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I am not going to argue the facts anymore. Now if someone wants to learn about a fact then I am happy to share. So are a few other people it turns out.

This is from a very well written article from Ben Shapiro @ the Daily Caller:


According to Trump’s website, “The Trump plan will enhance Unemployment Insurance (UI) to include 6 weeks of paid leave for new mothers so that they can take time off of work after having a baby.” There’s no direct mandate for employers to cover maternity leave, but this is truly just an indirect mandate: this means that employers will pay increased taxes. He says he’ll pay for this by cutting waste and fraud. Nonsense. As Ed Morrissey of Hot Air says, “The cost of this program would be another $7.5 billion in payouts from the unemployment system each year, on top of the payments already being made for actual unemployment…it’s a surrender on the principle of limited government.”

As Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review writes:

Oh, and as an aside, Trump made sure to mention that child care benefits would go to “same-sex couples” as well, thereby consummating the de-civilization agenda of the Left about raising families without a family. No word yet on whether two men would be entitled to maternity benefits. Oops, there goes the second leg of the conservative stool.

“But Hillary is worse…!”

Yes, I know. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t engage in some cognitive dissonance. There’s one thing to vote for Trump in a binary choice, as CR’s Mark Levin has suggested. There is quite another to begin championing his liberal policies like so many of his supporters are doing.

And in fairness to your brain and in a show of balanced perspective I give you the words of the Donald from his own policy on his website.

He is going to bring Federal Policy in line with the needs of working parents.

Translated, pandering socialist tripe.

– September 13, 2016 –


Today Donald J. Trump Will Unveil An Innovative Plan To Bring Federal Policies In Line With The Needs Of Today’s Working Parents

NEW YORK, NY – Today Mr. Trump will proposes an innovative plan to bring federal tax policies in line with the needs of today’s families. His plan is not for the wealthy, but rather provides the biggest benefit to working- and middle-class families. This plan is needed because child care expenses are one of the largest expenses in many families, complicating a family’s decision on how to care for young children. The Trump reforms will allow a family to make the choice of whether a parent should work outside the home or not without bias from the tax code. Having employed and empowered thousands of women at every level throughout his entire career, Donald Trump understands the needs of the modern workforce.


This is not conservative. It’s warmed-over leftism.

If you wonder why you are holding your nose and voting for him, let me explain. You are left with “The Don’O” as your Big “R” choice because the party has practiced a win at all cost foundation to their plan.

They have set aside values, principle and American exceptionalism for a victory, regardless of the skunk they elect.

The time has long passed for making excuses for the vial behavior of this person. He does not and will not represent America with honor.

So get ready kids, the “Great Fundamental Transformation” is about to begin ! Lord help us all ! And if that is not enough … here is another reason to support the case.

Conservatives my foot !



While we may disagree from time to time, don’t ask me to compromise my values or beliefs to accommodate your lack of conviction and grit.

Past performance is a sign of future action. It is sad to see how many “go team Republican’s, win at any cost” can craft a pass for the person they have as a candidate for POTUS. If this was the first “faux pas”, then maybe.

So while establishment elites espouse their mantra of “our side is good – their side is bad”, what do you say that you and I take an objective look first inward before we attempt to dishonor the other. If we don’t, we will continue to be useful pawns in the final transformation of America. There is no right way to do the wrong thing.

So where do you go from here? You ask for unity. But there is no reconciliation. You ask for unity but there is no justice. You ask for unity but there is little regard for rule of law. Unity is cheered while honesty is ignored.

And please do not answer me by asking if I have read how wonderful and conservative the platform is. I doubt anyone outside of the platform committee can tell you what is in it let alone legislate from any of the foundational ideas and principles. Say maybe like, oh I don’t know limited government as an example.

No, the party is lost. We have ceded the brand and no longer represent the Republican values of our founding Party leaders. But I digress.

The tent is still aflame, where do you go from here?