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Last Saturday, 23 March, I was one of nine party officials that had a vote in determining who our Republican delegate representation from Florida Congressional District Eighteen would be at the 2016 RNC Convention.

The three Delegate seats were awarded by vote to the St. Lucie County Republican Party Chairman, Martin County Republican Party Chairman and the St. Lucie County Republican State Committeewoman. One of the Alternate seats was awarded to the Martin County Republican State Committeewoman. All four of whom that by rule and benefit of their title had a vote in the process.

By accepting the Delegate role, each agreed to be bound to cast their Delegate vote at the Republican Convention for Donald Trump. At least for the first four votes, then they are free to vote anyway they wish.

During the process it was suggested many times and reinforced that the Delegate apportionment reflects the will of the Florida Voter and that their will should be done. That suggestion continues to strike me as ironic.

Numerically a larger portion of Florida Republicans have been silenced in the winner takes all process of apportionment than are being heard. To be more accurate, fifty five percent of Florida Republican voters did not vote for Donald Trump. The final allocation of Delegates does not even come close to reflecting the true will of the Florida Republican voter. However, this is the process the Republican Party of Florida advocated and is the process used.

I know that in order for freemen to remain free we need remain principled.

So, after a great deal of prayer, I arrived at a place that through honest self-reflection found Donald Trump not to be of a standard eligible of my vote (support), be it pledged personally or through a vote to bind delegates to his name. Therefore I abstained from the vote. I asked that the official record reflect the same.

I knew that my abstention was not going to make a difference numerically. I knew too that it would not be understood by many of my fellow party members. But that does not matter. What does matter is how my name is recorded in time, because character counts.

God Bless America.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2016