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A man determined to be a free man must first be honest with himself. A man determined to be a free man must not encumber truth with himself.  A man determined to be a free man must protect the truth. A political party determined to stand for freedom must be willing to preserve freedom. A Party determined to preserve freedom must operate within the truth. A political party determined to preserve freedom must first comprehend freedom.  

A ‘Party’ Described

The American political Party is meant to be the entry and assembly points of likeminded people for the purpose of delineating, endorsing and defending common principle and value. The eligible voting citizens that gather under the brand of a political party are largely of like perspective. Once established together within a Party, the members are charged with sustaining the agreed upon principles of the Party.

The result of this process is expression of belief, through a policy that defines the political Party. This expression of ideal gives the Party an attraction to the voter, or repulsion of the same. The absence of a written platform does not displace the need for clarification of ideals in the view of the citizen voter. For without it, the voter is left to their imagination and not a Party platform to determine the substance of a Party.

The political Party also serves as a vehicle to recruit and develop candidates for office. When recruited by a Party, the candidates become standard bearers of that Party and are presented to the electorate in a bid to be the peoples elected official.

Once elected, the Citizen Legislator will subsequently be responsible for governance on behalf of the people.[1]

The ‘Party’ Known

The more fundamental and truthful the principles of a political Party, the greater the Party becomes in number. It also follows that the less defined the underpinning of principle and value by a party, the weaker it grows in number. [2]

It is meant to be that a Party candidate promotes their Party plan of governance to the electorate through the Constitutional process of Primary election. When a candidate is elected to office it is intended that their Party ideology is elected to office as a foundation from which they are to legislate under Constitutional barriers.

Governance is effectively influenced by the ideology of the political Party that is in greater ascendancy. Therefore, it matters to the process that the ideology of the elected are established in Constitutional predilection. Without such you concede your rights to those abject to your belief. Conversely, when governance is exercised with universal principle at the core, the reward of the effort manifests in the people. [3]

A political Party is meant to act as equilibrium against reversion from the principles championed by the same and agreed to by the citizen Legislator. This is done by exercising a vigilant discussion of Party principle outwardly.

When those elected stray from the principles agreed upon, the Party must maintain public position against the same. To do otherwise creates a void and is filled in time with corrupted voices.


The electoral primary cycle formula should look like this;

Party Candidate = Political Party


Political Party (Citizen Voter + Platform + Outside Influence)

Platform (Party Member Will x [principles + values])

 [4]  Value = ([good Δ evil] + [right Δ wrong])

[5]  Principles = [universal truth]

Outside Influence = (Donated Money + Elected Party Power)

Party Candidate = (Political Party Candidates ÷ Party Voter)

And in the General Election Cycle it is designed to look like this;

Legislators = (Party Candidates ÷ Citizen Voter)

And our elected Representation is meant to look like this;

Governance = (Legislators x Political Party)

One must have clear cut principles about concepts such as fairness, justice, equality, truthfulness, honesty, etc. so as to be able to take a stand on a social issue or event.

In these societal formulas a political party is to be a representative voice for “we the people”; where governance’s determination is to uphold the will of the people. When the formula operates as designed, the output from this quantity acts as a strong input to and engages the legislative process.

 “…. when men differ in opinion, both sides ought equally to have the advantage of being heard by the public; and that when truth and error have fair play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter.”Benjamin Franklin – 1731

Although this is how the process is designed to work, the reality is different. Our political system is broken and has been stolen from us. In fact, the Founding Fathers warned us about the threat from a party system and the detriment it poses when used for control and power by a few.

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution. – John Adams –

“There is an opinion, that parties in free countries are useful checks upon the administration of the Government, and serve to keep alive the spirit of Liberty. This within certain limits is probably true; and in Governments of a Monarchical cast, Patriotism may look with indulgence, if not with favor, upon the spirit of party. But in those of the popular character, in Governments purely elective, it is a spirit not to be encouraged. From their natural tendency, it is certain there will always be enough of that spirit for every salutary purpose. And, there being constant danger of excess, the effort ought to be, by force of public opinion, to mitigate and assuage it. A fire not to be quenched, it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume.” – George Washington – Farewell Address

The Founders early ability to see this weakness in the system has proven true. The acute accuracy of their vision is apparent today for anyone willing to look objectively at the state of politics in our Republic.

