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I am publishing this as a reprint – the Author is credited. I found the premise to be interesting. All it will take is one trigger. Like an EBT shutdown – a debt crisis – a terrorist attack….. etc. etc. etc.



by Elias Seife

“The whole theory behind socialism and communism is failure. In order to install socialism there must be failure. The plan is to fail.”

“People in Marxist societies get either mysteriously sick or incredibly wealthy with simultaneous ‘change of heart’ all the time.”

There are people in this country that know exactly what the intentions of this administration are with regards to the path it is leading this country. The road-plan is very predictable and it has been done several times before, most recently in Venezuela.

1. The amount of debt that our government is incurring will inevitably lead to bankruptcy, insolvency and the demise of private business as we know it. The administration and the congressional majority know this very well.

2. This of course will lead to social upheaval, chaos, violence, gun control and repression by government authorities. Critics of the government or government actions will be deemed to be racists, elitists, extremists or dangerous fanatics. They will be vilified and accused of inciting violence. At some point the government will ask Congress to enact legislation regulating criticism and create penalties accordingly. This will create direct and indirect intimidation.

3. In the end the citizens of this country will be at the mercy of our government for jobs and resources in general by an all powerful federal government. As a good Marxist, the President’s ready-answer to the current and future failures, which are really successes to him and like-minded individuals, is that these failures are only a derivative of errors before his time, things beyond his control, or are someone else’s fault.

4. The President doesn’t worry about who would get credit for successes because the whole theory behind socialism and communism is failure. In order to install socialism there must be failure. The plan is to fail. In a prosperous society people have the ability to fight back and rebuke injustice. When Marxists arrive to power the plan is to fail and to destroy the institutions that secure the public welfare and freedoms; Marxists know that in order to resist the people must have resources. The Jobless, homeless, poor and hungry people make for a very easy opposition, especially if they are controlled by heavily-funded governmental community organizations that are really fronts to secure the Marxist revolution. I heard Candidate Obama’s Colorado speech on July 2008 when he proposed a National Civilian Security Force more powerful and better funded than the US military. I knew what that meant.

5. Once private business and financial institutions crumble the federal government will make and control all aspects of our economy and hence our daily lives. As such it will decide the peoples salaries, benefits, and positions of power, if any. Additionally, for the sake of cutting costs essential products and services will be priced by the federal government. Our free market economy, which is crucial to securing our basic individual freedoms, will cease to exist.

6. The press and freedom of speech is easy to control. Since private business has failed, radio stations, television stations and newspapers would be subsidized by the state and so the State employs government loyalists. There would be no need for the “Fairness Doctrine” because either it would be already in place under another name or at this point there would only be one point-of-view.

7. At this point the revolution would be almost complete. There would be still three things left to secure absolute power and they are: controlling the Supreme Court, States rights, and the U.S. Military.

8. The Supreme Court is simple enough to control. People in Marxist societies get either mysteriously sick or incredibly wealthy with simultaneous “change of heart” all the time. If for some reason 1 or 2 of the correct justices leave the bench voluntarily or involuntarily the legal framework to tyranny is secured.

9. With regards to States rights, the most logical assumption is that more than likely some states will want to secede from the Union especially the states that voted primarily for the President’s opponent in the last election. If I were thinking like a Marxist I would compare this move to the civil rights movement under President Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. I would argue that the governors and people of these states are racists, and wealthy elitists not willing to respect the new “social reality” of the country and that by seceding they are only being selfish and Un-American. Again, thinking like a Marxist I would send federal troops and/or federalize state militia in a careful reconstruction of the June 1963 confrontation in Alabama. In fact I would be studying that whole process in history now as to be more prepared when it happens.

10. The final piece would be controlling the most powerful armed institution in the world, namely the U.S. military. Legally the President is the Commander-in-Chief so it is relatively easy for him to switch commands, retire certain officers, and make tactical changes that will make mutiny less likely such as creating one centralized army which controls all of the services responding to one chain-of-command instead of the current decentralized command. Legislation will be enacted so that all military and law enforcement, federal and state, will have to complete new courses that stress the “new social reality” and their responsibility to defend the “social revolution”. At this point all weapons and/or ammunition can be controlled by the government.

This country’s people have enjoyed their individual rights and freedoms for over 200 years. Many have valiantly fought for and died for this country and many will do their utmost to not let them down. America will overcome and the good citizens of this country will preserve its greatness and its way of life for themselves and for future generations.

Elias Seife
April 21, 2009