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I am not a man of doctoral degree nor do I have a mastery of the written language according to Radcliffe standards.

My background includes degree and accreditation both militarily, scholastically, civically, professionally and politically.

Be sure that it is not that I can and others can’t, it is that I did and others didn’t. I am an American. America, it is time for a gut check.

This writing, essay, book or whatever label you ascribe to it, takes a closer look inside the machinations of politics, party structure and the chaos we are all having foist upon us today. I bring my civic and political experiences at local, state and national levels to bear on this advancing storm facing America today.

It is in an effort to continue the journey of freedom that I have collected the following words for myself and anyone else that cares to read them.

It will probably offend most, as it has offended me. I am offended that so many have let so few, screw things up so bad. Now we have a herculean effort ahead of us, and it will be tumultuous.

As a people we have done things that we are proud of. We have also done things we are not proud of and have later regretted. By facing those transgressions head on it has allowed us the opportunity as a good people to obtain justice and resolution and to further Liberty in her cause.

We have even created a better Nation by abolishing English practices in America of man being shackled for the use and benefit of another man.

We did so in such a compressed window of history that on a time line, man’s freedom appears as but an anomaly of humankind.

Be sure though that we cannot remove the monuments and statues, degrade the fabric that is our storied past and to pretend that we are not trying to re-write our history and reality. It does not fly in the face of reason.

There is a significant percentage of the world’s population that understands there is a strong “disturbance in the force”. Like us, others recognize the approaching storm, and it is grand in proportion. Things aren’t working.

Large numbers of once civically and politically slumbering Americans are coming around to this reality. As well are many of the citizens in Socialist Europe. In the weeks, months and years ahead, the awakened and upset will far outnumber the establishment. Many will be and are ignorant as to their role in the process. All they want is resolution. They want somebody to fix it.  As they do wake and join the scream for an end to the insanity, those with power will become increasingly jumpy.

There is a bigger picture most people aren’t seeing. The goal of the globalists and our enemies is the dismantling of our American Heritage, and there by the destruction of our identity as a nation.  Removing historical monuments and statues is first. Removing the Anthem is next.

Ultimately the goal is to remove the Constitution. If we continue to capitulate and give these social justice warriors and their globalist handlers what they want, then we will have given away our Republic. If allowed to continue then they will succeed in the dismantling of our culture and the removal of our heritage. This will leave us in chaos and primed for socialist governmental control, in other words we are quickly becoming the Altered States of America.

The tactic is not new. It has been the game plan for a long time. We, those of us awake, are seeing this unfold right before our eyes. It is far deeper than what you see on the surface.

Do not allow yourself to get to the point that you just become overwhelmed by the pressure. Do not give in. Letting things go is what got us here in the first place.

When the weight is lifted from this societal pressure cooker we call culture, it will create a window of opportunity for humanity to take a great leap forward or for us to fall into another dark place and time.

While it is easy to explain fault and play arm chair quarter back, it is much harder to suggest solutions or assist in the resolution. My effort towards the latter is sincere. It is offered with full understanding that what I write, think and espouse will be attacked and called heresy by many. So let’s start in a place that we all stand together.

Here is some common ground on something we all own;

Perspective and Opinion

As a species, we have relied upon our collective knowledge to achieve great things. We have created the wheel. We have learned how to count, how to fly. We have accumulated and recorded information in perpetuity.

Maps, encyclopedias, dictionaries and recorded word have been revolutionary in our ability to create common languages and knowledge sets.

Mankind has created libraries of great scale with works from all walks and genre to fill their walls. We have done this for the simple yet important reason of preserving our history.

Libraries are much like a museum when you compare them to information retrieval today, where we can just “put it on the line” and everything is there.perspective

Given the proliferation of information in so many instant formats, it almost becomes inexcusable to not have some factual grasp of the past when forming our opinion of the present.

When we are confronted with an occasion to form a personal opinion or gain a perspective on anything affecting us, we should in the least have the common self-respect and self-honesty to know the facts on the issue before locking it into the good old guidance system.

In the end we have to live with ourselves, and each other.  It is better we are honest and acknowledge our principles than to not have any at all.

Knowing what you believe in is important. It is equally as important to know why you believe it. We have a responsibility to be honest with ourselves and to know what we believe at core and why. The better we understand this, the freer we are. This also makes us more alert to threats of our personal freedom.

Civically we each have a responsibility to our family, neighbors and countrymen to hold some knowledge of the past. We do so because the past clarifies today. It also shines light on what lie over the horizon tomorrow.

Why is that important? Well, for one, when we review past performance and actions with some self-honesty it allows us the choice of repeating those actions or taking a different direction.

Obviously if I take stock of my past actions that have resulted in a successful conclusion, then I may wish to repeat them. So understanding the past is an essential part of the decision making process and lends a great deal to our life outcomes. It also helps us understand the world we live in today much better and can lend to common ground for us all to share.

Failing to know and recognize the past is dangerous. Failing to learn from past actions is worse yet. Historically it has been proven to be fatal if ignored too often.

Yet still there are those that travel blind in life. There is a phrase referring to people’s tendency to believe “whatever they want to believe” and do so regardless of any contrary facts. The term is known as “confirmation bias”. Said differently, individuals evaluate whatever they read or hear according to their pre-existing ideas, not the facts presented.

This seems to be epidemic in the Western culture today.

When groups of individuals lack an honest reference of fact for guidance, the formation of opinion and self-perspective can easily be conflated and manipulated for someone else’s gain.  Enter the useful idiots.

If we take the time to form opinion and self-perspective using a foundation of fact and not vaporware, the outcome produces a more determined outlook. It doesn’t give us a guaranteed outcome. It does however afford us the opportunity of taking an honest and non-emotional approach to shaping our opinions. Exercise of this discipline over the term lends to stronger and more positive outcomes for everyone involved.

As we view culture, relationships, or one’s self, it is instinctually human to begin applying our principles as a filter when forming a perspective and an opinion.

This is reason enough to convince me that truly knowing what you believe in and then standing for it, is very important. That statement is not a weak posture of letters. Truthfully knowing what you believe is foundational to all your life outcomes.

Taking this a step further, by looking to either our own or societies past actions and how they manifest into present behavior, our perspective will gain clarity the more we apply self-honesty and self-respect to the analysis.

After which, if we are able to sit reason firmly in her seat, and carry with us our foundation of principles, we can begin to venture into a world of ideas and exploration with greater confidence of outcome.

It can prove to produce some interesting results. Let’s take a journey.

How do we get to where we are going?

A compass is a tool used to navigate. The principle of how a compass works is quite simple. A magnetic compass consists of a small, lightweight magnet balanced on a nearly frictionless pivot point. The magnet is generally called a needle.

One end of the needle is often marked “N,” for north, or colored in some way to indicate that it points toward north. The needles end is magnetic and detects magnetic fields. When “detected” the needle points in the direction of the magnetic source. So our needle points north because that is where the Earth’s Magnetic pole is located. Now, while we are navigating across terrain and observe the compass we are able to keep a bearing on our direction of movement. Simple enough I suppose.

There is another type of compass that is based on the same principles, just different elements. It is one that you build yourself, a ‘DYI’ type thing, and it takes a bit longer than a weekend to build. In this design you are the one that determines North by defining your own source for the pole.

If you have already built one of these compasses I am certain that you will agree with me when I say it is always nice to dust the compass off from time to time and verify our alignment with the arrow on it.

If this is your first build hopefully you will have a chance to use it a great deal when crafted.

Caution: Keeping on full alignment with the compass can be a challenge when navigating your journey.

If you find the process to be so challenging that you never build one then I will pray for you and would ask you to give it some reconsideration. It is not that bad, really.moral compass

Of course I am speaking of a moral compass. This is where the earth’s pole is replaced with universal truth. And our needle always points to that truth. That way, not only do we have the ability to move in the direction of the moral truth but we also move away from its antithesis.

Moral principles are needed to explain particular moral truths: to explain what makes particular right actions right, what makes particular courageous actions courageous, and so on. It is our principles that build our foundation as a soul. It is from the foundation that we base our soul’s framework including our elements of decision making.

It is not debatable that we can each determine our own moral truth and that there is in earnest but one universal creator and arbiter of moral.

When we have control over and input into the tools that are used to travel the journey of life, it is a lot less stressful and a great deal more fulfilling. It also hurts more when we fail.

When looking for that North surely we should avoid what God’s word directly prohibits, but we must also apply general principles to determine right from wrong.

If it is our desire to live as principled men, then that is cause enough for using the compass. In the least a man has a general obligation to his fellow man to be of a certain level of moral affirmation that does not bring harm to another.

But the compass serves no purpose other than to point North and there are a lot of possible compasses that could be created. The compass could point towards a big pile of gold but unless we follow the compass it is useless to us. It is our will that makes us move in a direction not the compass. Like everything else in life, it takes effort to succeed.

There is an interesting model I have seen that involves multiple compasses that all work in a single system and point to universal true north. Like every system of life there are smaller parts that make the greater whole.

As an arbitrary example let’s examine some of the systems of an animal.