Our political system is now the personification of everything malevolent in politics. The formula presented has been reworked to exclude input from the citizen.

Instead of a strong outflow of representation we have achieved a progressive inflow of directives and leaders that political Party’s are now told to promote and revere. Most seemingly do so willingly as if they are blind to the theft occurring to them.

We have allowed greater influence to those outside of the political Party to mold the outcome of the Party. The political Party has been morphed into a vehicle for a very select few to use as a tool in their quest for self-interested gains and not those goals of self-governance through principled law.

Legislator = [(Party Candidates) ÷ Citizen Voter)]


Party Candidate = (Political Party ÷ Party Citizen Voter)

Political Party = ((Outside Influence (3)) – Party citizen voter)

Outside Influence = Donor Dollars + Special Interest + Elected Power + Appointees

Platform = (Influence x [self-interest + monetary gain])

Special Interest = (Money Outside a political Party+ Power outside a political Party)

Governance = (Legislators x (Political Party + Special Interest))

Legislator = (Party Candidates ÷ Citizen Voters)

Governance = (legislators x (political party+ Special Interest))

Let’s Live In The Past

There was a time when the norm was for men to act in the best interest of himself and his neighbor, it mattered not the wealth or power accumulated by one or the other. The outcome was beneficial to both when each takes consideration of someone besides themselves.[6]

Today our society is governed less by principles of law and more by ordinance.

In this revised formula our candidates and future leaders are chosen from the center of wealth and power. They are chosen to administer rule and not to protect freedom through principled law. This allowance has precipitated a hastened decline of personal Liberty. It has also consolidated a greater power beyond what is constitutionally intended into the hands of bureaucrats. The dereliction of duty to prescribe law by the elected has been prearranged to regulatory bodies in their stead. The elected are rarely governing through principle or law.

Political power and financial influence have established a means by which the people have been reduced to mere impediments and workers in the quest of the elected few. The allowance for this formula is wrong and needs to be reversed.

Our Constitutional structure creates a bound to which this influence can justly operate and not expand. It also provides a frame work that the process can be reclaimed. It will however require the electorate to re-engage.

Our role as Americans has at many levels been reduced to cheerleaders for someone else’s agenda disguised as our own. Our leaders and our principles have been mandated to us not only in National politics but also in State, Local and Party politics.


We should not be quick to lay full blame with those who have gainfully consumed the political process in their consolidation of influence. These factions would not have been able to succeed if “we the people” had been standing a more vigilant watch over the process and had listened to those ringing the warning bells.

[7]“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Thomas Jefferson

Our distraction from vigilance has been facilitated by a comfort of financial and material exploitation and the false belief that freedom is somehow always going to be there. We have become lazy in Liberty. We have ceded the oversight of Liberty to government so that we can enjoy the fruits of freedoms reward without the responsibility and effort required to over watch her safety. It does not work well this way. It is universal that the level of effort given any such task yields the level of reward gained. We have stopped giving effort and instead have demanded reward. We have stopped working for our plenty.

Many have yielded their political voice to the few, and now the political party system has become an appendage of those that control the process of governance through power and wealth. It can be said that the elected are in control of the electorate.[8]

As Americans and political Party members we are told that we are making a difference. We are coddled and cajoled into believing that the political façade we accept is capable of being influenced through participation in the same political system. This may be so, but to date the converse has proven true.

The leaders elected under our brand rarely govern according to the declared principles of our party. This is partially attributable to the fact that many party structures do not have a written platform of principle to rally around. Party structures that do have a document of principle rarely hold their elected accountable to the ideals expressed in it.  Again we have stopped applying effort in demand of a reward.

A World Inside Out

The process of governance has been turned inside out, and a political party is no longer the voice of “we the people”. The party is now the voice for the elected and the financial power structure behind them.

A Party will use the collective power of your strength to reinforce the actions of those elected even when they are antithetical to the Party principles. Why?

What allows a party member to tolerate this practice of cronyism? Is it because you are told that “they” are us? Are you told that because “they” hold the label of a certain party that we are to openly support their efforts because it is the same effort of our political Party?

Without a foundation of written principle we have no basis to object or agree. As long as a majority agrees then it is the idea of the day that wins. To that end, it is the politico De jour that drives the discussion to their purpose and not that of the [9]will of the people.

