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Planned Parenthood

For those that may not know yet, Planned Parenthood has been encouraging abortions so they can sell or as they say “harvest” fetal tissue for money. Let me translate fetal tissue for you. They are crushing the skull of the unborn child in the womb then pulling the now dead baby through the birth canal in a way that they can preserve the organs and limbs. Then they carefully dismember and disembowel the now dead baby and sell the human parts off to “medical” companies for research.

Yeah, women’s health! Who is next, old people?

I have to ask; if you classify an unborn child as a clump of cells and not a human life how is it then that a leatherback turtle egg can get me 20 years in prison if I take one from a nest? After all isn’t it just a clump of cells?

The hypocrisy in the Progressive mandate and mentality is blatant for those willing to look. What is happening with Planned Parenthood should be a flashing red light and siren. But, alas, it seems that the people who did the undercover work to expose the world’s largest human body part shop are to blame for it all.

The mainstream media is not talking about the harvesting or money-making practice of selling human body parts. No they are tearing apart some poor slob of a dentist for shooting a damn lion and excoriating the citizen journalists that did the mainstreams job as investigative reporters. Some world.

Oh yeah, and we are spending 500 million a year of tax payer dollars to facilitate this barbaric practice. You work; the Government takes and then decides what to spend it on. How do you like their choices?

Labor Force

Of our 350 million person population[1], 250 million American citizens are “eligible” to work. Not using Common Core Math that means two-thirds of Americans are able-bodied and ready to work.

Of those 250 million “eligible” workers 8 million are classified as unemployed[2]. Sounds like great ratios to me. Our economy is doing so well that we have a scant 5.8% rate of unemployment as reported by the Federal Government.

If you stopped there in your assumption you would be dead wrong. Why? One simple little number they seem to forget to tell you about.

Let’s talk about the 93m Americans that are not “participating” in the labor force.

That’s right. Of the 250m “work eligible” Americans, 93m of them are not “participating” in the workforce. Just because we have a 5.8% unemployment rate does mean that 242m “eligible” workers are all employed and only 8m need jobs.

It means that 30% of the “eligible workers” in this Nation are not “participating”. Remember though we have an unemployment rate that is only 5.8% when 30% of the “eligible” work force are not even trying to find employ. They have simply given up or the tax payers to supporting them.

The simple math:

250m eligible workers – 93m not participating = 157 million potential American workforce.

Now remove 8m unemployed from the 157m and you end up with 149m employed Americans out of 250 million total worker population.

If you add together the unemployed and the non-participation numbers you have 101 Million people eligible to work that are simply NOT WORKING! A bigger spread than the 5.8% the government reports wouldn’t you say?

Look at this in another way. Of the 350m citizens only 149m of us are working.

Are their 93 million jobs in our economy for the non-participants? If so, then how is it that those 93m unfulfilled jobs are not declared a labor crisis? And how do you explain the 8m that are classified as “unemployed”?

Can companies really be doing so well if they cannot fill 30% of their labor needs? Of course not. The simple fact of the matter is that the jobs are not there and our economy is in the mud.

101m Americans are not working because ……. ?

But don’t worry; the Country is experiencing the greatest recovery of all time. Just ask your President.

The IRAN deal is good, the IRAN deal is bad

Do you really believe an utterance that your elected leaders tell you? Do you believe that just because Brian Williams said it on the NBC nightly news that it is “government truth”? If you believe the propaganda based upon any of the Nightly News or cable outlets, may I respectfully suggest you lend less credibility to them and look just a wee bit deeper on your own?

Simply because Brian Williams and NBC dare broadcast it, therefore it must be true? The same Brian Williams fired in disgrace for fabricating news and then lying about it on air, during the NBC Nightly News? Just because you want to think that there is journalistic integrity in the mainstream media does not make it so.

Yes, he is still employed by NBC by the way.

I did some scratching for you and provided a copy of the so called agreement that your President has crafted. Well, he is actually saying he doesn’t need your approval anyway he is just allowing the process for show. But just in case you would like to read the agreement, included is a copy of the Presidents handy work[3].

If you read nothing else look at paragraph 36 of document.

full-text-of-the-iran-nuclear-deal (click it)

In P36 Iran can claim that any one of the P5+1 nations is “not meeting its commitments” under the deal. That will then set off a 35-day set of meetings and, when the clock runs out; Iran can claim that the issue “has not been resolved to (its) satisfaction.”