There are; skeletal, pulmonary, respiratory, exoskeletal, digestive, and so on. The skeletal system is comprised of hundreds of bones. There are many smaller systems that make each of the bones. The scale continues to decline into a micro level of elements quickly as we look deeper into each element. The same is true with all of the other systems. Each is made of smaller and smaller systems. But they all comprise an animal in the macro sense.

So if we look at a moral compass it is possible for us to say that truth is then made up of many different systems. One of which is morality.

Therefore it yields that morality is more than one thing. There are several moral systems that make up the element moral.

When you discover a new one, make a compass for it and include it as a part of your larger compass that points to the universal truth. This will serve as a test of the accuracy of the smaller compass when universal truth is the whole.

As long as your north is Universal Truth you will find that if the smaller compass affects the course away from your north then it is not a part of the whole. If it moves you in the same then keep it and monitor it and live it.

My hope is now that the dust is off again that it will take a lot longer for it to collect next time.

It is when we lack a responsibly moral internal compass as a people, group, party or self that we find and live in chaos.

Not unlike the chaos produced by progressive ideology and legislation. For instance, the idea of the “social justice movement” is predicated on the belief that you can plant “social seeds” in great quantity to achieve a change for your beliefs.

If we are to accept the fact that it is possible to plant a “social seed” and nurture its outcome to a point of growth, we then may also, presume the potential for such a seed to be brought to a maturity or “main-stream” and then yield a fruit from the effort. This of course follows then to its conclusive growth cycle of death.

Death is the historical outcome of life, as it will be to the manifestation of Marxism in our culture. The questions become, how violent of end and how long will it take?

The progressive, socialist, communist and Marxist ideologies fail the “social seed” experiment. They fail and die because they do not take into account the foundation that holds their root. It is the same foundation that feeds its growth through willful participation. The ideologies are self-consuming. That is to say that their model always ends in death.

This will mean a death not only of the Cultural Marxist movements, but also the death of the social justice warrior that brought it into existence. Good people will suffer in the middle of this cycle. This is history’s lesson to be learned.

Further, we can be sure that if we do not sow a seed today in defense and support of Liberty, there will be no outcome tomorrow of the same. That is not to say that there will not be outcomes, it just means that by not planting a seed to alter something hence, future outcomes will be determined for you and not by you.

Honesty lends to common ground.

If a man is to be free, he must be honest with himself. It is when a man is honest with himself that he can see the encumbrance that impedes his freedom. In order for freedom to flourish, men must also be honest with one another. However, it is not until a man is honest with himself that he is able to be honest with another. In that honesty both men are able to find truth. From those truths trust is developed and relationships based on common ground are formed. It is from honesty that truth springs eternal.

When men do not encumber the truth with themselves they further their own freedom and define greater truths with those around them. When trust is nurtured a relationship is formed.

It is important to note that in this scenario not all men, even when honest with themselves and others, will begin from a point of agreement all of the time.

Look at a church community. It is tight knit, like minded and moving in a similar direction with a trust or a faith of their conviction.

Even within the Christian religions, there are variant differences of belief and truths are viewed from different lenses.

There is no man that holds a whole truth, besides Christ, no matter how honest he may be. No matter how certain of his conviction he has but a piece of the truth. His piece may be a large one or a small one.

Here is where the encumbrance part comes into play. If a man through arrogance or lack of wisdom allows himself to think that his truth is the only truth possible or the whole truth, then he encumbers the truths bounds and retards its ability to grow. Truth is alive and needs nourishing to flourish.

How many times have we found ourselves in dialogue with a person that we have little to no agreement with?  If you are like me a human then it is probably often. When we find our self in this scenario next, let’s slow our thoughts and tongues down and open our ears. Beliefs should be respected. Not to say that we must agree all of the time, but when a man is honest with himself he may find a different part of truth than that of which he accepts by listening.

 “The truth” (and ultimately there is only one) is so much larger than any individual. A person may find a piece to a truth that is so far removed from our understanding of the same it is connected. It is the honest holding of a truth that must be respected, not just the truth. This in itself lends to a formation of trust.

If there is no past relationship with an individual it is harder to trust their self-honesty on the matter. After all, we have never shared before.

If we are speaking within a circle of those that have shared thoughts, truths, ideas and know them to be honest of self and to others, it makes it easier for us to hear their words and their meaning.

So, given we have a sense of trust we can begin to remove ourselves from the distance that is in between our two truths and try to find connections between them. If we are willing to admit as free men that there exists a common ground between truths then we can begin to form a larger truth based upon honesty.

If all we do is share among likeminded people then we can only grow or nurture a very likeminded view of the truth. It is when we reach beyond that circle or perimeter of our comfort that we begin to hear and consider other parts of the same truth. If each man encumbers the truth with himself, then discovery is over.

Today we as a people are being taught that there can only be one truth of self and that others of a different truth are enemy. This is just not the case.

There are many variations to a theme in church communities and factions amongst its parishioners and faiths. All have a common ground truth of which they share. They believe in a God Almighty. They have a level of trust amongst themselves because of this common truth they share.

This demonstrates that when people of like mind, motive and goal work to the same then they can achieve anything. However, friction exists between people and religions. It seems we are more often than not; ready to rush to defense when anyone tries to probe the perimeter of our beliefs.

Generally we are instantly bristled and trying to defend our kernel when our truth is questioned or challenged.

Defense is a perimeter penetrated. If we feel the need to “rush in” and “defend” our truth, then there is a very good chance that there may be some truth in the other person’s position.

I am not advocating that one should not defend truth from outright and dishonest attacks. However, it is ok to question your truths and to have them questioned. It is really a necessary exercise to keep our truth honest. It means we are living the truth with a foundation of honesty when we can approach the perimeter test with an objective analysis.

We must not allow our self to encumber the truth when it confronts us in a way that we feel threatened by it. Doing so closes us off from seeing what the other holds as a truth. We should not instantly begin trying to convince the other that we hold the only truth. We are but a part of the truth and understand but a part. We must each openly seek the part of the truth the other has discovered so that we too may hold a larger portion of the same. This is not always comfortable and not easy. This is how wisdom is bolstered.

Said another way, we have a common ground established within our Nation. That common ground is the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Work from the common ground to build and learn. Not one of us has all the answers or a total truth.

We need to hear what those who hold honest conviction have to say. We should look for the kernel of truth that they hold and find a common ground between us. In doing this we will expand our truth and make it easier for others to find us. When we are united under ideas and truth we are stronger as individuals and as a circle.

So to summarize; Shut up every once in a while and listen to those who hold a different view of the truth. It is not easy. Ask questions as an intelligent man would and attempt to follow their explanation of their truth. From that, if you are lucky enough over time, you may form a common ground with one that you never shared any before. This is how we heal. This is how we strengthen ourselves as a people. Let us be civil with those we disagree with. Not doing so will only work to further weaken and divide.

It is not always necessary for us to espouse our truth or try to “change the hearts and minds”. We can do that through example. If each of us lives our life as a free man, we will be what others want to be. Free. They will see and want the same. So simple, yet so very hard.

Chaos and Perspective

chaosAs I dig for perspective as to some of the sources of the chaos we all are having foisted upon us, the picture of today begins to draw parallel to that of the past.

Remember, if we can learn from our past actions and they benefit us, then we can certainly repeat them to further whatever we are after. It would be nice if those applied lessons had outcomes that harbored a civic goal of unity and not division.

But alas, this does not exclude a person, ideology, “progressive politico” or “social justice warrior” from using negative means to achieve an outcome for their counter culture purposes. It doesn’t even mean that their cause or message is founded in historical fact. They will advocate lore as reality and reality as falsehood.

There again, out of common self-respect and self-honesty we need lend historical reference to the frame of self-perspective. This is even truer when we espouse those perspectives in the form of opinion, awareness and protest.

Our words and actions then become us. If we protest to succeed then it must be based in fact. If our opinion is to be considered, because we have given it, it should be based in some modicum of fact.

By doing anything less is to draw a picture of us in the same deception advocated by the latter.

Our system affords these latter types the right to belief and speech. The problem arises when others are punished for their disagreeance with the social justice warrior.

This all brings me back to the beginning where the past is telling of the present. Our Western culture has gone over the edge.

A major element of the core reason of the pathological behavior of much of society today appears to stem from the social seeds planted decades ago.

As an example, in our basic and advanced halls of learning, the teachings in the humanities and social sciences advocate doctrine that contradicts our accepted Western Cultural “Hierarchy’s of Competency”.

In their new design they teach there cannot be a person more competent or more equal than another. It is not the American idealism of “All men are created equal”, but the re-write becomes “All men must have an equal outcome”. They are egalitarians in their approach to equality.

For a professor or student in University today, even using the word man in a discussion like this is enough to be brought before a collegiate tribunal for scorn and ridicule. These tribunals exist in an effort to re-write the spirit and history of the past. It is also possible now in California, thanks to a new law, to go to jail for the same. Meaning, another pillar of western foundation is missing in the fog of transient delusion, thanks to seeds planted a long time ago.

