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They are out of the closet. Those of us with our eyes open and minds thinking have known that this time in our history would come. Well it is here. You are in it. This is the history everyone talks about never being a part of if they were there in the past. You know, “I would not have been a Nazi if I was there”. They speak of how they could have known and would never have gone along. Well, ok, so here you are, in history being made and futures being steered into tomorrow. Now what? What do you do?

After watching this video there are only three things I can think of that you could do. I know where I stand on this. I am pretty sure you know where I do too.

  1. Agree with it. In this case you are on the wrong side of history and helping shape a very bloody and dark future.
  2. Let it go, it is just ratings banter. What we allow to be seeded in our thought today will germinate. Do you want to reap this tripe?
  3. Disagree with it because you understand liberty. In this case the action of outcome for you is important. It begins with you. If you do not push back with reason then insanity continues to grow. If you do push back then you have acted as a balance. Not acting allows this thought to gain inertia and become fertile. Then before you know it, your screwed. Help spread liberty through your merit and deed. Promote life and freedom in example.
  4. Somewhat agree, REALLY?

I pledged an oath. It was a day when a mans word meant something. It was a day when life meant something. It was a day when men were men and women were women.

The choice is yours. Tolerate the marxist tripe, Agree with the fools or make sure the innocent are protected and push back. This is my Country. You cannot have it. Period.patrol-jump-wings


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