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Marines“Today a war, declared from foreign shores, was brought to our homeland (again). To simply refuse the truth because you do not want to accept the reality of the situation does not make it any less real. Sometimes a nation does not always have the option of deciding who it goes to war with. Sometimes the war is brought to you. That war has once again struck down more of our American fighting force. ON OUR SOIL!”

This time four of our finest, United States Marines, were gunned down in Chattanooga, Tennessee. May God Rest Their Souls.

My heart is again torn and I cry for my fallen fellow Americans. I will be praying for those they left behind in the darkness of this act of war exercised by cowardice ambush. I also want those serving and those who have loved ones in service to know that I am strengthening my resolve and prayer. My thoughts are always with you.

But we also have to start talking about the reality of this. This is not the first time we have been struck. This will not be the last. What have we done since these homeland strikes have been taking place? Many have relied upon the Federal government to chase the monster from under the bed. So when it is dark out and shadows play upon your curtains at night the Feds have everything under control. That fear you have, it is real. Talk about it! Talk about the monster under the bed. We are at war America. Whether you like it or not we have had war declared upon our nation. How you decide to consider that statement will determine the outcome and shortening of the same. Whether you like it or not the enemy is upon our soil. They are in our Country. They are in our State. Chances are real good that they are also in your local community. So, unless you talk about the monster under the bed we will have more fallen Americans. And this time it may be you.

I think the following link about sums it up for me

This summation about sums it up for me HOOAH (click here for video response)!