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Sometimes when you step out of a large social or family paradigm and stop living within its direct influences and precepts, you can see how your behavior and thinking were shaped by the same. Not to say that all the outcomes are necessarily slanted one way or another, it is just that life influences you. And when you are subject to deep emersion in social and family situations, well it has an affect on you.

Sort of like the young person leaving home and striking out on their own for the first time. The further the time of separation between the family and the teen, the greater the awareness of how the home life has shaped them. Many of the revelations are hopefully reassuring to the young adult, while others are quickly shed for greater personal freedoms.

The same rings true with the walk within political party’s. Let’s take for instance the RPOF, or Republican Party of Florida. I am talking about the machine that’s structure produces some of the most twisted cultural norms I think I have seen in my fifty two years of life.

For instance: The current Chairman of the RPOF and a sitting State Florida Legislator, Blaise Ingoglia, is on a personal mission to make sure that Governor Rick Scotts pile of play money, or as Blaise calls it “dark money” is taken away. They are specifically known as Enterprise Funds.

It sounds so noble. The party head and an up and coming power broker in the Florida House riding his white horse into the capitol to free Floridians from maleficence, collusion and sleaze. While this is an attribute and action most of us would like to see our government officials taking, it is riddled with hypocrisy.

The RPOF has its own “dark pool” of money too. The difference is that Blaise and others benefit from that dark pool so to them and their supporters it is alright. They make excuses and reasons why they can have it but others cannot.

The RPOF is an organized scheme of personal gain and personal power for those willing to live the paradigm of close one eye when it benefits me or someone that can help me. The lack, not complete lack, but lack of ethics and morality within the institution that is supposed to raise, groom and get elected our future law makers is just the tip of the corruption.

The façade of “all that is good” is as well wrapped as a pedophile clergyman that hides behind spiritual virtue. When Blaise and the others in the RPOF openly denounce and stop allowing for “dark pool leadership funds” within the RPOF, then and only then may they point at any elected for doing the same thing and be credible in doing it.

With all of this being known to any self-honest member of the machine, it makes the condoning and lack of open disgust from the internal ranks even more complicit. It typifies the depth of the infection that has consumed our political process at its most important levels across the board. Not just an infection of the elected bums, but non-elected bums deciding who the next head bum will be.

All from a state party that refuses to declare their precepts on paper and ratify their values for all to see.

No this is another example of a great paint job on the outside and trash on the inside. I think the following is an example of outcomes in this situation.

……..  And the different constituencies – not so much their leaders but their memberships – are beginning to question whether their loyalty to either of the two parties have been abused or misused; whether they might have fared better had they taken charge of their own destiny with their own clear advocacies and “in-house” leadership, instead of leaving things in the hands of master politicians who have continually demonstrated to be no patron saints to their memberships, nor strong advocates for their needs. Ben Tanosborn