When an ideological system is so weak that it is unable to handle legitimate evidence against it, then something is very wrong with that system.

These teachings and patterns of cultural upheaval did not come about by accident and show up overnight. They are a “fruiting ideology” that has sprung from a seed of Cultural Revolution well in advance of today’s outcomes and behaviors.

Who planted the seeds of revolution?

Let’s begin to look for these “Social Johnny Appleseed’s” in our past.

When we look to the chaos of the 60’s and 70’s we can see some dramatic parallels to today. It is here that I begin looking for more answers.

For the purpose of a less clouded discussion I wish to focus on two of the ring leaders of the third wave of progressive socialism in America and still recognize that there were many more cut from the same cloth. To name a few there were the Black Panthers, Weather Underground, SDS, Progressive Labor party and many more.

I have chosen not to get into the discussion of whether these activists where accurate in their claims, justified in their actions or even sincere in the cause’s convictions. That is a whole other conversation for another time. What is certain though is that much of their past effort and subsequent outcomes are foundation today for the progressive socialists in America and their tantrums.

In a not so small way, activists like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, the Yippies, played a large role in the progressive socialist and communist movements in America. They did so not only in the 1960’s, but still do so today. Not through their current actions, because both are dead, but through the outcomes of their actions in the past. They planted seeds of revolution in very fertile soil.

jerry and abbie

Jerry Rubin & Abbie Hoffman

Jerry and Abbie were in a sense paternal because both were older in years than the seventy–three million young “baby boomers” in the youth generation of the day. Their audience, the boomer, was one of, if not the numerically largest generational blocks in American History.

Abbie and Jerry are two of but several that are the foundation and the root blueprint of today’s temper tantrums and civic unrest. Unfortunately for America, current day and recent past socialist / communist “groups” owe much to people like these two.

So let’s try and gain some perspective on the pattern of behavior and plan that was used by these social engineers of the day to influence and help weave our current social fabric.

Jerry and Abbie

Abbie and Jerry could have been anybody back then. During the chaos of the 1960’s it was the activist with the plan that would make their name. Abbie and Jerry were two of many, and they had not only a plan – but a goal. It was all very simple and that simplicity is what made it work.

Their goal; overthrow the establishment and the United States Government for a “new left” socialist rule. It was a goal not unlike that of other named activists of the era. Of whom there were plenty.che

The organized activist also had help from people that really understood socialism and communism. They had mentors from Cuba, Russia, Vietnam and China as well as North Korea and other Communist countries. Many were taught by Cuban revolutionaries, Chinese Maoists and Che Guevara himself. They took trips to be tutored on organizing and communist philosophy.

All of this was done during travel bans to most of the places they visited and made it illegal on a Federal level. They were to become successful agents of chaos here at home, while our life blood treasures were engaged in combat with communism in Asia.

It was not by accident that they did what they did, or that they went where they went. Their plans were implemented and repeated over and over with the “next time” being even better in outcome for them. They learned from their past action.

The plan was to foment division in, and hatred of America and her government through any means necessary. The most effective of which were in the end, race and the Vietnam War.

Their activist tactics included the over proliferation of drugs among America’s youth, violence, outright dishonesty and behaviorally outrageous rhetoric. They believed the ends justified their means of ending capitalism and the United States as a Republic.

Their actions and outcomes exemplify the root of today’s organized destructive heirs of cultural chaos.

the new left todayWith Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin created the Yippies as a fusion between the hippies and the New Left, and helped mobilize the demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August 1968. The U.S. Government indicted Jerry and seven other revolutionaries (The Chicago Seven) for conspiracy to destroy the Democratic Convention.

To get a sense of Jerry’s role as a front man recruiter for youth of the day, take a look and listen to Jerry Rubin in an interview with Phil Donahue recorded in April, 1970. Keep in mind that Phil is a self-avowed socialist himself. This will give you a sense for the role that was cast to Jerry Rubin.

What became of the seeds?

Jerrys interview with Phil helps form a clearer and more interesting perspective when you understand what the New Left was, who they were and how Jerry and Abbie used them to advance revolution on the streets and minds of America’s youth, the boomers. (I have included the link to books by Phillip Abbott Luce a former activist on par with the better known names of the era.)

The New Left was the generational purge of the old guard Kennedy crowd and was to be the replacement Democratic Party of America.

In other words, it is your Progressive Democratic Party of today. Let’s go down the list, you know which one. They have told you who they are. One has declared themselves a twentieth century progressive. Another says that they are a socialist. Another was a community organizer of questionable motive. The list can run for pages but you get the picture I hope.

The New Left movement, the Democratic leadership of the last two decades, has been being led by open avowed socialist and communist revolutionaries and their tactics.

Jerrys interview with Phil becomes more relevant when you accept his place in time, 1970. His appearance and his rhetoric become important when we contrast him twelve years later as a “Yuppie” on the go.

Along the way Abbie and Jerry ultimately had a falling out. Not so much on the ideals of socialism, it was over how best to keep it alive.

Abbie was to the end, the same balding, blue jean crazy, he started out as. As he said, he just learned how to make some money and survive along the way. While the appearance of the whole movement fizzling out is somewhat true, the fact is that it did not die like it was portrayed.

The video link below was filmed in 1982 and is the final public debate between Jerry and Abbie, who, by now were   arguing over the direction of the movement to follow. It was filmed in the “People’s Republic of Vancouver” of all places.

Instead of dying off as a “60’s fad” or “60’s movement”, Jerry told the world “We are not done, we have just changed our uniform”, when he said to Abbie, “This is not the 1960’s anymore.”

He did so while standing with his hair trimmed neatly upon his head. His Navy blazer jerry yuppieworn over his well pressed Oxford button down. He did this all while his demeanor was that of an upwardly mobile boomer with a tight Windsor knot. Or as we all know them, Yuppies!

Jerry made the announcement that night that “by 1988 or the next election after, we will have one of our own in the white house.” – They did so with Bill Clinton.

He also reminded the crowd that their numbers, seventy three million of them, where beginning to come of age for leadership roles. He urged them to go on and serve in positions of leadership in all levels of government, education and business. He pointed out their generational rise to positions of power in the system. He advocated openly for the Yippie of the day, the new yuppie, to take seat and proliferate the cause.

That they did, with great saturation and a fruitful crop of “new think”. The Yippie was now the Yuppie. They filled wine bars and corporate ladders. They took a newer mainstream approach. The Cultural Revolution was off to the races.

Modifying the seed

When an honest analysis of this “Social Weed” being able to escape the death that Abbie saw as inevitable, Jerry and others advocated a mutation. They cross pollinated the weed and ended up in a blazer and khakis.  The mutation attracted strange bed fellows. Many of these bedfellows were in large part Republicans and the Republican Party.

As the 1980’s pressed on and into the 1990’s figures like Tony Blair and George Bush began to emerge and the “conservative” Reagan – Thatcher era was coming to an end.

The brief light of Goldwater Conservatism was once again bushelled and the new world progressive was poised to take mantle and continue the march.

newer world orderIn 1988 a book was published as defense and foundation for the infusion of progressivism in the Republican Party. The book was titled, “A Newer World, The Progressive Republican Vision of America”.  It was not just another book. It was penned as a collection of essays by sitting Federal Office holders and prominent party apparatus mouth pieces as a plan and justification of the new found progressive market capitalist ideas in concert with legislation.

These office holders and upcoming Republican “Stalwarts” of the day were full on Baby Boomers. They had been exposed to toxic think, behavior and actions in their informative years. They aged with this seed planted deep inside and began to nurture and spread the weed of progressivism in the once right leaning Republican Party.

I understand that correlation does not fully reflect causation. However, the book was an outcrop of effort by not one but many. Like a roach, when you see one plan on many more being close by.

The authors and power behind the book wanted to and had already begun to inject a healthy dose of Progressivism into the Republican Party. It wasn’t enough that Progressivism had already consumed the Democrats. Now they wanted the Republicans too.

All the while progressivism and socialism were flooding our halls of reason, education, government and society. At the same time the Socialist of Europe had begun taking a cue from China and the “Socialist State Free Market” wave began to roll over much of the Western worlds, including America. The perfect global storm against Liberty and freedom was forming.

In many ways these facts are evidenced in the formation of the European Union, NAFTA, “Federal rebate checks”, “Cash for Clunkers”, the “bail out’s”, QE and other central banking games. Common Core and the federal centralization of education, The NSA and the “Patriot Act”, IRS abuse, Nationalization of the health care system and many more are prime examples of the current Progressive Socialist grip on legislation.

What was once in the hands of the people, is predominantly now in the hands of well-regulated and centralized governmental control.

One may call a spotted dog striped if he like. That does not change the fact that it is spotted. Just as the Republican Party is progressive, many still think of her as conservative.

Being of a progressive nature

As evidenced by the trending window of socialism in America there are times when it is easier, and too often the norm, for us to take a Laissez-Faire attitude. Let us just hope too many have not. I suppose we take a cultural “go with the flow” approach just to be able to escape from the process of honest perspective. We let others make our minds up for us.

