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Here is a list of illegalities that need a special prosecutor:

(1) on IRSgate – the obfuscation of criminal activities (i.e. the cover-up)

(1) on Benghazi – the murder

(1) on Benghazi, the stand-down orders

(1) on the cover-up of Benghazi

(2) more on the IRS: one on the delays of handled material, one on the use of the agency to punish political critics of the President

(1) on who set the insane Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

(1) on the downing of the helo that resulted in massive losses

(1) on the release of classified information by the VP and President

(1) on Fast and Furious

(1) on the cover-up of Fast and Furious

(1) on crony-Socialism (Solyndra)

(1) on the EPA’s latest

(1) on the money sent to PP to be used in post-birth infanticide

(1) on the NOAA Fisheries recent payback against New England Fishermen

(1) on the President’s personal participation in drone activities

(1) on the expenditures of the Whitehouse and their enormous entourage

(1) on the downing of drones by Iran and the decision not to destroy them

(1) on the blackmailing of Admirals, Generals and others

(3-5) on the DOJ – at least, all separate inquiries, not even involving Fast and Furious.