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Have you ever wondered how the Federal Government can buy up land using your tax dollars and declare that you cannot set foot on it ? Seems like it should be contrary to what Government is allowed to do. After all, don’t we grant the Federal Government the rights to do certain things? So how then did we get to a point that the Federal Government owns so much of America? (see map below)

As an aside to this question, ask yourself this. If a foreign power that holds trillions in US Debt decided to call that note, could the US Government sell or give the land it says it owns to the creditor?

I have attached an article from RANGE MAGAZINE that goes into detail on this topic. If you have not read this magazine visit their site. It is well worth subscribing.

Range Magazine Story on Federal land grab History – CLICK HERE

Here are the maps and the Government site to reference them on.



Alaska and Hawaii