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Finally, someone said it;

Conservatives are a threat to the Progressive Republican Party.

Who said it?

“The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!”

Donald Trump ~ 2017

I say finally because we Conservatives in the Republican Party for a very long time have been considered excess baggage and ballast that can be thrown overboard whenever “Winning for the Republican Team” is threatened by constitutionally conservative values and principles. We are fed small scraps to keep us hanging around for the party voter base and thrown to the sharks whenever our values go against your Progressive agenda.

So, congratulations to all of the “Go Team Go” and “Win for our side at any cost” Progressive Republican leadership. You just may have done it. By your demanding loyalty to the brand and support of a candidate that is furthest away from any grounded principle, you have managed with complete success to set our tent on fire with no hope of extinguishing it.

Our Party has lost its way because we have abandoned our values and principles. We elect those who believe in nothing, who routinely compromise their principles for political expedience and negotiate away our ideals. I refuse to accept that.

While many still identify the two party ideologies as Liberal or Conservative the truth is that the apparatus that controls the mouthpiece of the Democrats and the Republicans are full on Progressives espousing new think, new speak and new intent.

The classic Liberal of the day and classic Conservative of the day has been scripted to the back bench and labeled as extremists or disruptive. They have been cast aside and promised scrap for their continued participation in the outright molestation of American Liberty.

It is both sides that have sold “we the people” out.

So, way to go boys and girls, you set aside your principles and ended up with another major Progressive at the helm. And of course now you have to support everything he does because he is a Republican, right?

Please do, it is the energy needed to take the Republican Party from a tightly compacted and imploded mass of tension and fractured principle to the stage that it is moving. That direction is towards the final outcome of exploding into several pieces and strengthening progressivism and its march towards socialism in America. You are going to create a black hole in the political landscape after you go super nova.

Liberty and freedom are in great peril because of these actions and deceptions. We are a short walk from the long winter of National Socialism in America. This winter is nuclear in scale and has the potential to create a great cold amongst our nation and her people not seen since the civil war.

To my constitutionally grounded and principled fellow Americans of any political label, I offer to you that we are in some sense in this together. I also lend that in a way we are extremists. I say to you that if you are not taking heat for criticizing the machines that are destroying our social order and moral fabric, then you are part of the problem.

If you promote an ideal that is opposed to the progressive establishment agenda and display a potential to actually ACT to fight for that ideal, then you will eventually be labeled an extremist. Then the power of the machine will hunt you down and make sure you are silenced.

We are a threat, yes, but only to the progressive power establishment and their collectivist hordes that threaten our Constitutional sovereignty.

To be an extremist in the face of open conflagration against the principles of freedom and Liberty is to be on the right side of history.

I stand with those that say repeal it and let the free market take hold. Get government out of the way.

You cannot support a “lite” version of Nationalized Healthcare and call yourself Republican. It is Socialism you support if you support replacement without repeal. There is no way to do the wrong thing.

So, all you win at any cost, my side good your side bad useful pawns please do us all a favor and call yourself and your party what you are, PROGRESSIVE turncoats in Elephants pajamas. Then get the hell out the way.