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To qualify this post I feel it necessary to reveal some of my credentials. I have a degree in computer science. The primary focus of the degree is programming. I have designed written and implemented hundreds of functional programs in my career. I co-founded one of the early “cloud computing” companies and eventually sold it.

My now more agrarian life style allows me the liberty to spend time doing things like observing, associating my thoughts and just plain being a pain in the worlds backside. Now to the reason I am revealing this to you the reader.

A story caught my eye a few days back that made me say “No Kidding, I could have told you that. “. As a matter of fact, I have been warning of this for years. The title went something like GOOGLE COULD CHOSE THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

If you notice, I do not have a link to a “twitter” account or an “F-Book” account on here either. Reason being, I do not use them. They are plain evil. I do not use google and I try to search on the TOR network as often as possible. No, I do not have a Mel Gibson style tin foil hat. Well not that I am wearing right now.

Now to the red meat. Think for a minute what you could do with unlimited funding, real time socio-anthropological trends and data that express behavioral patterns and thought processes from hundreds of millions of people.

Boiled down; you would know what people are thinking while they think it. You know how they react to information. You know what is “popular” or trending in society. You know not only how a person thinks, but how society is behaving and thinking in real time.

Imagine a wall in a war room of google or f-book (NSA,CIA,FBI,DoD, etc.) that is one large projection of these events in real time. The events are represented as spheres in a three dimensional chart (cube). Each sphere (keeping it simple here) represents say maybe a candidate as they relate to an age demographic and a social issue. The location in the chart represents ethnic and political leanings.

The spheres continue to move around as the enormous volumes of data that are being collected and analyzed in real time form a moving representation of a nation’s thoughts and behavior. It could be too for that matter, a single person’s digital footprint over time is what is being demonstrated. Say travel patterns, searches, dialogues, social interactions, frequent people that call or stop by or you go to meet, sleeping habits, eating habits, etc.

Now imagine if you as the all-powerful one were able to interject a digital breeze or a nudge into the equation. A nudge into the “ether” that is not of organic occurrence but purely digital and fabricated with no foundational existence other than that which you want it to be. You get to play GOD and create a reality right in front of the world without their even noticing it.

Remember, the representative equations are supposed to be a real time organic illustration of human social trends and thought. What happens when the man behind the curtain starts influencing the trend because they can? Simply stated, they become the trend.

This is easily done, with your endless resource and real time interpretation you start promoting news stories or ideas that are more sympathetic to one issue or candidate. Maybe you “point” people to a place you think they should look for the answer. Then you just sit back and see what effect your nudge has. Maybe you even suggest that a favorite candidate take a position on a certain issue that is represented by the trends. The ability to manipulate thought, ideas and social patterns in real time is at hand. We have eliminated the natural process of interaction and discussion amongst our fellow humans in large part.

Why stop at politics? Why not look at policing, warfare, sexuality, parenting, education, health, wealth and on and on. Controlling the masses has always been one of man’s greatest achievements. It has to be an achievement because it has been occurring since the first clan around the fire. The difference now is that they (those with the money and power) are also controlling the mind with greater ease and speed than ever before. They are not only controlling but shaping it on a large scale and in real time.

Don’t think for a minute that anything you do or see commercially of even in the development of your physical environment is not designed to make you react or act in a certain way. Your illusion of freedom is just that, an illusion. The world around you is changing at speeds never before seen by man. The changes taking place are meant to mold you into a better consumer and world citizen.

I fear not for me, for I am able to see behind the veil. I am sorry to say that I am one that helped usher in the era of big brother. Thirty years of digital industry promulgation. The digital sphere is not as much a tool as it is a weapon. The fulcrum has been set and the world is about to shift.

I fear for those that have never known life without digital technology. They are the same persons that have never seen life without ubiquitous data at the press of a finger.

How can a person be an individual if you allow the collective to determine your next move and tell you what to believe or think? The world most live in is being shaped not by their efforts but by their habits, desires and trends. That overwhelming sense of not being in control is real. The digital man is a lab rat. Your whole world is being shaped by algos, megalomaniacs and the scientists they own.

Of course this does not even begin to touch on topics like constant aerial and geospatial tracking. Behavioral studies of people in social scenarios from CCTV cams in large retailers. Voice pattern recognition and facial expression algos to determine your “emotional” state.

Those little cameras and microphones you walk around with all day on the soothing little device they say is “smart” are so smart that they are learning everything there is to know about you. And they are less concerned about the website you go to than the reason why you went. They are learning your patterns, habits and thoughts to a higher degree than you even have faculty over. You are allowing a machine to guide and shape you. And you are doing it thinking you are somehow better off.

Let me ask you, have you or your children ever hammered a nail? Ever cut a board in two with a hand saw? Could you turn all of your electronic devices off and build a bird house? Try it. I dare you. No peeking, find the plans in the library in a book. Source the lumber by going to the hardware store. Compile you project list with pencil and paper. Build the bird house without a YouTube DIY how to video. Take the challenge and I will post your results if you want to share them. Oh, think you could try and use cash and not a plastic digital card too while buying your supplies?

Could you exist for 24 hours with no electricity or digital assistance? Take the challenge. Set a date months or days forward and declare it the “day with no electricity”. OK, too hard? Try the “day with no digital or media in my life”. Plan a trip outdoors to a park and enjoy the real world for just a day, without the distraction of digital bugs following you and prompting you. Shape your day on your terms and rely on yourself for the ability to enjoy it.

Better get the calculus books back out and start thinking like a machine. Or better yet, turn the digital off for a while every day, while you are awake and try to build a birdhouse.