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A truly free man seeks, discovers and allows truth in his life. He does not encumber the truth with himself.

Simply refusing to accept or believe that which is, does not eliminate its existence.

A man cannot wish away a truth by exclaiming it to be a conspiracy theory. That same man may not ascribe to the belief structure of others. He may even find it impossible to believe that any human could accept a way of life because truth has led himself to a different place.

Ask yourself if you honestly have a self determination to make the world a better place for those you will leave it too. If the answer is yes then we need to secure it from those that do not want the same before we can create a world free of conflict and strife for our children and theirs. It is our duty as a free people to better our world for those that come after us so they may do the same.

When a people by the tens of millions declare their intention and set their plan (jihad) in motion, it is real. A man cannot make the problem of “The Islamic Caliphate” nonexistent because he refuses to believe it.

A man’s simple denial of fact does not mean that those millions of Islamist’s fulfilling the caliphate do not fully believe in what they are doing. We have no control over that reality. A man can hide it or deny it, but it is still there. If that same man exercises self-honesty he has no choice but to admit that it exists when confronted with truth.

We can find time for blame and causation later. Let the historians decide. In the mean time we need not defend skewed ideologies at the risk of our nation’s demise.

We must face reality as a people and deal with this threat to our existence head on. There will always be time for partisanship later. Now is the time for unity and action.

To demonstrate the reality of what is happening with the Islamic Caliphate we need to know the battle plan (jihad) of the Islamist. Make no mistake, it is a battle plan; they have openly declared war on America and the West. The Islamist is a person that wants to subjugate you and if they cannot they want you dead. That is their reality, which makes it ours as well.

Here is an explanation of what is occurring in Europe and in America as we speak.

The Islamists are executing what is known as Hijrah.

“The Hijrah” (Arabic:  هِجْرَة‎):

This word is also known as ‘Hegira’ or ‘Hejira’. It stands for the migration or journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib. It is later renamed by him to Medina in the year 622 CE. This was done in order to gain control and establish Islam as the only religion in the region. From Medina, Muhammad established a paramilitary organization that would spread his influence and that of his religion throughout Arabia.Hijrah Europe

Hijra is an extremely effective tactic of jihad (holy war) that requires no military or armed conflict. The instructions are provided through the mosques to the followers. The elders and Imams facilitate and encourage the people to produce large flash mobs of humanity to deluge their future country of conquest. Unfortunately the land to be conquered via Hijra is the “Western World”.

Watching the news and listening to the Government we refuse to admit or simply don’t understand the underlying intent for these mass floods of people. In the least we certainly don’t do enough to block it. It can be said however that Hungary is making a very earnest attempt to repel them.

As a people we have an obligation to protect our future generations from aggression. In number and with will we can begin to retard this onslaught of overthrow.

As this process will unfold eventually a battle will begin where the “guests” start to demand ownership and land. This ends up resulting in a permanent struggle with terrorism and a financial downfall of society, and an attempt to force Sharia law as the court of the land. France Germany and England have already seen this play out in what are known as “no go zones” on their own sovereign soil.

Hijra – A History Lesson (learn from it or repeat it)

  • The Hijra was used on India and enabled the entire Islamic conquest of the country. The Hijra later facilitated the gain of Pakistan and Bangladesh. It continued war in attempted takeover of Jammu & Kashmir as well.
  • In Burma Hijra flash mobs and Islamists from Bangladesh – encouraged by the partition of Bangladesh from India – forced their way into the country with a false claim of origin and homeland entitlement with a war that continues to this day.
  • In Israel the conflict began after 1917 when Hijra flash mob migrants forced their way into the country from surrounding areas. They forced Israel to abandon three-fourth of its borders. It resulted in the creation of Jordan. Today the Hijra war to occupy Israel still continues.
  • In Russia Muslim Hijra flash mobs developed centuries of conflicts and developed into the Islamized state of Chechnya and a permanent struggle with terrorism.
  • In China the Ch’an-t’ou (‘Turbaned Heads’) or Uighurs, created the same scenario and with centuries of terrorism problems.

Through Eastern Europe we see long standing destruction of the region originating from Hijra and Muslim generated jihad to demand an Islamic state. When last we checked in on Europe’s worsening migrant crisis, Brussels had just approved a plan which aims to settle some 120,000 asylum seekers by way of a mandatory quota system. Germany has agreed to well over a million this year alone. And it has been estimated that a wave of near 35 million more are on the way.

Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania were opposed which, as WSJ noted, “sets the stage for intensified friction within the bloc over the contentious issue.”

Hijra is a very effective and a long-term, unarmed mode of conquest. So why do we blindly allow ourselves to be consumed? The enemy has shown us their game book and is executing it flawlessly.

The United States Government has been transplanting Islamic soldiers in the Hijra from their homeland to the land they wish to conquer, AMERICA.

You may not like what you see. It may even scare you. And it should because it is our reality.

Foremost though please be honest with yourself, no one else, just yourself. If there is even half a flicker of accepting the existence of this reality then you are on your way to discovering new truths and realities.

A warning,  this journey by its very nature will require you to take action. For not taking action is denial of your very human existence and abdicates your responsibility as a free man and will lead to an end of the way of life you cherish.

Are you ready?

~ Eric D. Miller – 2015