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e pluribus unum

So when does honest self-enlightenment beget determinable action?

That is to say that when one actually “gets it” and understands the reality of a matter, then when and how do you become driven to do something about the force that is an influence on your life and the life of everyone else, be it good or bad in nature? In other words when does a person stop saying, “Yeah I get it, so what?” or “What can I do?” and begin saying “This is wrong and I am going to say so.” or “I refuse to comply” based upon a self-honest enlightenment of nature and fact. Even, “I am going to do something, because this is wrong”.

When you or I read, hear, see or even witness something over time until we have the ‘Eureka’ or ‘ah ha moment’ and become enlightened to its deeper negative context we are faced with a new binary choice.  Do we file it away as a known bad quantity to avoid and just keep stepping around it or do we file it away as something we have to remove from our path to continue our individual journey.

Not all of life’s presentations in this binary matter are negative and not all are of monumental nature. Like I have said before, “Don’t sweat the small stuff McGee”. Most are instinctive decisions made in an atomic second. However, when it is the moment that you or I are able to find the light switch in a room of life influence and we are faced with the reality of bad people doing bad things, what then.

It is when the light coming on exposes bad outcome for you and me that I want to address here, understanding that all lights switched on will not illuminate a boogeyman. Still, we have the same choice. Our choice is to herald and live in the positive nature of the new found enlightenment in an effort to bring others towards the same. Or, it is to warn those around us of the danger in the room and hopefully gain their support in eliminating the danger.

Seeing and reacting to events in our government, culture and family are an influence in our life for good or bad and is something we all do. The level of conscious effort and understanding of the individual is varied to be sure. However, when we finally get something, something real and something big, there is a second phase that occurs. It is sort of another binary decision point we face over and over. This time though, it is in the light and not sub to our conscience.

When a person that has faculty and intellect to consider a matter on merit and honesty and not based upon what they have been told to think and do so in self-honesty, the individual grows. When the majority refuse to think for themselves and accept the dogmatic doctrine of ritualism or ideology then collectivism begins to grow in the same organic environment that fosters the self-honest individual.  This is why Self-honesty is critical.

Without self-honesty we are mere vessels of someone else’s ideas, beliefs and usage. We first must know what we believe at core and why, before we can have that “Eureka” moment. The ability to question and respond in a manner suited to you the individual and not the collective is why self-honesty is so important.

Our governance and cultural predilection is based upon the individual. When each of us is self-honest in our nature and live based upon our self-honesty and action we are then “We the People”. “We The People” is not a collection of individuals. We, the individual people are free to think and be. Without self-honesty however, an individual is not even able to know that their freedom is being infringed. Because they do not fully know what real individual freedom actually is.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Be sure too that the outcome of individual self-honesty does not manifest in everyone thinking, dressing, or looking alike. What it does foster is a culture of individualism. In doing so it organically displays ideas and outcome of thought. It can expose new rooms of idea for you to look in. The mansion of self-honesty and discovery is vast. We should not allow our wisdom of self-honest discovery to be consumed as an end point in our journey. Our self-discovery and discovery of the world around should be a constant matter of which we question not only our own beliefs but those of our government and God with fervent self-honesty in an effort to attain another light switch. Not doing so and considering a self-discovery as the pinnacle becomes arrogance and leads to depredated outcome of effect.

Point being, if we, the people, adhere to common principle of civility and governance, as agreed upon in our founding documents, we are free. When we, the people, rely upon edict, regulation, mandate, stipulated behavior, political correctness and social justice, then we the individual are lost as the engine of our freedom and liberty.

Again, this is not to say that we all must be the same. There is no individual idea for the masses in Liberty other than one. It is that our agreeance as a people as to how our free will behavior is regulated and who will protect the borders so we may enjoy our individual freedom and right to acquiesce in the same. We do so by the bounds of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It is however to mean that when a few or a group find common ground of idea in freedom that they are not given the ability by nature to tell the rest of the individuals how they are expected to conform their behavior to another’s liking, as long as it is not in direct contravention of the Founding Documents. That is capitulation to edict and not individualism.

