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The plan (debt ceiling)  includes a proposal offered by McConnell in the 2011 debt ceiling crisis that allows Congress to disapprove of the debt ceiling increase, which means lawmakers will formally vote on whether to reject a debt ceiling increase until Feb. 7. Obama can veto that legislation if it passes. If Congress fails as expected to gather a two-thirds majority to override the veto, the debt ceiling would be raised.

That is not my understanding of how a veto works. If a bill is passed by house and senate to make owning a pig illegal. Then it is vetoed by POTUS – it is still not law – so you need 2/3 to override the veto thus passing your legislation. If they get the 2/3 then you may not own a pig. It does not mean that if you pass a bill with
mccain-lipstick-pighouse and senate and POTUS vetoes then you cannot override veto with 2/3 that
the opposite of the bill is now law.

So help me out here. Under the new scheme, and it is a scheme. Once vetoed by POTUS and 2/3 is not achieved it means that there is now a law allowing you to own a pig ? Lipstick or not, it still is a big fat pig.



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