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I have reached a point of no return. Events over the past four days have shored up my instinct and proven them to be true.

1. WWII Vets denied entry to DC Memorial.

It is not well known that the WWII memorial was paid for with PRIVATE funding, not tax dollars. It is also important to know that the memorial is maintained with PRIVATE monies and not tax dollars. It falls under the jurisdiction of the National Park Foundation so it can have a ranking of being a National Monument.

Upon arrival on day one of the shutdown the Vet’s of an Honor Flight arrived to find barricades around the Memorial. These men and women, most in wheel chairs and 90 plus years of age, were told, go away, nothing to see here. Congressmen from their home State and others came and opened the barricades.

On day two the gates were made stronger with security fence and wired shut. The media just sort of stopped reporting on things after about 36 hours. I have no idea if members of our greatest generation are still being told to go back home. What a slap in the face. What utter disregard for life.

2. Woman Executed outside Capitol building in DC

Also in the past few days a woman was executed outside the Capitol building. It has been widely reported that the woman RAMMED the gates at the White House – She was driving a new model Infinity. Think for a minute about “crumple zones” and bumpers and tell me if this car rammed anything !

the bumpper

This woman was UNARMED. Yes she was out of her mind and out of control. But deadly force was not warranted. Who authorized this? Or, is it standing order that ordeals like this be handled just the way it was?


I wish our boys had the same rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

3. Man set’s himself on fire and Congressional aides watch from Capitol building windows.

This one speaks for itself.


The happened in such a way that it was not a Psychotic event. There was a man with a tripod that was involved in the event and filming it. You may convince a person to film or a person to dose with gas, but to light themselves and burn?

The man set himself on fire for a well thought out reason. This was staged. It has made me think. It has made me look for reasons why a man would do what he did.

My world and the world as I see it will never look the same. I am looking with Jaundice eyes. The rose colored glasses are set aside.

I am convinced that there is a real ill will in the air. It is coming from the direction of Capitol Hill.


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