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The Body Politic with its hollow eyes of glassy black is rife with syphilis. Its body has been consumed and all that is left is for it to go insane. As far as I can tell, not only has the body politic become consumed from its own ego and self-indulgence but democracy has departed America as well.


“The Body Politic”

America and her political system have become a hollow shell. There is nothing left but greed and coercion and the threat of coercion. We have forsaken our principles and denied our character. We are terminally ill as a nation. Our institutions are choking from the ruthless behavior of those that have hijacked it for personal wealth and power.

And those that remain in the body politic to revitalize or save her are doing a disservice. The longer we string this gluttonous monster along the more we prolong her inevitable demise. Any system sick and riddled with dark intention that masks herself as the great American savior should be moved to the back pasture and taken from the earth.

I wonder why such a powerful country, which has emerged into light out of darkness, wants to be Satan’s partner. With man standing on a razors edge what will become of our world when the west is lost?

The fragility of the façade is ever thinner. Because one does not see or want to believe something does not mean it is not true. The world you live in is not as it appears. An honest look from principled foundation viewed without blinders or institutional loyalty will pull back the veil if you are brave enough to look. Care to look?

~ Eric D. Miller – 2015