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Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And so the slow creeping incremental progressive assimilation of American zombies continues it’s ever increasing pace to eradicate Freedom from mother earth. First they come for the homeless, then the poor, then the radical tea party member, then……. who is left to keep them from taking you ?

Do not try the “Well they had a choice argument. The choice was go to jail or go to a reeducation camp. Do not try the well it is for their own good argument. Do not even try to go down the, well they can come and go as they like route, because they cannot. The average German Citizen in 1936 was faced with very similar Progressive ideals. They were told it is for the good of the person, the good of the country. They were told it was for the betterment of the collective.

This is nothing but evil making itself common place among us. It did not show up at your door as a snarling wolf. It showed up as a Progressive. Once it is fully in the door and removes it’s cloak, it will show it’s true nature. You have a choice to make. You know what that choice is. Now, what do you do to shine a light in the abyss of this darkness?

Be honest with yourself. Be honest with your God. Let the truth be your sword. Let honor be your strength. And in the darkest of times listen for those around you that harken the same. Join together. Proclaim Truth. Live as free men.