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Our societal tolerance for matters of substance seems to have been replaced by a hyper communicated mass hysteria of tribal vitriol. It is modern mass communication at its finest. Hyper connected global exchange of shock value. It lends heavily to a formation of ideas based on emotion. This is where knowing the timed self-discovery of principle and nature allows us to produce a solid foundation of verifiable outcome to shape reality. Not a mass-hysteria of emotional hyper hashtag phobia.

When we use our mental exploration, our thinking, and approach them both with a rigid movement of inertial predilection; it is classified as indoctrination to an honest mind. As a mind self-honest we use expansion and contraction of thought to dispel the absurd and absorb the truth. It is required in order to experience the consistency of ideas in practice. Non-linear center lined thinking is required to better allow us to fortify foundational understanding of principle and to possess the knowledge in a way that makes it part of our whole. In other words a person who may think in an organized and broader bounded linear fashion, will allow for the honest exploration of the benign and absurd. But to walk solely on the line of center without allowing for any variance of thought should only be done when you are certain of the outcome of the thought. This is because of consistent experiential result derived from thinking for oneself.

Said more plain, if we are allowed to be told how to think it can easily teach us how to put ideas into boxes and stack them neatly. Suggestive concepts and self-allowed uniformity and rigidity in design of its thought is by nature indoctrination.

That is to say that when we are funneled into a ‘thinking’ that says we should all stack our thoughts the same so we all know what equality is to look like, we soon become our own jailers building our own jail. This is done so that way we come to know the barrier as acceptable, because we built it. This is the outcome of indoctrination, the blockage of original thought and personal idea. This is done by providing the promise of popular outcomes falsely from the predication of foundational principle.

Outright indoctrination takes place at many levels in our world. Even in our own lives.

It is unhealthy for the human soul.

So can we at least contain our hyper tribal vitriol as the conversational inertia and use a means of talking as a world where interrogation of ideas become quantifiable in meaning;achieved by civil banter that lends to broader thinking and new societal ego please?

Unless of course you want to play life or death with 144 characters. Count me out I guess because I have too much to say and often say too much. So no hashtag today.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2018