It is easy to say that the Law is the same collection of the few telling the many. In many ways that is correct. Especially today when we are over legislated and regulated, a lot of which in and of itself if seriously given challenge would be found unconstitutional in and of itself. That is a whole other discussion though.

However, we either live in anarchy at one end of the scale and have no law for anyone, or we live in complete authority at the other end of the scale. As Americans, we have decided, constitutionally that we will exist with the need for governance. We created our government in a way that we are buffered from the effect of complete anarchy but still allow for individual action and freedom not governed or restricted by authority. We have basic human rules that are meant to govern our behavior. No killing, stealing, cheating, lying etc., you get it. Beyond that, your government is out of control.

Our government was created not to oversee and rule the people. It was created to allow an environment by which people can govern themselves through their action and outcome. Our founding documents ascribe positive preservation of human right not negative restriction of liberty. It is meant that a man may succeed as well as fail with government staying out of the way. We have done just the opposite. We have ceded our role in the equation and have allowed the chase of luxury and creature comfort to replace our need as individuals for self-reliance and minimal governance.

All things in life come back to self. When we are faced in life with external influence and effect, the way we filter, analyze and respond to these stimuli determine our actions and thus influence our worldly outcome in our life; for better or for worse. It has cause and effect on others as well. This is why when we predicate our behavior on the principles that what we do as individuals should it not break the bone (bring physical harm) nor pick a wallet (financial harm) of another, then I will not ask you to not incline your effort in a direction other than that which you have chosen. Said more plainly, you do whatever it is you want, and so will I. The only ground rule is we do not cause harm, financial or physical to one another.

So, back to where we started, self-honesty. Either you give a damn or you don’t. Should it be that you do not, then please step aside and wait for an outcome. If you do, then let’s have a civil discussion like intelligent people and not fourth grade teams that have to win at dodge ball. This is not P.E. and it is not totally up to anyone. So, when you are ready to have an honest dialogue let’s begin by understanding that the way we discuss our differences of governance in self-honest individual idea is through the lens and foundation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As individuals we are certain to hold different views, ideas, likes and dislikes. What we have to understand though is that our government is the means of last resort for enforcing those ideas and when not in keeping with our agreed principle have no place in law.

Besides, if one group, corporate America or any lobby group wants to impose its ideal and will above the whole of the people into legislation, then it has become the law perverted.

So let us try and discuss our differences of governance in the frame work of the founding documents. Let us try and handle our discussion of matters other than those regulated as individuals respectful of others in their ideals.

If you are not to accept the founding documents as basis for governance, then you need to change the constitution based on your constitutional ability. You already have that option afforded to you as do I. For me, it is a last resort option, much the same as a civil war or, a revolution.

Even then we still will need to have a foundation to base our ideas from whether it is the current Bill of Rights or one that you wish to amend. So let’s at least begin where we have common ground.

The other means for you is to use treasonous and tyrannical subversion in the form of anarchic cries for armed overthrow of America, like the Austin Antifa have done publically on FaceBook. Wow, the irony in that reality is Alice in Wonderland.

The organization known as ANTIFA is classified by this government as a domestic terror group. So why then if our keepers of liberty have identified it as such, do we allow the operational effect of their declared treason to continue?  What good is it to declare them as enemies of the State and allow them free movement and perpetration of their declared violence.

Yes, swatting ANTIFA will cause some pain. Not doing so makes me question the complicity of my government even further.

I choose to have the discussion on the foundation of the current documents. It has served generationally so far with success. The fact that we, the people, have migrated our self-governance away from where we should be does not mean that the system is the problem.

Self-honesty, let’s each start there, hopefully then we can be honest with another and begin the process of self-discovery and individual liberty to be free and be who you want to be.

Along the way should we, together, find that the system is broken in places, then let us use our reclaimed dialogue in Liberty to exercise a remediation thereof in the frame work of the founding documents. The reality of this all is that no one wins in a civil war or an egalitarian revolution and no one wins if we do not talk.

it starts with you

May God Please Bless America

~ Eric D. Miller – 2018