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There is a particular theme emphasized in many of my personal articles and videos produced over the past few years. This theme is based on the perils of “Ignoring the Constitution”.  Best said, ignoring the breaches of our agreed upon boundaries we all live within as American Citizens comes with a very high price.

To date it has been like being the mind of reason in a room of pleasure drunk that are unwilling to see the fate of reality as it plays out in front of them. There they are though, “The Useful Idiot”.

While a very few have been vocal about the rape and pillage of our great society, our Nation and Constitution, a greater number have stood by and excused the unAmerican behaviors as bearable.

Bearable because the extent of the breach of Constitutional boundary was aesthetically survivable to them. Out of sight out of mind. Well, times up! Thank You Seymour Hersh.

It hasn’t been severe enough in perception to get the cognitive dissonant into the life boat and go ashore when the FBI was weaponized. It wasn’t enough when the world was locked down and mandated toxins were required. Still, there is effort to ignore truth. Truth is sometimes too ugly for many to face it.

No, many if not most have stayed upon the pleasure cruise of USS CORRUPTION just because it is easier. Now with the revelations of Seymour Hersh, it is not only infeasible at this point to prevent her from falling over the torrential falls, but there are no life boats left either. The ship is too far from shore, the current is too strong and the current ahead takes a fierce plunge to new levels well below the ability to remain intact.

The current is too strong to continue trying to rescue the now awaking and realizing masses upon her deck. Much like a scene from the Titanic when the realization rushes over a human that there is no one coming to save them and the hour is at hand. Well, that moment is close at hand for many of your family, neighbors and friends. To date it has been a slow boil, but the inertia just increased exponentially.

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline”

The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now

Seymour Hersh

Feb 8”

Now as we stand on the precipice to the open door of WWIII. The glaring maleficence and disregard for American Constitutional Governance has made the ultimate of error. Ultimately your freedom and ability to party like it is 1999 are reliant on this document, the Constitution. She has been under grave assault for many decades now. To date you have been able to rock on. Until now.

Let’s discuss the Nord stream pipeline for a moment. You have to be blind not to see the potential for truth in the recent article describing how the current administration has taken extra Constitutional military actions against a peer geopolitical sovereign nation. That’s right. An overt and aggressive act of war was taken without consent of Congress. This is more than a small kinetic action in the middle of the night to bump “Alla Islamo” while he sleeps with his six wives and a goat.

If you look at the implications it has had for Europe, Germany in particular. As well as France and Italy, you can see how this is a major strategic blunder. These actions go beyond the scope and power of President of the United States of America as described in our documents that govern our action. I use United out of respect; as we are anything but United.

Quoting Senator Mike Lee, “Presidents can’t take us to war without Congress. People may disagree about where to draw the line between a clandestine operation and an act of war, but if the U.S. wanted to inflict a hard-hitting kinetic attack of a high-profile Russian asset, could @potus act alone?”

For any one that wants to hide their head in the sand and ignore the reality of the events please do so in a way that you are only a problem for yourself. Because, no one is coming to save you. Those with our eyes wide open, feet on the shore and heart in America will fight to survive. If you are still on the water, afloat in the boat, I hate to say it but you are lost at this point. So, get your brave face on and prepare for the inevitable outcome.

When you look around and there is a whole lot of noise, you know, things that just keep flooding you like chaos, confusion, danger, uncertainty, fires, wars, shortages, monetary collapse, cultural illness and so many more I am sure you can think of. Try to keep in mind that roaring sound you are hearing is the water hitting the rocks as it plunges untold fathoms straight down along the path of consequence and outcome. The same controlling channel your vessel the USS CORRUPTION is closing in on.

Many of us have been extolling to you the need to stop ignoring our founding documents. We have warned of a time that would come when the bottom falls out like a wet paper sack. Now that time is near.

So, to all of my fellow Americans that are on the shore right now. To all that are ready to tend to themselves. For all those who are ready to weather the storm approaching. Know that there are those newly awakened that are trapped on the deck of the USS CORRUPTION.

They are waking to see their fate. For those unprepared at the moment before disaster it seems gloomiest. So, as they begin to panic at the self-realization of life’s eminent terminal conclusion you will know them by their fear and anger. Most will show their anger in mass after three days with no food and water is scarce. Throw in the lack of electricity and you have a recipe for a very ugly 90 days or so.

They are adrift. Lost in uncertainty and hanging on because they do not know what is next.

Then the 30-day wave of prescriptions ending. The waves of mental and physical containment’s & arrests ceasing overnight for millions. Now the strength of the cultural undercurrent has entrapped them into a forward inertia of violent end. Many still don’t even see their fate to fear it.

For those on shore who are equipped and ready, the disaster will be impactful and much more prolonged. Hell, we may even stay alive.

There is only so much that one can do for many. When the incapable many outnumber the capable few then the few are bound to let perish some of the helpless many by nature’s own design. Not by will, but by natures design.

There are dark clouds of war that approach. There are clouds of financial peril and Freedom chased from our midst. Storms of technology that will bring hundreds of years of progress in months. Eyes wide open.

Stand strong Americans and repel the wolf at the door so he does not go to your neighbor’s door. Stop them at your door and I will do the same. Liberty, Freedom and righteous Justice for all shall not perish. We will hold her flame high and bright. To be shuddered by no man. I plan on being there to help set upright the cornerstones of Liberty when it is needed.

We fear no evil for we are American. Sons of God – Sons of Liberty – Prepare first your Faith. Be the answer and I will be too. Now we are two.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2023




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