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I am sharing the following with a select group of friends and those I believe to be “free men” – This is a topic I have been contemplating for a while now and I have come to a coherent milestone over the past couple days. No that does not mean I stopped drinking. I wanted to write down my thoughts and share them with other likeminded patriots and solicit your feedback. Not on my grammar and punctuation but on the content.

When did we cease to be America? When did we cease being Americans? When did we just give up? It seems that we have accepted that a house on a hill knows better than the people of the land. We have willingly ceded our God given natural rights to defend our person, our Liberty and our property.

We have chased the carrot of political ideology to the point of division. We have bantered and bent to the leanings of political parties to the point that our natural liberty is being slowly eroded and eaten away. We as a people are more concerned with the political persuasion of a politician than of their Constitutional ideology.

It is the Constitution and the bill of rights that give us the latitude to ignore the same. It is the responsibility of free men that mandates that we must defend them. And it seems that the distraction of political ideology has proven to serve the prior.

It is not a government or a law that gives these rights of defense. These rights are natural and endowed upon us by our creator. Even in the absence of our founding documents these rights exist, for they are inalienable. Yet to enjoy the freedom from which they bring, we must not let them be oppressed.

We as an American people, not as political party, must find common ground on which we agree and build from there. We can no longer sit by while people of all sides work to remove our God given rights and freedoms.

Find a friend. Find a foe. Find common ground and begin to build. On this I know we can all agree. We are American. We are to be a free people. Now let us work to defend that freedom and teach those coming after us what it means to be a free man. Join me in living as a free man and I will join you.

In order to live as a free man, a man must be honest with himself. For it is when a man is honest with oneself that he is then able to be honest with another. A free man is dependent upon himself and not another man or government. So it is then that a free man is able to identify when his liberty has been infringed upon and protect it. If a man is dependent upon another then he has diminished his Liberty and therefore is less capable of defending it. It is for this reason that it is incumbent upon us to honestly ask ourselves to what extent we are dependent and then work to remove those dependencies no matter how scary it may be.

When I suggest you live as a free man I do not advise that you think the same as I. I do not mean that you live the same as I. I submit that you live as a free man, a man honest with himself and thus honest to other free men. I believe that when you live as a free man you help in the defense of Liberty knowing that other free men, will by the nature of freedom, be doing the same. It is then that we can begin to stand America back up into her rightful place as the world’s beacon of hope.

We must return our Houses of Power back to a place that free men gather in Liberty’s defense instead of places that elitists gather in defense of their self-interest. No longer can we say that we do things “in the best interest of the party” when it conflicts with living as a free man. Our time is short and liberty is fragile. It is something that has to be kept alive generation to generation. Our generation is failing and we must awaken to that fact and fight to keep the flame alive. As they say in New Hampshire “Live Free or Die”.

~ Eric D. Miller 2013