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Have you ever “seen”, I mean really seen the light of something in another person? Have you ever seen love, truth, honesty, trust, caring or compassion? (You name it)

Have you seen it to the point that you can say it is a “part” of them? For instance, “that person is really caring”, Or, “she strikes me as a very honest person”.

While we cannot tangibly place our hands on what we “see” in others, we can however see the display of belief and understanding in them. We can see the display of values and principles in their character. Whether we chose to “see” it or not is a different matter entirely.

So, what do others “see” in me? I would put to you that they see those virtues, values and principles that I have “found” through my own searching and personal journey. They may even see voids in places I have yet to truly discover or know.

They see the culmination of those “things” that I have committed to soul along the way. And the “things” I have yet to become.

Let me ask you, have you ever found, really found a value, principle or virtue in such a way that it makes you cry, or when it takes such a strong hold on your soul that it becomes a part of you? Have you witnessed the physical manifestation of a virtue or principle to the point of searching for its essence?

Have you actively and honestly sought out virtues, values and principles for your own edification, either to accept them or reject them?

If we seek in earnest, we will find.

What we believe at the core of our being is an influence upon others, whether we know it or not. It is because our beliefs can be “seen” in us. Even if we do not believe that they can be seen, others can see the lack of principle as well as the foundation of principle in us.

To be a force of positive influence we must be those things we know to be good. In a world divided we must be “seen” as a person of just, fair and honest principle in order to offset the unprincipled. We must be people of virtue. To shape the world, we must shape ourselves.

When we really recognize a virtue or principle that anchors deep within our character and soul it will show through. And that is enough to be the spark of discovery in others eyes. We do not need to preach our moral compass. We need to live it. We need to manifest our belief into reality through our actions and behavior.

Good habits promote good results, bad habits promote bad outcomes. The same is true with that which we commit to our soul. Let us seek light. Let us seek truth. Let us commit to our being the things we know are good. Let us reject the things we know to be bad. Let’s work on us before we work on the rest of the world.

If each of us as individuals shines a light of value, virtue and principle, we can be examples for others. As the Sunday school song declares; “Hide it under a bushel, no – I’m going to let it shine”. Will you join me?

~ Eric Miller – 2015