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You Might Be a Threeper If…

When I went to police academy in 2002, I was told that the most dangerous person I’ll ever encounter is a person with a copy of the Constitution in his back pocket.  I didn’t realize I was being indoctrinated until years after the fact.  I know that “3%ers” are often considered suspect and potentially dangerous by many cops out there.  Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re not.  So, let’s get down to it, what does a 3%er believe and are they really a threat?  I found most of the answers on David Robertson’s website www.dmrpublications.com and I’ve highlighted a few key points to ponder below.

I have been asked a few times “how do you know if you are a Three Percenter”? So let me see if I can help. In fact, let me provide you with well over 50 ways to tell whether or not you, or someone else, is a Threeper.

Of course, as you probably already know, the American Revolution was fought by roughly 3% of the colonists. Three Percenters are basically saying that they are like that 3% of the colonists – IE: principled enough to do what is right when it is right to do it. This is only part of the story though. Three Percenters generally model themselves after what I like to call “The Founding Fighters”.

Unfortunately… and statistically speaking, the vast majority of people can’t be Threepers. Which is too bad because this nation sure could use more. Not to say that most people don’t care, or that they are not active somehow. It’s not even to say that they wouldn’t fight when the fighting began. What it means is that MANY Americans are still a little confused about who or what the real enemy is, or where we need to go and for what reasons. As a result, many are forced to wait to see what happens instead of being directly involved before the fight. Of course, it also means that we see many people following flawed ideology or “leaders” without doing their research ahead of time. This explains the confusion, separation, lack of direction, and blurry goals.
You MIGHT BE A Threeper If…

  1. You have actually read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, and the REASONSlisted in the Declaration of Independence and understand the gravity of the situation we currently face and what it all really means.
    2. You swore an oath or pledged allegiance to our Republic and/or Constitution and meant it even if that means something uncomfortable for you personally.
    3. You know the definition of, appreciate, and stand by the term “Unalienable”.
    4. You continue to study and learn as much as you can about the founders, their documents, their intentions, and their reasons. You also look up quotes to verify their authenticity before spewing them to another.
    5. You oppose the central bank and the party system and can speak to the reason why that is important.
    6. You willingly defend the rights of those you oppose in ideology.
    7. You believe that the intellectual battle should always come before the physical one.
    8. You are one whose actions speak louder than the words you use, but understand the importance of using the words before you act.
    9. Similarly; you are one who lives by your words and understands what “honor” is.
    10. You know the difference between a “Republic” and “Democracy”.
    11. You believe that liberty should never have to wait for the majority.
    12. You know and understand the point behind Marbury v. Madison.
    13. You know and understand the point behind Pollock v. Farmers Loan Trust Co.
    14. You understand that true Constitutional defenders don’t always wear uniforms, but that some do.
    15. You don’t expect to be a part of the “majority” or to have many at your side.
    16. Would rather die free than live as a slave.
    17. You oppose unconstitutional Amendments
    18. You can recite the spirit of and support the 10th Amendment – and also know your state Constitution.
    19. You know and understand why the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 is relevant to the conversation.
    20. You know about Ethan Allen and his role in the Green Mountain Boys, the Onion River Company, and the Westminster massacre. OR – you may have studied other Founding Fightersin great depth.
    21. You know why Woodrow Wilson is an enemy to the Constitution and why his influence is a cancer to our nation.
    22. You know that there is more to being prepared for life or what is coming than having a gun.
    23. You know the REAL reason behind the Civil War.
    24. You are not afraid to speak out about the important issues and/or let yourself be seen.
    25. You are clean in mind and body.

With all that being said… there is still more. You are probably NOT a Three Percenter if…

1. You believe that the United States is a Christian Nation
2. You still hold that there is a difference between a Democrat and a Republican and don’t understand why Washington warned us about the party system.
3. You can justify Constitutional infringements for the sake of security.
4. You have ever sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but have never read it.
5. You do not hold the Constitution as paramount.
6. You believe that this nation is, or ever was a “Democracy”.
7. You believe that the Constitution does not have “teeth”.
8. You think Article 4 Section 4 has something to do with the GOP.
9. You feel that the Federal Government should have power over the States.
10. You believe that certain unalienable rights can be taken away.
11. You support entitlements.
12. You support criminal immigration.
13. You think FDR did it right.
14. You support global pursuit of any monster.
15. You are not familiar with Posse Comitatus.
16. You believe that “One Nation Under God” or “In God We Trust” were foundational phrases.
17. You cannot recite the spirit of each of the Bill of Rights – or don’t know what the Bill of Rights are.
18. You are unaware of who Anthony Johnson, John Punch, and Crispus Attucks are, and do not understand the significance of their historic roles.
19. You are a racist, a religionist, or a sexist. (etc)
20. You believe that any policy, executive order, or law should or can override the Constitution in some cases.
21. You are not familiar with the term “Constitutionally Authorized”.
22. You believe that the Federal Reserve is a Government Institution.
23. You would prefer to disarm everyone in the attempt to keep others safe.
24. You believe that the Patriot Act was a step in the right direction.
25. You believe that opposing government directives or initiatives is unpatriotic.