Common Core

Here is a very good look at common core.

Video References: :  Dr. Stotsky, a member of the Common Core Validation Committee. She was one of five members who would not sign off on Common Core when they were finally allowed to see it. Video Published on Apr 17, 2013. Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor Emerita, University of Arkansas, former Senior Associate Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Education, describes some of the problems with the quality of the Common Core national education standards. – Pimps and Mobsters – Common Core Homework

Document References

Common Core Goes Global | Crisis Magazine.

Education and Common Core Documentationp1 (3)


A very well done Explanation of Common Core

Top Ten Professors Calling Out Common Core’s So-called College Readiness.

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2 thoughts on “Common Core”

  1. America’s strength comes from the states. Fifty labratories always outperform a centralized government. Common Core is no exception. The Federal Government should empower the states to create their own education models. Innovation, collaboration and creativity will be the result.


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