It is when men move with the sediment (not sentiment) of popular culture that will leave them not moving with same sediment that flows from life’s river tomorrow. The rivers sediments will eventually have to take a non-yielding turn, in a direction that may be where neither one wish to be nor that one may want to go. The flow of the mainstream will force that rivers waters to remove it from where it stands, and that sediment will surely remain adrift.

When progressive thinking is allowed to control a cultural revolution the goal is to use this sediment of man to impede the flow of the certainty and divert it in another direction. With those two words, Cultural Revolution, together in a sentence, it brings an agitation to my soul.

When man feels that his morality is such that he must impose a Cultural Revolution on his fellow man, be brave. For it will not perfectly last. Listen to the voices that proclaim this refrain of Cultural Revolution but heed them as distrustful.

The arrogance of thought that propels a man to choose or proclaim an ideology for the rest is a man that should be given no following. The professing of a Cultural Revolution is not unique to the progressive ideology. It can be co-opted and easily permeated into any mainstream or lesser known ideology of thought and behavior.

But if one is to follow the latest cultural trends it is most often those that are of a progressive mentality. It can be argued that when one is of a spirit of sediment in a river flowing with the strongest current that propels one to be part of a Cultural Revolution, then so goes the belief system and environment in which one lives.

A member of the Cultural Revolution will find they are constantly moving through life with but a loose foundation of belief and from that will form around them a loose and unfortified wall of morality. All the while they allow themselves to be swept along life’s river as but a fragment of a collective sediment bank on its floor.

Love, wisdom, morality, ethics and self are formed over time. They are discovered and learnt. Strong moral and ethical behaviors are foundational in solid beliefs a kin to bedrock and stones. They are natural.

These beliefs tend to be anchored primarily in religiosity. As a free man who is observant and honest with himself, I will determine for myself the truth of right and wrong, darkness and evil by my own revelation and experience. But for me to do so without the admission of and guidance from my creator, I am no more than the sediment that flows down the river. I am then easily moved in my locale. I am easily changed and blended into different piles of loose sand designed to hold off the constant flow of certainty. I am then ignorant prey to be used as a useless member of a Cultural Revolution that is supposed to fundamentally transform me and my living beliefs.

To think that any man should be free living as moral sediment (not sentiment) is the ultimate in arrogance and hypocrisy. A man that chooses to be cultural sediment is dependent upon the flow of the Revolution to shape it and use it.

For a man to think that I would not choose or have a right to a well-defined and sublime truth of right and wrong and live my life according to what nature through our creator defined for us as fundamental truths is equally as arrogant. Therefore I do not oppose ones natural ignorance in their determination of being life’s sediment upon her floor.

After all, a river needs its sediment. It needs its rocks and bedrock foundation too. The system was designed to use many dislike systems to construct one larger system. This is a natural fact.

True too is the fact that when one of the components has become out of balance it can easily bring change to the entire system as a whole.

This is why I choose to develop myself in the bedrock of our natural system. I choose to be solid in my person by being solid in my belief.

As the sediment builds a top that foundation and attempts to hold back the certainty of nature, that obstruction will of its own design need to create a deviation to hold back the swell from upstream that will build behind it. In the beginning the diverted truth will go around the obstruction and continue upon its way downstream. As time passes the swell of reason and faith’s resolve will erode the sediment and move through it.

Then will the bedrock and stone be cleared and still in place knowing that another day will come that the sediment will arrogantly try to dam the flow once again. Like it’s many of predecessor’s that have tried to prevent natural law from occurring, it too will be swept along the rivers bottom not to be recognized again.

It is one of life’s cycles. So I stand then as a part of the natural cycle of life and do so from a self-chosen foundation of stability and eagerness to nurture my faith and desire to learn more and increase my understanding in those things that are natural and certain. This is what a free man can do.

I can hold onto these teachings and learning’s because I have a stable foundation from whence to exist. I am not moral sediment a drift in Life’s River.

The New America

We form rule of law from the foundation of standards and ethics. Moreover, without a representative formation of these laws, we are remiss in our obligation to the Founding Fathers and those before us who have worked to advance these principles. When we do not adhere to these principles we create resistance to the effort.

Polar opposing forces when forced into contact can create some tumultuous and paradoxical perspectives. We all know paradox never ends well, just saying. This is how internal life pressures, conflicts, corruption and chaos form in people and in systems of society; including political partys.

This happens quite often to people within political movements and party. You are constantly given ideological refresher courses in talking points. They are becoming more antithetical to personal belief with greater frequency. Not many stop to question, or to stand, I know this to be a reality I have seen with my own observations.

To help avoid these paradoxical positions the same self-honesty and self-respect should be applied to the analysis of our side that we determinably apply to the other. What do you say we look at the other list of progressive politicos in the “other party”?

It does not take long for that mental list of Progressive RINO’s as you call them to begin to appear. So as on one side, the other side has their cast as well.

top down bottom up inside goes outThe larger problem for the system is that leadership of both sides is progressive in ideology. Too our feet lay extreme ends to the norm. They are of the Antifa ilk and White Supremacist groups like the KKK.

That leaves us in the middle of crazies below and Nationalist Progressives above. With greater force each of them are applying cultural and governmental pressure. One is downward from government and the other upward from the roots. This leaves you and I stuck in the middle.

If you are still adhering to your 1950’s paradigm of Democrat vs. Republican in its painted and framed glory, it is time to wake up to the new America. The agendas have wildly changed.

It is very important to remember that the Republican and Democrat party do not exist as an official extension of the Constitution of this great Republic. They are private corporations. Their job, elect their guy, at any cost so they can control the halls of government and advance an agenda.

In truth, the two partys have become one. They have become a new third party joined not by registration but by ideology.

The idolatry in progressive America has a firm grip on all levels of the elected class and the bureaucratic government worker class. It has overtaken our educational system, the press and our public square.

The Progressive philosophy has so deeply permeated our government chambers that it has culminated in an orchestrated legislative merry go round by both sides over the past one hundred years.

As a small sampling we can include: the formation of National Park Service, League of Nations aka United Nations, The war on poverty, The war on drugs, Planned Parenthood, IRS, EPA, BLM, DHS, Department of Education, Common Core, Healthcare, Medicare part D, patriot act, Immigration, amnesty, banks, wall street, industrial military complex, bail outs and soon bail ins, removal from the gold standard, etc.

While each party has contributed to these outrages and openly rebuked the other for their progressive affirmations, neither party has done anything to reverse the effects of any of them. Neither have they worked to remove the progressive institutional think and process from our midst and our governance. Why? It is simply because each equally embraces it with great self-interest and self-benefit. Just as a reminder of the past and how it has played out, the Republican Party voted over 50 times in the House to repeal what is undeniably a socialist progressive precept, National Healthcare. They even mounted re-election campaigns on the back of promises that said “Give us back the halls and we will fix it”.

Well, they got the halls. You listened and put them there. Will we do it again on the back of their failure? Will we excuse them into office because after all, “they are better than the other guy”?  They continue to dance with the idealism of a Nationalist Progressive think. The longer we allow it, the longer we all suffer.

Just be aware that what we allow today will be accepted as the new normal tomorrow.

Are we alone?

There are growing levels of voter disgust and perceptions of disenfranchisement with and within the two major political tents. Each party has been losing enthused party members, because of their morally and ethically starved political apparatus.

  • Only 13 percent of Americans say they think the two-party political system in the U.S. works fairly well, while 38 percent say it’s seriously broken. An additional 49 percent say the system has real problems, but with some improvements it can still work. (AP-NORC POLL) 29 MAY 16
  • Neither political party inspires much confidence, either. Just 8 percent say they have a great deal of confidence in the Republican Partyand 15 percent say that about the Democratic Party. (AP-NORC POLL) 29 MAY 16

While many still identify the two party ideologies as Liberal or Conservative the truth is that the apparatus that controls the mouthpiece and leadership of the Democrats and the Republicans are full on Progressives espousing new think, new speak and new intent.

The classic Liberal and classic Conservative of the day has been scripted to the back bench and labeled as extremists or disruptive. They have been cast aside and promised scrap for their continued participation in the outright molestation of American Liberty.

It is both sides that have sold “we the people” out.

Then there are those that have been politically and civically “asleep”. They are also one of the causes for the failure of the political process. I am not sure you can convince me the process has not failed.

And of course the fourth column, no longer being the guardians of truth are delivering progressively biased analysis and messages to anyone they can convince or reach.

Let us leave short the discussion of the educational system and welfare state in an interest of words as enough to include them.

The sleeping are waking up

As party members we too have involved ourselves in and even made our raison d’être the advancement of our political party and its stated outward agenda. We were supposed to be awake and on guard. We have more blame to be placed on our shoulders than do the ones that slept.

And now while many of our once sleeping fellow Americans are waking in great number from a long political and civic slumber and asking, “How did we get here?” and are screaming, “Somebody get me out of here”, the voices answering them in the dark are not Democrat or Republican.

They are Progressive Nationalists wrapped in your party colors and labels. Those voices are also very dangerous to our way of American life.

We trusted our leaders. We trusted the system would work with our input. We trusted that the promises being made and the scraps thrown to us would somehow be enough.

