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In previous posts I have discussed many of the raw truths that have caused some of you to ask why I would want to tear the “party” down by exposing fault, weakness, chicanery and outright lack of civic responsibility within her. You ask it in such a way as to suggest that I were the one being destructive and not you for your actions of perpetuating maleficence within the party through your complacent silence or acts.

What these persons are missing is the fact that it is choices, actions and outcome of the party that caused the events they try and hide to begin with. And somehow my talking about the slugs and bugs is going to have an adverse effect on your party ability to act in a proper manner when you are not acting that way to begin with. In reality if you were to help squash the bugs and slugs and clean the house it will help when people show up so it is not an embarrassment to you.

It is apparent these days that the blind loyalty to a letter on your jersey is somehow worth more than the honor of the institution it represents. When you wear that letter it wears you. You are known by the company you keep. Without honor your institution becomes weak and you find yourself in a position of defense. Who are you standing with? Do they truly represent your name and what you stand for?

Which brings me to my second point, defense is a perimeter penetrated. And when that defense is calling me a malcontent I know I have struck a nerve. If I were wrong in my perceptions and descriptions, you would easily be able to tell me why progressivism has not permeated the leadership of your party. (pick a party). Or why honoring a disgraced former Congressman is somehow representative of your values and principles. But instead you chastise me in closed circles for saying “clean up your act”. But why is it that you don’t want to do anything that runs the rats and bats from the room yourself? The rats win!

To my third point; if you think you and your party are the last great bastion of hope for this Republic by maintaining the façade of right reasons for wrong, you will continue to fail. We do not allow our children to be taught or act in the means of falsehood and manipulation because it is wrong. But somehow the adults in the politics of our nation can believe that the ends justify the means and perpetuate great harm. Somehow wrong is right and right is wrong. That does not work in the real world kids. Bad outcomes will occur, that is why we teach our children to act in a responsible way.

I am not going to play your R vs. D, good spy – bad spy paradigm anymore. I will allow you to wallow in the mud with the rest of the dirty little politicos and I will stand on the side and observe. You are both the same party just dressed in red and blue. More accurately, I will stand in defense of the Constitution and when that perimeter is penetrated by the likes of either party or person in it, I will become actively partisan in her defense.

No natural order exists with any power or usefulness when it has high levels of toxicity. Your party is no exception. This great experiment isn’t about you or me. It is about freedom and the future of human existence. If you are a person of introspect you will digest the words above. What happens after that is up to you. You will agree and continue to allow your mask to stay on, disagree and continue to evacuate on society with your tripe, or you may find some common ground with reason.

In that common ground of Constitutional reason and defense we have bedrock and we will be strong in her keeping.

The time for a purge, responsible reform and changing course have passed for the major party structures and their luxury liner of personal gain. What you are doing without even realizing is amazing.

You are heading for a very big iceberg and deciding to go faster in the hope you will break through it. And you just may, the only problem is that you will destroy the luxury liner and create a whole bunch of little icebergs known as coalition partys right here in America.

While you watch the party elite arrange the deck chairs on your liners consider finding a life boat with the name US Constitution on her side before the wreck. Just saying!