If that were to happen, Iran would be released from performing its end of the bargain, thus ending the agreement.

What makes this clause of paramount importance is that Iran can still receive its $150 billion and gain long term contacts with the West — then decide to use this exit strategy to its benefit, making the restrictions placed on it null and void.

And the world’s largest sponsor of international terror organizations can then simply continue along their peaceful and merry way to ICBM’s and exporting little “Mohamed’s” with vests and AK’s to act as, ummmm…. Say it with me…. “Lone Wolves”.

The 21st homeland attack on our troops

The recent terrorist attack on our military brought forth a rush to arms. Not from the Left in this instance but from the Right.

The cry for allowing Uniformed US Military Personnel[4] to carry arms in civilian populace is not a precedent that any citizen should be advocating.

The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed on June 18, 1878 by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The purpose of the act – in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807 – is to limit the powers of the federal government in using its military personnel to act as domestic law enforcement personnel. Not allowing them armed in public while in uniform is a certain way of doing so.

Beyond all that though, what happens the first time a walker steps into a military recruitment center with a small button (clacker) and several pounds of C4 and ball bearings attached to her vest? Does the (side arm) weapon help? Ummm….not really. By releasing her thumb the walker explodes and so does the recruitment center and everyone in it. Just saying.


Place recruitment operations square on federal base. If a recruit cannot get to the base let them be escorted by military personnel. Use modern communication technology to enhance the experience and shorten the distance if you have to.

military base map

Let’s behave like the bad asses that we are. Quit pussy footing around these issues and admit the fact that after 21 attacks – on our soldiers – on our soil – that we ladies and gentlemen are under attack !

NO WAIT – our soldiers are under attack! Does any of this register with anyone?

Get our troops in uniform back on Federal soil and arm the ranking Company level NCO’s and Officers while on base. Get rid of the rent a cop at the front gate. Secure the perimeter. Put yourself on readiness and be ready to blow the living scat out of the next glory seeking little prick that takes cowardly pot shots at our military personnel.

For Christ’s sake man, act like the rock hard, kick ass United States Military we are! Enough of the damn games. Time to lock and load and strap the boots tight and take the fight to these sons of bitches! Put the fear of the United States Military in them and blow the living crap out of their house and home. Let’s make some glass. All The Way!

Now move out !

The Fourth Blood Moon

September the 28th culminates in an event that has such infrequency of occurrence in our universe that it is an amazing thing to witness. That event is the fourth blood moon.

The Blood Moon Prophecy is a theory studied and taught by some Christian ministers, such as John Hagee and Mark Biltz, which states that an ongoing tetrad (a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses—coinciding on Jewish Holidays—with six full moons in between, and no intervening partial lunar eclipses) which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse is a sign of the end times as described in the Bible in Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12.

I think it is important to add to this that because a man does not know of a prophecy does not mean he may not be living in a prophetic time.

Throughout scripture, prophecy can be witnessed in a chronological time line.

In this time line of events you and I now live past the point of some of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. We can look back across time and see evidence of the prophecy and fulfillment of the same.

We can also read written prophecy that is yet to occur. Some of which may very well be fulfilling itself today.

When prophecy has manifested in fulfillment there have been men that have lived through that prophetic time. Just because we do not know of prophecy or believe it does not mean that we as men cannot be living in a time of biblical prophecy.

The foretelling of the demise of Nation States was written and occurred through the lineage of scripture. History even bears proof of the same Nation State destructions in our non-theological lineage.

To bear an arrogance of dismissal to prophecy is not reflective of the faith of a Nazarene. NazareneA Christian of faith does not chose parts of the lineage as their own. They do not dismiss that which they do not like or understand to be possible. No, a Christian of faith must believe in the totality of the scripture. As it is the word of God.

And today with the economic and genocidal rampage burning through the globe an honest man must reflect upon the performances of the world stage and from it draw his own truth based upon the word of God.

Avoiding and denying the truth does not protect you from it. Refusing to see makes you blind. Hold the light of truth and expose the darkness.

For the great kabuki theater that is placed upon us is as real as the tragedy of the drama itself.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2015

[1] Assuming legal residency

[2] Actively seeking employment without success, “unemployed”

[3] Assuming there are not any secret side deals wink nod

[4] You know the active duty and reserve volunteer wearing their military uniform in compliance with military code while serving in the same capacity.