2008 Announcement of candidacy sent to the Governor Announcement to the Gov

2009 Why the RPOF needs a platform RPOF Platform Executive Summary

2011 MCREC Platform Handbook 2011 Martin County Republican party platform guide

2011 How we established our platform How to

2011 Guide to the platform for precinct Committee men and Committee women Martin County Republican Party 2011 Platform Guide for Precinct Committee Persons

2011 RPOF Technology Committee Recommendations and outcomes Tech Plan final

2011 Position on Free Enterprise Zones Enterprise Zones

2014 RPOF Chairman’s Debate Click Here for Video

2014 Call for Responsible Reform Responsible Reform

2014 Things to Consider.

2015 SCM Resolution on taxation Tax Increase Resolution

2015 SCM Report on Taxation SCM Report on Taxation

2015 Disband the Community Redevelopment Authority  Disband the CRA

2016 Answer to the MCREC Call for my resignation Eric Millers letter of resignation

……..  And the different constituencies – not so much their leaders but their memberships – are beginning to question whether their loyalty to either of the two parties have been abused or misused; whether they might have fared better had they taken charge of their own destiny with their own clear advocacies and “in-house” leadership, instead of leaving things in the hands of master politicians who have continually demonstrated to be no patron saints to their memberships, nor strong advocates for their needs. Ben Tanosborn