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Like you, I take time to ask myself the tough questions as they arise. Crazy me, I even try and decide where I stand on them. I know, a bit over the top but hey, call me crazy.

I have tried real hard not to talk about or to use the parable of “the lion and the dentist” as a point of discussion on this blog. Simply because like many of you I have seen the whole thing as contrary.

This is not a post on what I think of the dentist or the lion, because I am sure no one really cares what I think about either of them. And I can’t say as I blame you either. No, this post is meant to bring the conversation back around to reality.

I found myself honestly trying to answer the question; Hunt for sport? Hunt for food? Hunt for….. Wait a minute. This whole lion debate is being presented to us as a life issue. We are told that we should feel bad for the lion because a human took its life. OK, I see the argument. So, let’s pause the story at this point and ask a few questions.

Is it the taking of the life of the lion that has you upset? Be honest now.

That’s fine. So to make sure we are framing this conversation in the proper light I want to make sure that it is the taking of the life that has you distraught. OK, so you are upset because a hunter killed a lion. I get it, it seems sad or wrong.

Let’s parallel some other recent events that center on life. Murder for example.

Are you equally incensed over the taking of human life by a human? Honesty, it all begins with self-honesty.

There can be no greater charge of man than to preserve life.

What about the Yazidi and the Nazarenes that are systematically being killed because of race and religious conviction? What about the children being nailed to a cross to die? The Middle East is too far away to worry about it? Doesn’t affect you? Well so is Zimbabwe but, ok.

What about the scores of Baltimore and Chicago’s young that are being slain day in and day out? They are much closer to home.

Do ALL lives matter or just some?

If you are to use the truth and splendor of life to carry the argument of the lion, then there can be no greater distain than for those that reposition a baby in the womb using ultrasound as a weapon in a way that the baby’s BODY PARTS can be ripped from its torso one by one and HARVESTED for PROFIT; all while the child’s heart is beating. I hope for the sake of the soul of this Nation that the murder of a baby carries a greater degree of ire, dishonor and sadness than that of a lion.

lifeIf you have but 24 hours in a day and you feel outrage or anger to the point that you need to HUNT the hunter for shooting a lion, it makes sense to me that a person would use the indignation that consumes them to fight for the preservation of human life before spending valuable time and energy on a lion. At least use a little of the angst for human kind.

Let me just remind you that abortion advocates condone a doctor reaching inside a woman and tearing a live child limb from limb for profit. And they call me crazy and extreme. No, the argument starts and stops with the life of the baby. Period.

There are some universal truths that we cannot change. For instance water is wet and fire is hot. And of course, life is precious and sacred. I stand with life, I stand with the author of that life.

Let us not forsake life for the purpose of self. We are better than this.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2015