We are told the other side is evil and that we have to promote our side or the evil ones will rule. Well guess what? Both sides are equally as evil. Both sides see you the average American as an impediment to their agenda.

The elite party architects do not want your participation in the process. It is easier for them to control a smaller number of loyalists’ than free thinking objective voters. They need just enough votes to “win” for their side in order to advance their self-interest and deception.

Our political tents, which are really private corporations, are dressed in a way so we only see the label and not the stitching that hold them together. Over many decades the party structures have been filling the politically active member’s heads with busy work and worthless pabulum in the form of legislative promises that never arise.

Instead of honoring their responsibility to America and her future, the party elite have been filling the pockets of politicians and faithful loyalists along the way in an effort to create some type of twisted loyalty to the process.

The two party structures are starting to look ragged out. The big tents façade is ripping.

And those recently refreshed from a long slumber are waking to find voices that will fulfill their anger and angst from inside.

They feel duped that while they were enjoying their political and civic siesta, the American Experiment turned on them while others enjoyed excessive munificence at their expense.

They are screaming out of that same anger and angst and are demanding that it be “set straight“. They are scared. They are angry. They see the writing on the wall. And it is not “R” vs. “D” rhetoric they see or that scares them or makes them angry. No, they give little heed to your party rhetoric.

What they see after having arisen from a Rumple Stilt Skin style civic sleep is the same approaching storm we see. Many have seen this storm cloud forming for quite some time. Others just laughed while most slept. The storm has been produced by our lack of principled governance and outright camouflage of principles.

During the last half century a lot of American citizens declared they did not care anymore. They said they did not have time for politics or ethical debate in the public square.

They went merrily along in a consumer’s paradise. They did so all the while believing that our destiny and future freedom would be tended to by those promising to fulfill their civic, political and legislative agenda in a way that is keeping with the principles that we have established as a people.

They believed our grand experiment was too big to fail. Well guess what? They lied to you and it is failing.

True servants to the American Experience would have been guarding Liberty so it could be enjoyed as expected. Instead most have been raiding the treasury and redistributing the nation’s wealth to a league of elitist criminals and morally deprived men; all the while hiding behind the Flag and their political party.

Many of these elected and party classes, at all levels, have been portraying virtue while stabbing you in the back.

All the while our public institutions of debate, religion and social guidance have let their voices and faith be muzzled. We have let our principles be buried.

We were taught that our political process was going to protect these ideals and values so we could just go about our day to day and enjoy the pursuit of those things we enjoy and desire. Instead, like Congress, “we the people” ceded our responsibility. We no longer stood guard.

We allowed the construction of two big towers of concealed Progressive darkness painted in the Red White and Blue on the outside for all to see. One is with D on the door and another with an R.

The door to the inside of the upper floors of these towers has been locked for a very long time. And now a bridge has been built at the top between these two towers of institutional inertia in an effort to advance the progressive agenda.two-towers-of-progressivism

Liberty and freedom are in great peril because of these actions and deceptions. We are a short walk from the long winter of National Socialism in America. This winter is nuclear in scale and has the potential to create a great cold amongst our nation and her people not seen since the civil war.

To my constitutionally grounded and principled fellow Americans of any political label, I offer to you that we are in some sense in this together. I also lend that in a way we are extremists. I say to you that if you are not taking heat for criticizing the machines that are destroying our social order and moral fabric, then you are part of the problem.

Better yet, you are fuel for their continued existence and the continued looting of our national treasure.

If you promote an ideal that is opposed to the establishment agenda and display a potential to actually ACT to fight for that ideal, then you will eventually be labeled an extremist.

We are a threat, yes, but only to the progressive power establishment and their collectivist hordes that threaten our Constitutional sovereignty.

To be an extremist in the face of open conflagration against the principles of freedom and Liberty is to be on the right side of history.

Just make sure you know the ideals, principles and morals of the team you’re siding with while fighting back the existential crisis called power, greed, moral deprivation and Progressive idealism.

When do we get serious?

Is it our destiny, or political curse, to have to choose between the lesser of two evils at election time? Are we terminally incapable of acknowledging a fundamental truth: that democracy will never take hold until we change the undemocratic process that keep us in chains… and learn to govern ourselves, selflessly, for the welfare of all?

There is a solution. It sits before us all. It is mathematical in principle. It is simple in reason. It is there for the taking. We just have to decide to make it happen.

Remain Independent in your thinking and question your leadership with great boldness.

It was never meant that our government be our moral guide or keeper. It was meant that a moral government preserves, protects and defends our Nation so that we could be a moral and principled people. We look to morally principled men to guard our liberty and freedom, not to legislate it.

We have traded the stages, scripts and directors of our cultural pillars away from “we the people” and into the hands of progressive rebels.

We have willfully eliminated our participation in public influence and debate, discussion and free thinking from the care and management of our society to the “government”.

We have ceded our Liberty as a people and fall shackled not to the phony legislated ideals, principles and morality of governmental edict, but to the legislators and their keepers interests.

Government, legislation, regulation and politicians are not our salvation. We will not solve anything in America by asking those that caused the problems to fix them.

Let us not follow in a world that is to be viewed through the lenses and filters of the Progressive agenda. Let us not look to the elected for answers, we must look to ourselves and the principles of the Constitution.

Be a light in the darkness of this political tumult. If not for others than for your own self-honesty so you may resolve within yourself the truth. It may be all we have left. Remember, when the watchdog sides with the wolf, it is the sheep that are the victims. Let us exercise our determination of free will, which will allow us clarity and resolution.

Is it really broken?

In order to tell whether a system is broken, you first must know what a system is. A system is partially defined as: an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole.

Everything we know and express has a system and is part of another system at the same time. All systems are unified to one another either directly or indirectly. If you consider the abundance of systems in our world it is amazing how so many seemingly disparate parts can work together to create a whole.

To demonstrate, consider an engine in your vehicle. The vehicle has smaller well defined systems that make it what it is. It has a set of foundational principles that govern it and allow the system of a vehicle to work as designed. The engine uses principles of locomotion, thermal dynamics, physics and so many more.

So what happens if you violate the foundational principles of thermal dynamics while designing your engine?

Remember that principles are required to explain a universal truth as a whole. We need principles to explain why heat is hot, or to explain why sound is heard and why light is seen. Or to explain why right is right or courage is courageous.

When we fail to adhere to or we short cut universal principle the system will either work with less reliability than it otherwise would have or it will eventually cease to exist because it breaks from the weight of its own inharmonious operation and lack of foundational underpinnings.

The same is true with religious, political, social and cultural systems.

When over the course of time foundational principles that bind truth to a religion, political party a Nation or even a people, are abandoned, augmented or replaced with principles that bolster incongruences then the entire system is transmuted and eventually will fail unless corrected.

Of the many types of systems one type is a physical system. The combustion engine is one example of this. The early combustion engines failed miserably in comparison to today’s models. Today we have learned more about the underlying principles that comprise the engines system as a whole.

We have been able to with a high degree of reliability base the design on a refined knowledge of beneficial foundational principles and thus produce an engine that can last a human life time.

In a system as a whole, once deviations from the universal truths that comprise it are introduced, either by design or ignorance, any effort to mask those failed revisions will over time expose themselves. In the case of the engine, it typically ends in a recall to correct the incongruent sub-system.

If the failed system (the engine) within the whole, (the vehicle) is not brought back to a foundational universal principle of operation, then the system is transformed so that the underpinnings are no longer able to operate as it was intended too. There is then a greater probability of system failure or abandonment of the system soon follows.

Just like the Ford Pinto that frequently exploded because the gas tank was not properly protected in the system of the car.

In any system, physical or ethereal there is an end result or a bi-product of the foundation and the principles it encompasses.

Character Counts so refine your systems

The foundational principles in any system will be expressed in the end result of the system. This is what is known in a man’s system of morals and behavioral systems as character.

Regardless of the name it is given, the outcome is still the same. There is an effect produced by a system. With universal systems being the most perfect of all systems and manmade systems being the least.

While systems may appear to be stand alone or independent they are equally as dependent and interconnected with other systems. They are dependent upon other outside elements that are equally comprised of smaller systems.

Using the example of the engine we can say that friction or the creation of a spark is not unique to the operation of the engine. When the spark is used in the engine it serves as a functional system of its own that further benefits the functional system of the engine as a whole. The system of creating a spark and the foundational principle of friction do not change by being part of another system like the engine.

Even the system of creating the spark is comprised of other systems outside of the creation of the spark itself. For instance, an electric spark is an abrupt electrical discharge that occurs when a sufficiently high electric field creates an ionized, electrically conductive channel through a normally-insulating medium, often air or other gases or gas mixtures.

This is why the universal system can exist in many functional systems. The same spark that ignites a gas stove or hot water heater or even a lighter by no means creates the same outcome as the locomotion created by the engine. Yet they all use the same principle of a spark.

The more universal and refined the system, the greater its adaptability to more complex functional systems as a component.

The successful system is dependent on the predilection that a system by nature is fundamentally balanced because foundational principles are at play. This allows the outcome of both to cohabitate.

