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For those that missed my last little tirade against the police state that took hold quicker than a Liberal to a line of free Cheese, let me recap quickly before I move on. The case was simple. Had Bostonians, and their neighbors, been as armed and vigilant as they were in the 1700 to 1800’s, then this 5 day operation would have ended a lot sooner. That is to say, if it even would have happened at all.

So the progressive elite had to get way out in front of this argument. See here à

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the leading voice for a so-called assault weapons ban, on Sunday dismissed the idea that Boston-area residents may have wanted a gun in their homes during the manhunt for the second bombing suspect.

Instead, she pointed to the massive police presence on the scene that kept people safe.

Residents were urged to remain indoors as police hunted 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was ultimately captured Friday night after being holed up in a boat parked in a backyard.

“Some may have [wanted guns], yes,” Feinstein said on “Fox News Sunday.” “But if where you’re going is ‘do they need an assault weapon?’ I don’t think so.”

Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked if individuals shouldn’t have right to decide for themselves what types of guns to have in their home.

“How about a machine gun then?” Feinstein asked. “We did away with machine guns because of how they’re used. I think we should do away with assault weapons because of how they’re used…you can use a 12-gauge shotgun and have a good defensive effect and there’s the element of surprise.”

“Now you’ve got police all over the place in Watertown, so I don’t really think this is applicable. I think there are people who want to make this argument,” she added.

I am so glad that before the smoke had even finished being produced from the barrels of the AR series weapons, I had already drawn my line. At no time was there ever any Constitutional reason to set aside the law of the land as was done in the Boston area.

Not only that, now they are saying that the Police State has shown that we need not worry about having “assault weapons”. You see, Big Brother is there to protect us from the boogie man.

I have probably caused God to divert his training on me towards tolerance. I say that because I have no tolerance left for the attitude and belief structure of those that wish to impose their value system upon me when it is in direct contradiction of the foundational documents we use to maintain our cohesiveness within our society. I of course am referring to the Constitution of the United State of America. The same one I took a personal and sacred oath to defend against ALL enemies foreign and domestic! The same document that is based upon God’s own Natural law.

I am done with tolerance. I am done with not standing up and not pushing back. So, Ms. Feinstein and her ilk can kiss my lily white posterior region. Pucker up!  And get ready for me to push back. I am no longer sitting down and taking it.

While others may assume you are harmless and we need not worry. While some may think that you are just an immature movement and a passing phase. I know better. You have an agenda. And your agenda is in direct contradiction to what America is.

Game On!

~ Eric D. Miller – 2013 (AKA, “A Middle Aged angry White Guy” )