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[Look, I know the example I used is a bit much for some. So, pick any of several others that will appear in a days time and you will find one that expresses the same “SAFE SPACE” culture described in the story I chose. The point is. We have to face that which threatens us or it will be a problem.

Please stop with the beaten down refrain of one person, one voice a single effort cannot make a difference. Until we all come to a place we can talk, we are in real trouble and the monster wins. ]

Original post begins here:

That’s it. I am done, my line has been crossed. No longer do I keep quite. No longer do I worry if I may offend. No longer do I take the politically correct crap that has become disguised as our culture. Game on!

We have gone Bat Crap Crazy. Look at this Headline:

Bragg soldier charged with going armed to the terror of the public

Let’s start here:

Bragg – where is it and what is it? Well fort Bragg in North Carolina is the largest Army base in America.

Soldier – One who serves in defense of his country through volunteer enlistment.

Charged – accused of committing a crime

Going Armed to the terror of the public –  “going armed” – walking in pubic with a firearm visible. “to the terror” – an instance or cause of intense fear or anxiety in a person. “of the public” – Not of one or two people but of the public or all people as a whole.

82ndSo let’s make sure I am looking at this headline correctly. There was an Active duty soldier from Fort Bragg, carrying a weapon in public and everyone assumed the worst and called law enforcement. So he was arrested and charged with scaring people while being a soldier.

The man was on his way to a photo studio to have his picture taken. He is a volunteer soldier in “The All American” unit. AA or 82nd Airborne. He wanted to have his picture taken at the mall for posterity. He takes a weapon with him, which is legal under NC law. Then he is arrested because a bunch of petrified dolts, that by the way, live next to the LARGEST ARMY BASE in AMERICA, got their little fear feelers hurt.

I am not sure where to begin. How about with the law. What the hell are they doing arresting a law abiding active duty soldier that is on his way to get his picture taken. Unacceptable !

You know what? I am becoming convinced that America is not asleep. they are CHICKEN SHIT! I think that what many mistake for a quite and inactive populace is fear not ignorance. I have asked how many times of myself and others, how can people be this damn blind?

FEAR ! They are blinded by fear and have retreated into their shells. They do not want to stand. They do not want to participate. They are scared. They do not want to be seen. They do not want to be known. They just want to be left alone. Like the rest of us.

The difference though, is that some of us will stand when told to sit down and shut up. We will not be afraid. We will not stand down. We will not allow fear to dominate our life.

No longer can I say “WAKE UP PEOPLE” – from now on I say “SPEAK UP PEOPLE, BE NOT AFRAID”

However, if you feel that you need to keep your head in a hole, then by all means go right ahead. If you cannot even have an adult conversation with people you know and love about the REALITY of what is happening to the foundation and underpinning of our way of life then you need to have your head buried in a hole with the rest of the PC class.  SPEAK OUT!

I am not asking you to put on a tri-point hat and carry a sign. I am asking you to talk to the people that are close to you. Open the dialogue and let the fear begin to escape. TALK ABOUT THE MONSTER UNDER YOUR BED !

Because if you do not, the monster under the bed will get bigger and more real and your head will not be able to fit far enough up the hole you have it stuck in to matter.