There too is cause and effect for all systems. It is the effect of one system that is the cause of another. The effect of the spark ignites a fuel which creates motion that yields locomotion.

If less than universal principle is used in the design and function of a system then unintended consequences will arise.

If we look at the example of the engine again, we can say that if we use an irregular spark we risk an inefficient and uncontrollable explosion, thus causing a weak system.

This unintended consequence is one that has caused the refinement of many systems to strengthen the overall usefulness and reliability of the system known as an engine. You know it better as the principle of improvement.

More about Systems

There are more types of systems that exist other than balanced natural systems. We also have parasitic offshoot systems.

A parasite by nature lives off another system for its own survival. We see these parasitic systems in political, cultural, religious and societal systems as well as physical ones.

The parasitic system will externally bind to the host system for the purpose of obtaining operational elements for itself from the host, generally without any regard to the host system. In many ways they are like lobbyist, foundations, PAC’s, dirty politicos and contractors that live off Washington DC and America’s treasury.

If it consumes too much of the resource from the host it risks killing it. If it utilizes enough to benefit itself by fractionally exploiting the host, it can remain attached for a much longer period of time.

When a parasitic system is spawned from within another system and it remains attached to the same host that spawned it, we can conclude that; a portion of one or more elements within the once balanced host system will exist in the parasitic system.

The parasitic system in this case is spawned from elements that comprise a system separate and apart from the purpose of the host.

Sometimes it is a poorly engineered system and other times it is exploitation by elements from within and their inability to preserve universal principles that create a perversion.

A lot like political corruption and exploitation of the Party system or governance for perverted self-interest. Cancer is another example. Both seem to hold bad outcomes and both should be eradicated.

The common elements of the self-spawned parasitic system and the host system will find greater benefit for themself in the parasitic system than in the host. The parasite gains its self-interest by exploiting its role in the host system and thus establishes a parasitic system external to the host; producing an unintended consequence of the primary host system.

If not debilitating in the short term and left unchecked the parasitic system can exploit the host system for extended duration. The exploit over time will have a deleterious effect on the host and begin to change its characteristics.

Other parasitic systems are by design just that, externally parasitic. They seek and attach to other systems as separate systems and exploit them for their own system.

It would be nice if man’s systems were as certain as Universal systems. If we could tell with exact certainty that a man’s words were always truth it would be as universal as to say that fire is hot and water is wet.

Man however is not much of a system when it comes to universal truth. We have flaws in our system that allows sin and unvirtuous behavior to compromise the efficiency of the universal self. While most men exercise a great deal of self-observation and course correction of their systems because they exercise self-honesty, we are still far less reliable as an element in a physical, religious, political, societal or cultural system and often the cause of its demise more so than those based on universal principle and truth.

Here are some weaknesses in the human system:

  1. Wealth without work
  2. Pleasure without conscience
  3. Knowledge without character
  4. Business without ethics
  5. Science without humanity
  6. Religion without sacrifice
  7. Politics without principle

It is the outcome of all of the virtues of man, that without balance in the system, they will self-create imbalance and unintended consequence not only for us but others.

All of this brings me to the short yet now founded purpose of this writing.

For all that are having a hard time wondering why you are angry with the system of politics and life in America as a whole the answer is simple.

The systems we have established to insure the well-being of America, her values and principles and her people have been greatly weakened. From Congress to the individual American, we have weakened because most have abdicated their responsibility and part in the system of Liberty and freedom as a whole.

Many are not being taught about what their role in the bigger system of America is or should be. This leaves many ignorant.

Others have worked in the system in order to spawn parasitic systems that hide behind American values and principles. The parasites have weakened the body politic to a point of illness and frenzied psychosis.

The systems we require to maintain harmony and self-preservation in our world have been parasitically hijacked and perverted. Many have come from without, but a great deal however have come from within.

The parasite from within is always the hardest to identify and correct. Without self-honesty and a willingness to reflect inward and correct the flaw, the parasite will flourish and our systems will continue to decay and crumble.

The only medicine available is for each man to exercise a high degree of self-honesty and honor his role of civic obligation to self and others. It must be done in a way that all men work towards the same.

The frame work for this social contract is the Constitution of The United States of America. It is a system that for the first time in the history of man allows for each individual to be the arbiter and protector of his own fate and freedom through the exercising of individual self-sufficiency and personal responsibility towards his fellow man.

Somehow we have forgotten this part of the system and we are wondering why the system is broken.

That is not to say that all universal principles are by nature “good”. Evil has universal principle as well. Some systems that are very universally founded are very destructive. We need separate good from evil to have a more harmonious and effective system.

In either case, without universal principle and absolute truth as pillars to the foundation, the system will spin wildly out of control.

Want to make America Great Again – try civility

In listening to pundits and reading posts on line, I see a lot of people arguing not from a position that can be propped up with fact as would be in civil debate. Instead they attack from a position that tears the other person apart in a mean spirited way.

Because they lack conviction of their belief they can only use personal attacks to engage. They lack respect. They lack wisdom. They lack honesty. They lack Freedom.

I pray for those that hold positions based in hate and ignorance. These often are the same people that exclaim we should all be tolerant of others while they require us to change our thinking to their thinking. They are the same that say we should go along to get along, belief and principle is damned.

If a man is to expect others to honor his right to hold a position or belief, then should it not also be that he honors another man’s right to believe as he chooses? Not to say that the belief itself should be honored, but their right to believe as they do should be honored and upheld.

In the course of events a man should find that in the engagement of civil debate it is necessary to attack the other man and not to question, for the sake of understanding their ideas and reasons for their beliefs, then there is a good chance that man is not being honest with himself.

If a man is to be honest with himself, he will listen openly to another man’s ideas. He will listen to their reasoning. He will evaluate and decide honestly for himself if he too agrees with that belief.

This is called learning or growth. It requires you to be respectful of another. It requires honesty.

If I find I do not agree it is simple enough for me to smile and declare that ‘I am sorry, but I disagree.’

If a man is strong, not arrogant, in his belief then he should not be threatened by another’s. If he is honest with himself and allows for evaluation of his beliefs both from within and without as a free man, then shall he grow as a person. Then shall we grow as a people.

“If your belief requires you to denigrate another to support your belief, then it is not a belief but arrogance, hatred or ignorance.”

A free man does not support his belief by tearing down another man’s ideals. He supports his own belief by declaring its honest merit. A belief with a foundation strong in truth and honesty will find companion.

For it is God, truth and honesty that are at the center of all that is refuge for a free man.

That is not to say that people will not have different beliefs. It says that a belief that is not based on facts and that cannot be supported with truth is fragile and not well understood.

Let us win the mind of others in the battlefield of truth with respect and self-honesty.

Let us also question all of that which we believe in. Let us question it with honesty to oneself and ones God. Let us then be stronger in our foundation of Liberty and by doing so make this world a much freer place to live.

The body politic

Body-PoliticThe Body Politic with its hollow eyes of glassy black is rife with syphilis. Its body has been consumed and all that is left is for it to go insane. As far as I can tell, not only has the body politic become consumed from its own ego and self-indulgence but sanity is departing America as well.

America and her political system have become a hollow shell. There is nothing left but greed and coercion and the threat of coercion. We have forsaken our principles and denied our character. We are terminally ill as a nation. Our institutions are choking from the ruthless behavior of those that have hijacked it for personal wealth and power.

And those good men that remain in the body politic to revitalize or save her are doing a disservice. The longer we string this gluttonous monster along the more we prolong her inevitable demise. Any system sick and riddled with dark intention that masks herself as the great American savior should be moved to the back pasture and taken from the earth.

The fragility of the façade is ever thinner. The world you live in is not as it appears. As of the penning of this writing, major national office holders have already declared they are leaving the Democratic Party for and Independent moniker. Two other well know Republican office holders have said they are out too, on principle. Another has been attacked and severely injured for his political belief. An honest look from principled foundation viewed without blinders or institutional loyalty will pull back the veil if you are brave enough to look.

Care to look?

During the last election cycle, it was openly stated by some within the political establishment that “those of us that don’t get on the bandwagon with the Presidential nominee will be viewing their party from the outside”.

How nice. How inclusive and unifying of them.

The insolence of their statement is inharmonious in and of itself, and the context is meant to “whip” party members into line for fear of no longer being relevant in what is a rigged and decaying political system.

It is almost as good as saying “If you don’t vote for [fill in the blank] then you are giving your vote to [fill in the blank]”. We can talk about the latter statement in length at a point forward.

The proposition of “being left out” is threefold. First, it says to those that are actively involved in the financially self-enriching machinations of the party that if you step out of line your enrichments will dwindle away to nothing.

Then to those that have a title within the party apparatus, they either get on board or they should sit down and shut up. If not, you will be marginalized and kicked to the bench and ignored. This is the establishment’s way of creating unity, from the sharp end of a threat.

It also serves as a threat that leaving the party apparatus on principle will leave you an outcast.

After which there is the rhetorical justification of the statement that simply means you’re either part of the “team” or you are not. While it may sound less egregious, it is no less vindictive in its intent.

