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If I were the President, it would have been politically and morally repugnant to be fundraising on the anniversary of September 11th attacks. It would have been equally as wrong to be out and about giving political speeches. So, I guess I would have stayed home, in the White House.

So when Leon Panetta said that there was no contact with anyone, including the  President, all night long during the attacks, I guess he meant the National Security Team in the Situation room monitoring the situation in Benghazi in REAL TIME never talked to the White House Staff and that the White House Staff was not there. (this was congressional testimony I am speaking of)

During testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday, Defense  Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said they  spoke with Obama at 5 p.m. ET on Sept. 11 last year. They were both on the same  call, and said it lasted about 30 minutes. 

Dempsey said they did not speak again until the attack was over

Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/08/panetta-recalls-just-1-conversation-with-obama-during-benghazi-strike/#ixzz2Tq5TTkUl

But wait, now we are being told the President was kept up to date the entire time. All through the night they talked to him. They cannot tell us what room he was in in the White House but he was updated.

Updates to follow – When do we say enough is enough ?