Political preferment has been maintained upon threats and exclamations that you are acrimonious and divisive if you do not follow the drum beat from up on high. You have been selectively pitted Republican against Democrat, Conservative against Moderate, Citizen against Illegal, Black against White, Liberal against Progressive in an effort to camouflage the fact that real political differences between the Party structures are rapidly blending into one ideology.[10]

As leaders and members of the political process it is incumbent upon each of us to act in a way that exposes the reality of the corruption and redirects energy back to the original formula of the citizens determination of governance. We must do so in mass. We must do so organized with purpose. The more fractional we remain, the longer we weaken in corruption. The more we place blame outside of our own house and do not look within the weaker we become.

Find the voice

Stand. Close your eyes and listen. Stand with knowledge and in truth. Listen; listen for the voice of those that shout “stand down”. Listen for the voice of those who decry your ideas and warnings. They will be the ones calling you divisive and obsequious.

They will be the ones that scream “We must elect a Candidate, any Candidate at all cost. It matters not what their ideology is, elect them for they are our Candidate”. These are the delusional.

These are your viruses in the system; these are the ones that perpetuate the malaise. Their message must be removed from the system in order to regain health. We must replace their directives with real voices that say “We must elect this Candidate, they stand for our principles. They are one of us.”

Now use it

Reintroduce the proper balance of variables back into the system in such a way that the formula takes its input from the people and not the elected. Return an output of citizen legislators and principles defined. Return to a system of individual responsibility and purpose under the banner of Liberty so we may survive as a Republic.

A political Party is meant to be strongest at the base, not at the pinnacle. The structure of political organizations have become top-heavy, allowing a corrupt malaise to creep into the processes. When we as citizens ignore our obligation to exercise our responsibility we relinquish over to the elected what is most important to us– our rights.

While our governance is conducted in procedural maneuverings that somewhat resemble our Constitutional mandates, it is not the procedural aspect we need be concerned with. We must focus our energy upon the equations involved in the process of governance and look for those portions of the formula that have been revised adversely so that we may restore proper order.

When “we the people” regain control of the variable of outside influence and reverse the flow of the corruption into the process, we will have begun the restoration of America. At that point of unity we will once again stand united.


Unity is defined in the dictionary as the quality or state of not being multiple: oneness. Our national culture has been fractionalized by a series of divisions purposefully crafted over a period of time for the partisan gain of political wings and special interest.

Political Party structures have damaged their brand and chased off large numbers of members. Over time internal party factions have strengthened, become more independent of each other, and today barely maintain a semblance of cohesion as a political Party. This trend has become dangerous and a threat to the success of our Republic.

It can’t be allowed to continue. We have the responsibility to bring factions together for reconciliation through a process of responsible reform.

A sign of your success will be evident in the voice of those opposing you. When they call you divisive continue to speak. When they demand unity remind them that unity does not come without mutual reconciliation.

In that process of reconciliation remember to stand true to principle and value. There is no reconciliation of truth, only capitulation when surrendered. It is that same stand for principle that has brought us to a point in which we are at today. You must stand strong for universal principle and American values.

Let us all gather and declare our principles so that they may be seen. Then demand just governance from those that claim your brand and benefit from your effort. Stand for principle. Stand for honest governance. Stand with those of like mind and develop a platform of principle in which we can agree upon as free men.

To not do so is negligent. To not do so relinquishes the Republic to governance by influence and not will.

In Liberty ~ Eric D. Miller – 2015

[1] Bear in mind that the outcome is somewhat determinable using the assumption of an educated electorate.

[2] The size of a Party is directly proportional to its brand.

[3] A key variable in the process of legislative government influence is the political party.

[4] Values serve as a guiding force in life and provide a sense of direction to an individual in a society.

[5] Principles serve the role of an anchor for a ship in its journey when confronted with conflicting issues, while values allow us move ahead with confidence expressing our beliefs.

[6] It is when the outcome stops being beneficial to both that we bring our form of governance to a grinding halt.

[7] His contention was that the cornerstone of our democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.

[8] Our political system is an operational arm for the political power structure that is used to further control over the governance of our society for personal gain.

[9] The will is closest at the base.

[10] Be it known that a house divided will not stand and a house fallen will fall to a single socialist system of Progressive ideology.