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Once a {smaller whole} of a {known smallest whole} is discovered the once perceived micro now becomes the latest macro. Can it be that a final and stationary position for both genuinely exists? I guess it is a matter of perspective and discovery. It is the wanderlust of idea and reality.

Given a frame is stationary in its physical dimension & space, and we view matters in that frame with an extended perspective, it will by nature create a macro representation of view. With a decrease in our extension it will allow the framed to become more micro. As we continue the declination the once macro now becomes micro. If we pause, observe and then continue in the same declination, the now micro, derived from the macro becomes our new macro as new micro becomes focused. The process repeats.

Therefore while not a certainty the outcome of the new micro once again becoming a macro is a probability given the existence of greater relative declination of perspective to the frame.

It is a movement to the micro of thought that expands ever exponentially in a macro sense. Our micro is most often lost in the quantifiably more macro. So don’t sweat the small stuff.

If we adjust our frame, set our perspective and slowly adjust each in ways that expose new micro and macro perspective, we can explore the nature of matter and ideas with honest relevance and greater certainty. This process creates our variance of depth that gains in understanding by seeing many variable perspectives in macro and microcosms. The greater diversity of perspective we exercise lends to a deeper known quantity of the whole.

Balance is the take away. Balanced in perspective and thought being neither micro at all levels or macro.

Balance is required when attempting to ride life’s fast moving non-linear center line. Especially while the space & dimension of the frame changes. Life’s frame is neither permanent in fixture or space. If we are to maintain a center point in a linear sense while moving in a non-linear manner, then we need to achieve balance in order to maintain a centered flow. Which in the end will result in better outcomes and a less tumultuous experience, so remember don’t sweat the small stuff McGee.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2018