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For a free man the ultimate act of freedom is to break the chains that bind him. And those chains are not physical and won’t be found binding his wrists or ankles, but rather they are imposed upon his mind and life. Freedom, true freedom, can only begin when he is willing to start down the path of personal sovereignty and total personal accountability.

This has been spoken of in a previous post.

No one rain drop is responsible for the flood, yet it is the rain that creates the flood. Like a rain drop it is incumbent upon each man to remain true to his nature. There are certain unalienable rights he poses by birth right. Man is born into a system of natural law

Those most well known are life, liberty and the pursuit of property, where property is now known as happiness. Another is the natural fact that all men through their birth have equal opportunity to succeed in their life journey. It is the choices they make along the way, and the freedom they enjoy, that determine the outcome. It is equally true too that all men face obstacle in their life and must overcome to succeed.

So, once a man is to understand how free he is, he can then understand that there is a government that has greatly reduced his choices. It is the same government that has lost sight of its charter and has become tyrannical in its actions.

In order for that same man to be a truly free man, he must be unbound by “all” that shackles him. Do not confuse duty with slavery or shackles with choice. It is not a family or spouse, or work, all of which was made by choice that shackles a man. It is those things that other men hold over a man that shackles him the most.

In order to live as a free man, a man must first be honest with himself. For it is when a man is honest with oneself that he is then able to be honest with another. A free man is dependent upon himself and not another man or government. So it is then that a free man is able to identify when his liberty has been infringed upon and protect it. If a man is dependent upon another then he has diminished his liberty and therefore is less capable of defending it. It is for this reason that it is incumbent upon us to honestly ask ourselves to what extent we are dependent and then work to remove those dependencies no matter how daunting it may be. For it is the closer to self-sufficiency one gets that brings us closer to liberty.

Why is it that we as a people consent to things that impede our freedom? It is certain that we have allowed the NSA, IRS, Congress, EPA, DHHS, POTUS (and) …… to mandate regulatory restrictions upon our persons and thus greatly limit our personal freedom.

How is it that we have allowed those we have elected of supposed free will to govern in a way that perpetuates these restrictions? How do we remove ourselves from these shackles of oppression and tyranny?

I am advocating for a rapid return to Governance by will. No, will is not short for William or Bill. Will is that energy that allows us to make decisions for ourselves based upon outcome. We are born with a free will. When the forces that surround us exercise strength so great that it diminishes our ability to exercise that free will then the force must be removed. It limits a man’s freedom and must be overcome.

So, do we act in the same way the early Americans did and take up arms against our government? A little early in that stage but that is not to say it could not or should not happen at a point forward should oppression continue or increase. There is an easier and equally effective road to travel to attain this goal.

A man must remove those impediments to his freedom in order to be a free man. And if a free man cannot remove that barrier individually, then he should do so as a collection of free men. If each free man is to govern himself and his personal territory as a free thinking, free acting and responsible citizen, then is when we may begin to overcome our barriers and return us to a Nation of freedom and liberty for all. Beware though, with maximum freedom there comes a maximum self-responsibility. Responsibility is something a real man knows well.

When each man lives as an example of freedom and advocates to others of their right to be equally as free, then we begin to build a collective of ideas and principles based upon the individual. This is much like how our nation came to be in existence. This is of course short of the uprising.

A free man should in no way allow himself to be told that he is an individual in a collective. That then would be to say that the collective is the dominant keeper. No, let it be said that a free man is individual amongst other individuals that collectively demonstrate the will of the people. Each man must act individually as an individual doing what he can individually accomplish to awaken others, defeat the spirit of progressivism and restore freedom. And as individuals we will create a great collection of individuals not an individual collective.

Free men have a duty and obligation to uphold this value. Free men are generationally predetermined to be the keepers of the “Sacred Fire of Liberty”. A free man must live his life as an example to other men. By doing so he individually begins to recreate the awareness of a foundational and free society.

It is incumbent upon and must be demanded of our elected, that we return to the principle of governing to the will. It is equally incumbent upon all men to elect representatives that share this understanding and way of life.

While a man advocates representation by free will, as a responsible citizen he must advocate free will in his own life as well in order to support his demand of another. That is to say that a free man should be willing to live that which he advocates.

If a man is honest with himself and others and he works to promote the common welfare of a family, community and a nation which by its very design is there to secure his ability to live of free will, then and only then can he say he has upheld the torch of liberty that has been passed to him by his forefathers.

A free man must be of a spirit willing; he must lead through example and begin to retake his community through his example and living leadership. A free man does not govern by edict or proclamation. He governs by action. He should govern by will.

As a people, we must begin to rekindle the brightness that beamed from this great Nation.  A man must go beyond words and begin to take action, actions that are in keeping with Constitutional principle. Actions that are in keeping with Gods will. As a nation we must regain our personal freedom by becoming once again free men in our own lives.

No one rain drop is responsible for the flood, yet it is the rain that creates the flood. Nor has one voice been responsible for a revolution of ideas. We must as free men act as a drop of rain so that we may collectively flood our world with, love, freedom and Gods will.

A Prayer for Freedom

Dear Heavenly Father, Let us shed ourselves of debt and fear. Let us shed our personal shackles that keep us from our freedom. Let us lead by example those around us in a way that is true to American spirit and true to you God. Let us not be afraid to articulate why an action of government is a shackle. Let us do so with sincerity and not spite. Let us do so in a way that teaches, so others may learn too. Above all, let us be honest to ourselves and to you God. Let us be willing to learn so that we may begin to reclaim our rightful positions as free men in a free nation.


~ Eric D. Miller – 2014