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As you look for answers to that which beguiles you in 2021, be sure the answer we are all hoping to find in this chaos we call our world is more than a virus. It is more than, dare I say gently, our electoral process. What you are sensing are the last desperate breaths of a gentle Lady fighting for relevance.  She is growing more distant while she becomes less relevant to most. Her simple, and when known, complex nature demonstrate why her child is being dragged from her sight by those entrusted to his care.

In the light of Truth stands Liberty. In Liberty there is justice for all. It is in this Light the Son’s of Liberty, We The People, Americans, stand tall. We do so with Freedom for all.  When however, We The People who are the Keeper of Liberty’s child, squander the cherished nature of Freedom with a selfish interest; then do we also wander from her Lady’s sight. All the while being supplicated and substituting pragmatic dogma for Freedom.

Thus, it is an underlying reason you are experiencing the awareness of diminished Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Self-honesty is such a vital element in life. Without it we are no more likely to even know if we are off loading parts of our self or not. We need be honest of self before we may be honest to another. We must also be our self before we may be justly honest.

When we refuse of self, to be who we know we are in good nature, for the sole purpose of vacating that portion of self, we are sinning. We are also creating a vacuum which nature tells us must be filled in time.

When we honestly evaluate the attributes of self and embrace them, we live in freedom. Simply, if we as honest men have honest attribute of character, we should not diminish that attribute, we should embrace it. It is who we are.

If good men are to exist in virtue, morality and ethic, then they must not jettison their being.

We must also grasp the reality of our world in all of its Glory and in its horror in order to walk in the light of Truth. The light we seek is the Truth. Not a convenient narrative of contrived notion that is meant to quell the fear of knowledge.

Once the light of Liberty has been replaced with the lantern of darkness, then we begin to lose hope. We fear. We feel alone and powerless. We become what man has always become when confronted with threat. We form defense. Be it singularly, pluralistically or through a zeitgeist of common belief. Well, we are there. Be sure that both empirical and physical threat are equal in cause.

Truth is now repelled at every turn and is no longer able to have open platform in any of today’s adult issues that are forefront and threaten our existence. Like a flame to water. Which brings me back around to the Virus and our election. So, here we are. Everyone looking at the other as the cause. American against American. Who is winning? Is it America?

Our lack of nurturing Liberty and providing a safe place for her children to grow has seriously fractured the foundation upon which Liberty resides; in Truth.

Our world is chaotic because we are making it so. It is chaotic because America is acting like the lost child we are. The outcome of our behavior is inevitable. Actions have consequence. It is the point between consequence and end that are painful.

Should Freedom no longer see Liberty, it does not mean that the light of Liberty does not shine. A failure to see it does not preclude her existence. As the plurality draw us closer to the dark, let your lantern shine and seek others that carry Liberty’s light. If your Lantern is quelled then turn to those who shine.

We will need each other to make sure we are standing on the defense of Liberty as she reclaims her wayward and neglected child, Freedom.

~ E Plurubus Unum – Eric D. Miller – 2020