The statement is made to force a disingenuous capitulation and to create the “illusion” of party unity.

This is very disingenuous especially when the next sentence from the establishment’s mouth is that “we need unity to defeat [fill in the blank]”.

However, in the real world, unity is not possible without reconciliation. Reconciliation should be followed by justice.

And reconciliation is not even close to possible at this point let alone justice. The establishment wants capitulation, not unity. And this has left two of the political party structures ripping apart from the inside out.

If the candidates, ideals, principles and ultimately the governance of our Nation are reflected in a party and their leadership, even their platforms, then why are things so screwed up in America and in the world if each of you is so darn great?

Wait, do you hear it? Here it comes…..”Because the [fill in the blank party] is obstructive and doesn’t care about [fill in the blank]”. In other words, it is the other guys fault. Not ours for not trying hard enough. Nope, it is their fault.

There you go. Problem solved. Meanwhile the American people continue to pay for the [fill in the blank] party hubris.

No, what you are seeing is the marginalization and ultimately discarding of real and traditional American political values, ideals and American principles in exchange for “Twentieth Century Progressive” principles and values.

The [fill in the blank] party has no interest in operating in the restrains of constitutionally principled governance and the rule of law. Alas, the political system is consuming itself from the inside out.

Getting back to the proclamation “you will be seeing things from the outside”. I am alright with that because in order to see honestly and honorably within, sometimes we need to look from without to gain a more honest perspective of ourselves.look within

While establishment elites espouse their mantra of “our side is good – their side is bad”, what do you say that you and I take an objective look first inward before we attempt to dishonor the other.

If we don’t, we will continue to be useful pawns in the final transformation of America. There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

If the establishment thinks that being on the “outside” means that we no longer will have the privilege of seeing what a messed up operation the [fill in the blank] party is, they should guess again.

You see, most everyone is already on the outside looking in, and it is not like a kid peering in a candy store window. Oh no, most see the Kabuki act and actors for what they are.

And the curtain is about to fall on the end of their drama.

There is a life lesson in all of this and it is that perception is reality.

When your actions don’t back up your promises and words, the perception becomes crystal clear. But you go ahead and keep pretending that you are the only solution in this affair [fill in the blank] party.

You are not. And the more you discard your principles the clearer the picture becomes. At least it sure looks that way from out here.

It may strike the establishment peculiar that most Americans, and the world, judge our political process not by the words but by the content of our actions, which are really a reflection of our character.

We are seen and known as the [fill in the blank party] by our elected leaders actions, votes, promises and failures to fulfill their elected and party agendas. The [fill in the blank] party is defined by the inaction taken as well as the scandal, and cronyism practiced.

America works when our people adhere to natural law, a higher power and principled nature, something that is profoundly lacking from the political culture.

The major party structures have become something other than ideological camps of political platform and ideas on policy and governance. They have become halls of gangs poised for their quadrennial donnybrook with the other side. Then they will go into a brief hibernation afterwards only to emerge once again foraging on the political landscape for graft, power and favors with no intention of principled governance.

Unfortunately, while they fill their coffers and live la vita loco, we as a nation and people are suffering from their miscreant and unprincipled behavior.

The party structure is broken. It has been manipulated into a manpower machine to get the loyalists elected so the system and those in it can continue to enrich themselves.

Remember though. There is more than the [fill in the blank] party structure to choose from. Do your homework America.

There are more of us than there are of them!

Nationalist America – one step from Socialism

So, is a new Nationalism feeding a trend that is marching to socialist free market America?

It seems that we have accepted that a house on a hill knows better than the people of the land. We are willingly ceding our God given natural rights to defend our person, our Liberty and our property.

We have chased the carrot of political ideology to the point of division. We have bantered and bent to the leanings of political parties to the point that our natural liberty is being eroded and eaten away. We as a people are more concerned with the political persuasion of a politician than of their Constitutional knowledge and philosophy of the administration thereof.

It is the Constitution and the bill of rights that give us the latitude to ignore the same. It is the responsibility of free men that mandates our defense of the same. It seems that the distraction of political ideology has proven to serve the prior.

It is not a government or a law that gives these rights of defense. These rights are natural and endowed upon us by our creator. Even in the absence of our founding documents these rights exist, for they are inalienable. Yet to enjoy the freedom from which they bring, we must not let them be oppressed.

We as an American people, not as political party, must find common ground on which we agree and build from there. We can no longer sit by while people of all sides work to remove our God given rights and freedoms.

Find a friend. Find a foe. Find common ground and begin to build. On this I know we can all agree. We are American. We are to be a free people. Now let us work to defend that freedom and teach those coming after us what it means to be a free man. Join me in living as a free man and I will join you.

Live Free

In order to live as a free man, a man must be honest with himself. For it is when a man is honest with oneself that he is then able to be honest with another. A free man is dependent upon himself and not another man or government. So it is then that a free man is able to identify when his liberty has been infringed upon and protect it.

When I suggest you live as a free man I do not mean that you live the same as I. However, like me, I submit that we have an American responsibility to live as a free man, a man honest with himself and thus honest to other free men.

I believe that when you live as a free man you help in the defense of Liberty knowing that other free men, will by the nature of freedom, be doing the same. It is then that we can begin to stand America back up into her rightful place as the world’s beacon of hope. Until we behave in this manner we are carriers of the cancer killing America.

We must return our Houses of Power back to a place that free men gather in Liberty’s defense instead of places that elitists gather in defense of their self-interest.

No longer can we say that we do things “in the best interest of the party” when it conflicts with living as a free man. Our time is short and liberty is fragile. It is something that has to be kept alive generation to generation. Our generation is failing and we must awaken to that fact and fight to keep the flame alive.  “Live Free or Die”.

Third Party

If you listen close enough to people of all political walks you will hear the question, “Do we need a third party”?

I will offer that not only do we need a third party, but we need a fourth and maybe even a fifth party.

When you look close at the ideological composition of each of the major party structures it is easy to identify several factional elements. The Democratic Party holds members of a more classic liberalism, socialist progressives and far left liberal. The Republican Party hosts Progressive Nationalists, conservatives and libertarians.

If you use a little imagination you can probably come up with a handful of names and faces in the House and Senate that would fit one of those categories. In fact both houses of power already exercise ideological caucuses so they can advance their agenda with a more organized degree.

However, as long as the Progressive elements of both party apparatuses have power they will control the legislative cycle. This Progressive merry go round needs be broken. A sure way to achieve this is by pulling the plug on them.

If these arrogant establishment elitists want to behave like socialists, then leave them together and let them have only themselves to answer for. Do not let them use you and your earnest desire to participate as camouflage for their escapades any longer.

DuvergerIt is important at this point in the conversation to interject the established observance in regard to the idea of third party success. We know it as DL, which is a postulate produced by Maurice Duverger, known as the (DL) Duverger Law.

Maurice Duverger was a French sociologist who postulated that the formation and operational outcome of a third political party in a “first past the pole plurality” will fail.

The original Duverger’s Law was historically important. The ensuing debate and research about DL effects has added considerably to our knowledge.  However, there are also many signs that the Duverger’s Law has become what Lakatos terms a ‘degenerating research programme’. The near-religious determination of some adherents to making the DL propositions unfalsifiable is well exemplified in Gordon Tullock’s argument that: ‘Duverger’s Law is true, but it may take 200 years to work itself out’.[1]

It is my belief that there are theoretical issues with the postulate and they lie in their fundamental predilection of the theorems used. I feel well enough to let you about your own exploration of the law as seen by political scientists. There is plenty of reading available.

Knowing the reality of a third party formation as being difficult, I would like to suggest the following in an effort to get things back on track. For each of the ideologies we mentioned above, I call upon elected office holders of all levels to join me in the formation of a new political landscape.

Here is the way. Think of the most Conservative and Libertarian Senators you can name. Look for a few of these Senators caucus members and peers. How many do you think there are? What about Congressmen? What if they all jumped ship to a new party?

How about if the Classical Liberal wings did the same?

What this offers is a way to establish known ideology, already elected officials, electorate and structure into a party all in one move. Let’s go further. When the electorate, by design follow their elected to new party, the landscape becomes instantly crowded. Here then is the next logical progression of action. When we all do the same, at all levels of our political landscape then we give federal, state, and local representation to the new party camps while reducing the abusive influence in both the REP and DEM camps. REP and DEM are now left without a majority and nowhere to hide.

People will have exercised free will in this process and that is the real variable that cannot be quantified with mathematics.

In fact, the only place the postulate nears playing out is in consideration of a no plurality scenario and thus its inability not to be able to bring a Presidential candidate across the line first because there would be too few Electoral College votes for a winner. When this happens the US House would then decide the issue. Let us be fair though, coalition members across party line do not need to post a Presidential candidate if they do not wish too. They may wish to be the “veto” coalition that decides the outcome of one of the other two or three political party by supporting another party candidate. Race won, candidate across the line with enough electoral votes and now a direction for governance. It is more than we have now. The next organic step is for the new party structures with new elected, party leadership, voters and ideas begin to build their rank.

