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Plato-blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you are governed by your inferiors.

 ~ Plato

Plato’s Cave is an idea that we are all just watching the shadows on the wall about how we live our lives and the way we should behave. No-one questions why and ever leaves this cave because we our comfortable in this ‘bubble’ we live in.

In Plato’s theory anyone who left the cave would be in danger and everybody would then become their enemy because this is not the norm and you are not conforming.

This ‘system’ which we all live in as a society is a circle which every generation involves themselves in; we are all born, go to school get an education, leave get a job, have a family grow old and die. This circle is repeated over and over again in different families no matter what the circumstances are this is the reality which we conform to.

Few choose to truly stand out from one another. Most just blend in as a society conforming to these rules led by the government.

So if you are happy being led, then conform. If you want to be free then lead. If you wish to let others lead then follow. Just do so with your soul wide open.