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In a previous post the following question was raised;

‘……So the question I then must next ask myself is whether I allow myself to have a self-imposed label or conscribe to a banner of beliefs. That is way too much for the few remaining brain cells I have firing at the moment!’

I have since reclaimed some brain cells and am going to walk down that path.book

Honesty leads to truth and truth fosters trust. Trust leads to solid relationships and credibility. Honesty, if a man is prone to such, defines his behavior which in turn is reflected in his character.

Conversely, Dishonesty fosters lies which create distrust. Distrust lends to short-term or no relationships. Dishonesty defines a man’s behavior which in turn is reflected in his character.

That is not to say that a man who lies is dishonest with himself. A man who is honest with himself and knows that something is wrong or inaccurate but decides to portray it dishonestly is still fostering distrust and is outwardly lying. It is not enough that he is simply honest with himself. It is also imperative that he is honest with others.

Further, if he is honest with himself and he evaluates his ‘involvements’ based on honesty then it is fair to say that he is known by the company that he keeps.  Meaning that if he is a willing member of a group with a defined mission and he has honestly evaluated the mission as well as the record and the outcomes of the group, then he is allowing the label of the group to be placed upon him if he freely subscribes to the mission.

It is imperative for the preservation of a man’s character that he reevaluate his associations, with some frequency, to insure the credibility of the trust and the relationship he has freely entered into.

This principle also applies to personal relationships. While individuals do not have mission statements that they publish, they do have a reputation. It is that reputation that implies a mission.

Let’s look first at self-imposed labels. Because I have asked the question of myself I will answer for myself on this matter. Let me start with the label of farmer because it is one that I have considered. I grow my own food. I am eighty or so percent self-sufficient. If I was to cut out certain modern condiments I would probably be closer to ninety percent. I raise my own meat, produce my own dairy and grow my own fruits and vegetables. I create wine from my produce and have herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes too. So, am I in the classical sense a farmer? I would say no more than I am a rancher because I raise cattle. I am no more a farmer than I am a dairy rancher either. I have chosen a label to describe the effort as a “homesteader”.

Is the distinction really that important? Is the difference between the two so esoteric that it really matters? I would argue that based upon the idea that a man’s character defines him that it does matter.

Here is another arena that labels play a distinct role in perception of character, religion.  My parents baptized me in the Catholic faith. I voluntarily was baptized in the Baptist faith and then the Pentecostal faith all at a very early time in my life. Now I conscribe to the banner of Judeo-Christian doctrine. I am not simply a Christian of New Testament doctrine. I am also a Judeo follower of Old Testament doctrine. Therefore I consider myself to be a Judeo Christian. I by no means am a self-described expert of either.

I also have allowed the adoption of the label Republican. I serve in an elected capacity as a party official for a State Party apparatus. In doing this I have allowed myself to be seen from the outside through the eyes of the actions of the party and those who represent it.

As I said prior, reevaluation of ones associations must take frequent and honest reexamination to insure the reliable integrity of ones participation in those associations. I approach my affiliation with the party with an understanding that I will make it out the other side with my soul intact and that I will not compromise the truth for self-gain.

When I see things within the party that are contrary to honesty, truth and natural law, I stand to expose them and proclaim that they have no place in the association. When I see things that are portrayed outwardly as party belief that are contrary to such, I work to expose those as well. Common Core is such an example.

The political label is the one that has the most impact for me upon the idea of allowing labels to be placed on us. When a brand is tarnished and the outward character of an association does not match its mission, the character of that association is brought into question. The outward character of that association and a man’s free choice to remain a part is reflected in his character.  So should a man leave the association because the association has lost a moral compass or has been directed and used for a purpose other than its mission?

I have wrestled with the question. When I became a part of the political party, I did so because of the party’s belief system. There are clear differences in political affiliation. They are even more polarized today than in the past. So, if a man is to be involved in the process of the government that creates or deters his freedom, then he should do so in a way he feels most aligns with his belief system.

I believe that at a place in time the Republican Party best reflected my governable beliefs. It is also my belief that the party of which I belong has along the way been hijacked. I also honestly believe that the Democratic Party and other factional offshoots of both have been hijacked as well. They have been hijacked by Progressives. Progressivism is a stark contrast to my beliefs. This is not to say that there are not still strong principled constitutionally abiding persons in either party. It is to say that the outright assault on the political party’s is an effort of Progressives to dismantle the American way of life. They have done so by grabbing the wheel and locomotion of the political system and have molded it to meet their goal of political rule and implementation of Progressive Governance.

That being said, I cannot sit by and allow for the destruction. I have made a personal choice to expose and combat this parasite with extreme prejudice. I know that peers in the Democratic Party are doing the same.

So, in allowing myself to have the Republican label placed upon my character, I allow for an outward perception that is generated by the voice, action and behavior of the party, even if it conflicts with my belief structure. I have made this decision freely. For that choice I know  I will find opposition from without and from within. In my belief structure however I find that I must act against this progressive assault and feel as if there is an obligation to do so.

I am not sure that a man can go through life with any effectiveness towards growth without accumulating labels. It is those labels that man has willingly or through his actions placed upon himself that will influence his outcomes. Even a man who sits idle and is passive still acquires a label even though it may not be self-imposed.

As a man of honest foundation I use the truth as my light and faith as my sword in this battle.

There is a lesson from this that is to be learned. Do not judge a book by its cover. One must read it to determine its content.  If a man was to read you, what does your content between the covers say about who you are?

~ Eric D. Miller  – 2014