resolution  1:32:25-1:35:55

Mathew 7:23 – The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one.

A personal note:

My Mother always said,“Those who live in glass houses should not cast stones!“

So, for full disclosure and to keep people from getting enraged, I am a volunteer with the Tony Z campaign. I repeat, a volunteer. I am disclosing this because I am still a citizen.

I am making the statements in this post on my own. I am hopeful as Americans and God-fearing adults; we can disassociate the two.

What I have said needs to be heard and discussed as adults irrespective of the election outcome.

So can your next Councilman for Seat 2, Anthony “Tony” Zweiner.

I am proud to have been asked to help Pastor Tony “TONY Z” with his campaign. It is an honor to serve as a volunteer for a fellow Christian, Veteran and American in an effort to help make my world and yours a better place.

For the record I do not have a Facebook account in my name, or the name of anyone else. That has not stopped people from saying I do though. Because Facebook Public groups are visible without an account, I have been able to observe dialogue on the local election. In doing so I have seen my name used publicly by campaign operatives that support Janet Hernandez and Guyton Stone. And It seems now Anthony Dowling.

My local service includes a 2002 Volunteer of the Year Award from the Boys and Girls Club of Indiantown for our efforts to help build their first technology lab. I am not new to this town. My full bio can be found here for those that want to know more about me.

For over two decades I have worked in the mess we call the political party and government at local State and National levels. I am a citizen. I am not paid and I do not hide.

So, to the point. I do have a political background. It is all in the open. There are two things I can say about my public service at a Local, State and National level. The first is I still have a soul and a name. The second is that I have never made a red cent for my participation in the process. These two things separate me from the dirt bags that wallow in the mire for distraction, entertainment and self-satisfaction.

Now the swamp is in my front yard and your community too. So, what will you do? Excuse it away? Just like we have been allowing. This incremental creep of darkness will shadow our land if we let it. Or, will you stand and call out the evil that is evil.


May God Bless America

~Eric D. Miller – 2020