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Below is a link that serves as a perfect example of why rhetoric and sponsorship of legislation for the sake of political cover can no longer be tolerated. If we do not hold our elected officials decision in close scrutiny and let them know when they are going in the wrong direction, then we have no reason to complain. So, call them out !

To those who say we should not be critical of our own Party members. To those who say exposing poor judgment will harm the Party. For those who say accountability is to be overlooked if it makes the Party look bad. I say to you “Grow Up”.

I can say with a straight face and a clear soul that in my years of political involvement I have not “gone along to get along” – I have not sold out. I actually still have a soul and have no political regrets. Why? Because I am willing to stand by the truth. The truth is strong. It is a rock. On it I will stand. I will stand for it in defense of Liberty.

Salt – this is why we need to do better at vetting our candidates and making sure the salt has flavor.

An example of why we need to elect flavored Salt – (CLICK HERE)