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avoidance of character

 definitions are from Merriam Webster online dictionary –

Self-honesty is such a vital element in life. Without it we are no more likely to even know if we are off loading parts of our self or not. We need be honest of self before we may be honest to another. We must also be our self before we may be justly honest.

When we refuse of self, to be who we know we are in good nature, for the sole purpose of vacating that portion of self, we are sinning. We are also creating a vacuum which nature tells us must be filled in time.

When we honestly evaluate the attributes of self and embrace them we live in freedom. Simply, if we as honest men have honest attribute of character, we should not diminish that attribute, we should embrace it. It is who we are.

If good men are to exist in virtue, morality and ethic, then they must not jettison their being.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2018