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Fantasy from a Child’s View
Charlotte Sun Herald
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear Editor:

I wish my Mommy and Daddy didn’t have jobs. They are gone all the time and when they are home they fight about money. If I get sick at school I can’t call if the phones are turned off. We don’t ever have much food. I have a toothache, but we can’t afford a dentist. We have one car, but its broken most of the time. We haven’t lived in our own place since Christmas.

My friend lives in a nice apartment. Her parents each have a cellphone that works. She gets free breakfast and lunch at school and a backpack of food for the weekend. They have really good food in the cupboards. Her Mommy walks her to school and her Daddy picks her up. I have to walk home alone.

If my Mommy and Daddy didn’t work, then the government could just print some more money and then they could take me to school and pick me up. I could stop having a sore tooth. Maybe we could get our own place and fix our car. And even have free cellphones. And, I could get breakfast and lunch at school.

Mommy and Daddy say they have to work. But I don’t think that’s true. I think it is better if you don’t work.When you work, you can’t afford too much. When you don’t work, it is just given to you.

I wish Mommy and Daddy didn’t have jobs.

Carolyn M. Brown
Englewood, Florida

Actually this view is seen through the eyes of a child and by many adults today. Government has stolen the pride of many Americans. Can pride ever return?