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Yes, my weapons are designed to kill people. I use hollow point rounds in my semi-automatic handgun. I use high grain NATO rounds in 30 round magazines in my defense rifle. I use maximum spread and projectile in my shot gun. I use a partially serrated blade on my knife.

However, I do not use “military grade” weapons. Nor does the rest of the citizenry use them.

I keep my weapons for my protection and defense. Of which I have a natural God given right to self-defense. So that when randomness and mayhem catch up to me, I will be prepared to defend myself, those I love and those around me. I do so with full knowledge and understanding of the responsibility and lethality of the choice I make.

I am trained militarily and civilly in the use and maintenance of my weapons. I am a responsible law abiding American protected by this lands Constitution. I have killed no one. I have never pointed my weapon in a threatening manner at anyone. I have never threatened to use the weapons against anyone other than in defense of your life or mine. Be sure if that moment should arise and I need defend myself that I will without hesitation perform whatever it takes to insure my safety and the safety of those around me. Even if it means using one of those aforementioned weapons that are designed to kill.

Many Americans own what are classified as a hunting rifle. They have powerful scopes and a caliber of ammunition far greater than that which I use in my defense rifle. These hunting rifles are lethal from a distance and have great accuracy. Why are you not objecting to the lethality of these weapons as well?

They are designed to kill.

While hunting you are restricted to a small number of rounds in your active magazine (5 in most States). Considering that you are “hunting” (to kill) prey with the purpose of killing and not “defending” your family or self, five shots seems pretty fair. It is sort of sporting almost.

I do not hunt, I protect, so self-defense is why I need a 30 round magazine. You see, hunters kill. Not their rifles or bullet. It is the same with lunatics; they kill people, not the weapons.

The fact that sick twisted mad men & women use the weapon as a psychopath and shoot into crowds and schools does not mean that I as a Constitutional law abiding citizen and Army veteran should have to relinquish my right to a solid and determinable self-defense because of the actions of a lunatic. I hope we can all agree that mass murders are lunatics. I hope we can all agree that they are a threat.

You see, I have the right, whether you think I should or not. I do still have it. It is a right given to me and you by God through our nature. We have a right to determinable self-defense. Be it defense from a lunatic, a foreign power or a tyrannical government. I have a God given right to defense.

If we use the argument that AR platforms and large capacity magazines should be banned because they are designed to kill then it must evenly be applied across all weapons used in mass killings. Knives, handguns, cars, trucks and bombs all have been used to kill large numbers of people by lunatics.

Do we ban these too? Or is there something else at play here?

Why do you suppose there is a cry to remove defense armament from the American people?

Really ask yourself what would happen if we disarmed as a populace. NO GUNS except of course for the government and law enforcement and well those who are in a special class and can have one too. Then there are those that are using them illegally to begin with and for nefarious reasons, they will still be there too.  You know them as “crooks” and “robbers” and “murderers”.

Now, ask yourself if you can think of or even find one instance in WORLD history where after the removal of weapons from the hands of the citizenry that things went well for the people. You will find several examples that show it does not bode well for the populace.

First they come for one type of weapon and then they come for the next.


Of course, if in some utopia we did not have “guns” – there are still knifes and scary black assault sporks!


It seems though they are now going to ban those too in London because people that wanted to kill found a way to do so after the gun ban. Go figure. Actually at the penning of this article the murder rate in London, who banned guns, is higher than in NY city.

The bad guys are now just using knives to kill in mass.



Let’s be completely open. Nobody in their right mind is unaffected by the outcomes of mass shootings. Every human of any level of compassion feels emotional and conflicted when these events occur. No one in their right mind wants them to happen.

Emotion however should not be the basis for making law.

Good decisions are rarely made in emotional squalls. As a matter of fact, snap decisions on this could actually lead to more violence as law abiding Americans decide enough is enough.

No you will not take my right to self-defense. You did not give it to me and you will not take it away. My right to own a weapon will not be infringed upon by tyrants. Period.