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BLM is Anti American & Marxist

Definition of sedition: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

If BLM believed that Black Lives Really Matter – they would advocate for the Millions of Black Lives that never had a choice. They were killed before they could have a voice. Evil kills innocence. Done by a group called Planned Parenthood. You should look at the lineage of the organization. Same with the KKK. Can you tell me who originated it. No – it was actually the Democrats after the Civil War. See, they wanted slaves. They actually passed early law removing fire arms from Blacks. Then the WAR on Welfare Act by LBJ. History people, know our history.

If this organization and those following it knew real History and not made up fairy tale crap like the 1619 project then they might have a chance. If you still support this BLM movement. You are making a choice to stand besides people that do not have your interest at heart. Or mine as an American. You are choosing to stand on the wrong side of history.

Yes of Course Black Lives Matter. Just like all of God’s Children Matter. ALL LIFE MATTERS. So, can we have an adult conversation in the Day Light about it?

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Not childish Marxist fire bombing  riots in the Dark. Whoever heard of a successful protest held at night. Please.

The ideological tripe from Modern Monetary Theory, Inner-sectionalism,  Systemic Racism, Critical Theory and more is one of mankind’s greatest wastes of youth and talent.

There really is racism.  I did not say I was a racist, I said there is racism. That however is apparently not good enough for our under 35 crowd though.

The ideology of the BLM and Progressive say that just because a person was born White they are racist. How is that not racism in and of itself? Well the same leaders of BLM have argued openly that Blacks cannot be racist. Oh, uh huh, if you say so.

See, the world of false ideals and narrative these children have been taught is not the same as our teachings when we attended higher learning. No, history, science and reality have been re-written and sold as Gold. God has been kicked to the back bench and the Nuclear family has been dismantled. You tell me how we got here. Please do not start with it is the White Guys fault either. Baloney !

I know the difference between endemic and systemic racism. It is because I was taught about the Ill’s of racism. It is because I was taught our American History.

I was taught not only the bright spots but also the dark times we have suffered. That my dear friends is how a White 55 Year Old American Male of European descent can say, I love everyone. I am not a racist. If you think I am then you better check your definition at the door and reprogram.

It is time for the Adults to take this narrative back. We have to find common ground now and stand. Or the ground that divides us will consume the space and we may not have a chance to share again. After we can agree on that which we have in common. Well, it makes it that much easier to disagree on those things we do not.

Have you American’d Today?

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