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Well it is about time someone besides myself and a close group of fellow patriots has said it. We do not trust the Republican party. All be it we are Republicans. Let it be know we do not trust the Democratic party either. It seems a significant dose of Progressivism has saturated both of the major political party’s. Progressivism is a general political philosophy advocating or favoring gradual social, political, and economic reform. A creeping incrementalism. Modern Progressivism emerged as part of a more general response to the vast social changes brought by industrialization. Progressivism is left of center in the political spectrum and to the left of liberalism. Progressivism is one political notch away from Socialism, which then turns to Marxism and then to Communism.

Make no mistake, the Republican party has it’s share of left leaning progressive rats. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Scott Brown and others. It is safe to say Progressives want “BIG GOVERNMENT”. Then there is Ted Cruz who represents a political philosophance more akin to that of our Party founder, Abraham Lincoln.

I think today should be a heralded day within the Republican Party. All Party apparatuses should be proclaiming “TRUTH FROM THE WELL” and using their vast communication network they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on to proclaim that our party is not dead.


Not even by the best laid plans and efforts of the likes of the Progressive RINO’s and Progressive Socialist Democrats will derail this country and defeat the Constitution of the United States of America.

Why you ask? Well it is simple. The Constitution was designed and created on the tenants of natural law. The belief that God, our creator, endowed us with Life Liberty and the pursuit of property. And that those rights are not granted by man but by our creator alone. The Constitution is not a living breathing document. It is the bedrock and foundation of our way of life. And the more those that despise our way of life or find it in conflict with their struggle for power and fortune, the more the document strengthens. It strengthens because corruption and power are very apparent and create a distrust and dissatisfaction. It awakens people to a bad smell. A smell they find is Progressivism. Once that awareness has been made, the “natural” reaction is to remove the source of the smell.

Progressives are like a bad intestinal flu that slowly drains you of life giving fluid. It festers and rots from the inside out. Well this bout of flu is beginning to smell to high heaven and “We the People” are the remedy. In the end truth will win. There are going to be some very dark times in between but truth will shine through the darkness of corruption and power. Truth will clean the viral scum that have hijacked Liberty.

Once truth has won,the battle begins again. For darkness never sleeps and is only vanquished by one. Let us pray that the next patriots to battle this disease do not wait as long as we did and let it infect them as fully as did we. There is a lot of work to do so let’s get busy. Hang on though kids, it may get bumpy.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2013