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This is an attempt to put math into words and thus hopefully into the ether of reality. In 2016 there were two hundred and fifty million Americans that were eligible to vote. Of those eligible, two hundred million of your fellow citizens took the time to register. We can say then that eighty percent of those eligible to vote actually registered to vote.

eligible vs actual registration

Or said another way, two out of ten people that were eligible to vote and are bitching did not even bother to register. That also follows then that there is an additional forty nine million eligible Americans that can still potentially register. Remember that number.

turnout overall

Now of those eighty percent or two hundred million that did register, only one hundred and thirty eight million of you actually voted. This translates to only fifty six percent of all eligible United States citizens voting. One hundred and eleven million eligible Americans did nothing, zip zilch and jack squat.

Let’s pull the curtain back a little bit more. Of the two hundred million registered voters thirty-nine percent are not registered to a major political party. Seventy one million are registered as Democrats and fifty one million are registered as Republican.

registration breakdown.JPGLet that sink in for a minute or two.

There are several pages on this blog and in the compiled essay that speak to the notion that the major party apparatuses do not want you as a voice, just a vote. It is easier to control a smaller number of people than a free thinking large group of individuals. That is how a political party that can only boast twenty five percent of the registered voters can put people in office with such proclivity, including Presidents. Remember that number from above, forty nine million. These are people that are eligible to vote and do not. There are nearly as many of them as there are in the Republican Party.

registration numbers

So why is all of this so important? To me when forty percent of those registered to vote do so outside of the two party circuses, it makes me believe there is still a chance for a renaissance. The no party affiliated registered voter that actually votes outnumber the Republicans and are a greater percentage of overall voters than the Democrats too. It is not true that the independent voter is powerless. All of the power is in their hands. It is moments like this video below that help me get there.

So where do the newly awakened turn now that they are “WOKE”?

Again I will ask that the leaders of the Constitution, Independent and Libertarian Party’s get your house in order quickly and get ready. You have a chance right now and a great deal of political inertia to usher in what can be one of the greatest political transformations ever seen.

These three party apparatuses (C I L) have a presence in each State via registration. One or two states lack across the three but they create a much larger blanket when unfurled than do either current major party. It is time to set a jump date!

The scenarios, explanations, demographics, motives and outcomes become even more resolute when time is taken to extrapolate who those brave heartened American souls are that do show up at the polls. For instance, the R’s & D’s comprise sixty percent of all registered voters. However out of that combined pool of voters, the turnout as a percentage is significantly higher than that of the non-affiliated voter.

That reason alone is enough to ask that there be focused professional effort in the strengthening of the “C I L” party structures. This will give those that are ejecting and awakening a place to go. Those places will arise, it is a question of who will offer refuge to the weary and pissed off. Will it be the Fabians, Jacobins, Greens, Progressives, and National Democratic Socialists?

Gallup’s latest look at this mess breaks things down a little differently. They ask not what party your registration, but what you “lean” towards most. Here is our answer. When asked, “In politics, as of today, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat or an independent?’ We answered twenty seven percent as Republican, twenty nine percent as Democrat and forty-three percent said Independent. So there are almost more people considering themselves to be neither R nor D than there are R & D combined. Enough said.

The political system has become vacuous. Both of the major party structures have marginalized their base to a point of neglectful intolerance. The question is who we will let fill the void. If it is not to be us and we are not to fill the void from the place of rectitude then from where will the voids be filled from?

How do we recover the hierarchy of freedom if not to remove it from the hands of the tyrant?

There are more of us than there are of them! It begins with you.

For those that do not like word problems here are the raw figures.


Total eligible voters


Actual registered



Actual not registered


Registered voted – 16


Registered did not vote


Eligible not registered & registered not voting


Eligible voted


Registered Democrat


Registered Republican


Registered other or no party affiliation



~ Eric D. Miller – 2018