Another barrier in third party establishment from the ground up is gerrymandering at a District level to elbow and run sitting members from their seats. A party would have to have full State level constitutional control in order to do so. When State Legislators fed up with the current party coercion and vial behavior begin at the same election cycle as Federal office holders in a new party, the barrier to entry is greatly reduced for new party activity because the party will have representation within the State system to aid in the prevention.

When the electorate decides that they too are fed up and begin quickly moving to a new party this whole theorem of third party failure crashes and burns.

Another beneficial outcome is that by doing so, it forces the Progressives to expose themselves for what they are. It also creates alliance between Constitutional factions of the newly formed party’s.

This breaks the cycle of two party rule and ideological oppression. If the Democrats want to be the Democratic Socialist Party of America, go for it. Just understand there will be no more centrists or classic Liberals, because your ranks will now be only you and your idolatry.

Republicans, if you wish to be known as The National Progressive Republicans then you are way out ahead on the sales pitch. Maybe you should call yourself the Bull – Moose Party, “BULLY”. But understand too that your constitutional and centrist ranks are no longer going to be there either for you to hide behind.

No longer will either of the corporate political entities known as the Republicans and Democrats be able to camouflage themselves with us good men in the middle.

What needs to be done is not easy. If it was easy then it would not require the will to determinably move towards a renewed America. Easy or not a solution must be implemented to halt this stealth takeover of the United States of America before we are ultimately transformed into a global socialist free market nation that only pretends to allow freedom.

Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a global socialist America?  A place where everything about their lives is micromanaged by bureaucrats working for a worldwide system of government instituted by the elite?

Congress has become a cesspool of filth and corruption, and it is time to flush the toilet. Every generation of Americans has had to stand up and fight for liberty and freedom, and now it is our turn.  This particular battle will not be fought with guns and bullets, but rather with ideas, values and principles.

We can be part of a movement that sweeps this nation.  Good people are ready to rise up and support honest American principled candidates to run in federal, state and local races all across the country and it is absolutely imperative that we all get behind them and support them when that time comes. But, alas nothing will happen if we each wait for the other.

For those good Americans that still stand as the riddled platform of your party, I say to you that as long as you remain a part of the beast you are food for the parasites that are consuming it. I urge you to eject from the ranks of the ill and form up as good people under new banner. Let us do so as elected and electorate. The burden lay equally upon us all.

Shall we call for a day of political renaissance? Pick a day forward. Let’s bring our ideas, principles and promises forward honestly and continue this political process under a set of new ideological conditions, movements and party.

What do you say we set a “jump date” America? On that day we all, elected and electorate pair off into new political camps and begin the process of restoring Liberty.  I am ready today. Stand Up – Hook Up jump time is near.

To change the course of America and her future It is the individual, you and I, collectively doing what each knows to be the “right thing” that will return America to her honorable self.

It is my earnest hope that in reading these words a flame will be fueled inside those who read it. It is fuel for a flame of honesty, respect, honor and Americanism.

It is the responsibility of a free man to protect the Liberty that provides it. Do so in example. Join the majority of proud Americans in the renaissance of American Exceptionalism by living as a free man and the rest will follow in kind.

It is the same individual that lives in freedom that shall by their own behavior and action ultimately set the ship to upright and cancel her list. We each must at a minimum do our part in the preservation of America and her Liberty.

The longer we wait the worse this cancer becomes. We need action not capitulation.

Too big to fail?

It wasn’t too big to screw up and get us to the point that we are at. So then, is it too big to fix?

Imagine this for a few Sunday morning headlines seen on little digital screens and social media feeds around the world – ready?

(Washington Post) – 200 CONGRESSMEN; 42 SENATORS, JUMP SHIP

(NY Times)- NEW 3rd – 4th and NOW 5th PARTY ALL 50 STATES

(Salon) – R vs D vs L vs C vs I vs ?

Voters flock to new political choices – (Bloomberg)

Can the DEM and REP survive together alone? – (FOX News)

As they say in the biz, film at 11.

325px-115th_United_States_Senate.svg 360px-United_States_House_of_Representatives_2017.svgThe bottom line is the preservation of Liberty. We are in the midst of what could engage a Constitutional crisis in this country.

With the current political and cultural landscape in chaos and the social justice weeds rooted and fruiting across our Republic, we are at threat for a legitimate “Trojan Horse“ takeover of the United States of America.

Not doing anything is not an option. The health of the Corporations Republican and Democrat are terminal. America is starving for principle and you and I are stuck in the middle with the top pressing down, the bottom pushing up and we are ready to explode.

So, do you wait for the fallout or do you act as a free man while you still can. Will you take destiny’s charge in your stride and advance her value?

Consider this

You woke up this morning, and you have a choice to make.

Our children from pre-K to doctoral are being re-educated in ways that are not American. The Government has seized your children’s minds, their wallet and their future. Our world (the adults), for the most part, is pretty screwed up and getting worse. We have a record number of non-participatory workers in the economy, ninety-eight million as of this penning. There are just over 67% of eligible workers actually working. Remove the part-time workers and the numbers look even worse. We are nearing a 50/50 split of those able to work and those working. Unemployment numbers are a farce as they have been since the days of Nixon and Carter.

The re-write of America is being exercised with a precision. It is a slow meticulous dissection.  This process has taken a hundred years of effort, stemming from Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Carter, Nixon, Clinton, Bushes and Obama. We accepted, or have had it shoved down our throat by the progressive handlers of the idolatry and now it owns us.

Nearly every aspect of your life is now controlled by government and government agency bureaucrats. We are controlled through regulation and legislative edict.

Even the freedom you think you have to choose products or brands is a façade. Your choice was defined for you not by you.

The government decides from the collecting of the tax to the shipping, manufacturing and transportation of our goods, to the operation of the business standards for the shipper, manufacturer, receiver and even consumer, the design of the building and regulatory size of the doors, toilets, signs, streets and accounting practices; So much of what we think of as freedom is anything but. We are over regulated over governed and we are losing our way as America.

Even the presentation of the product is manipulated to influence your impressions and perspectives. This is not freedom. It is Ritalin Economics.

We have no real say in how the government runs. We have no say in how our taxpayer funds are used, however that doesn’t prevent the government from hustling us at every turn. It forces us to pay for endless wars that do more to fund the military industrial complex than protect us.

Look at all the pork barrel projects that produce little to nothing, and a police state that serves only to imprison us within its walls.

Seriously, if you have no choice, no voice, and no real options when it comes to the government’s claims on your property and your money, you’re not free.

The lack of beneficial Tax reform, a broken healthcare system and perpetual war; these three facts of American life are enough that it should bring a call to action from any responsible American that can see what is happening.

Remember, there are more of us than there are of them. Divide and conquer works two ways. As we have been divided now let us join and divide this parasite called progressivism from our body politic by starving it out. Let it consume itself from the inside out.

Just like the empty seats in the NFL and profit loss for ESPN, let us again eject from the parasitic system and stop being its food. Let the parasites eat their own while we live in freedom.

So before you discount the idea of fractionalizing the party system, give a little time for the idea to resonate for the sake of America. Not only is it doable, but it is imperative that we act in some manner or another.  Because what we are doing now is certainly not working well at all. Of course though there is always the alternative of continuing to kick the can down the road. We can continue just like we have done with North Korea, Iran, Social Security, National Debt and the eternal Middle East War. Really, that is just not an option.

In order to correct this all it takes is for each man to determinably exercise his free will and to do what he knows to be the right thing. The rest they say will follow.

But to sit by and watch this molestation of freedom and Liberty without action towards a resolution is a sin. We have to break the thin veil of normalcy that surrounds our political system. We need a reinvigoration of stalwart America to a place that we can administer our freedom. Not from the end of legislative edict and conformity.

It’s time to pull back the curtain, expose the skunks and let’s get America back to being her unbeatable self. Reengineering the current party apparatuses of the Rep’s and Dem’s is a failed effort. Both parasites are thriving on the blood of its host party. These two hosts are no longer capable of exercising American value. They are but one step away from insanity. The humane thing to do is to let them die.

Are you living to survive or flourishing in Freedom?

Now is the time for the National Boards of the Libertarian, Constitution and Independent party to solidify and strengthen your platforms as well as your National and State apparatuses. Prepare for the new voter base that is sure to follow. Join in the call for this action. The time is now.

It is time for us to begin discrete conversations with National, State and dare I say local office holders and begin to form new third, fourth and maybe even fifth party leadership and representation.

Be sure that I know that what I ascribe is something that only seems like it could happen some place other than here. The thing is though, here and now, is the time and we are the people that will by our action or inaction determinably decide the outcome of America and her future.

You see, it is when Americans focus on a common goal and work towards the same that we are exceptional. It is then that we are free. That is when we become a great nation again.

It is the seed we plant today that will determine our tomorrow. It is what we choose to do or not to do today that will create our reality moving forward. What say you?

Have you American’d today?


God please bless America.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2017

it starts with you

[1] http://eprints.lse.ac.uk/4273/1/Is_Duverger%27s_Law_based_on_a_mistake_(LSERO).pdf