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Dear Parler:

You have done what we all know needed to be done. You have become David. And it is time to slay the giant.

But there was only one of David and one Goliath. There are several Goliath’s now. We need more Davids. I Pray that they will rise from the ashes.

You have coalesced the power of millions upon millions of minds. You have harnessed the angst, outrage and earnest desire to defend a way of LIVING that has proven to be the most successful in all of mankind, short one. We will get there in a minute.

As I watch your explosion my heart and mind ring with consolation that there are other Americans like me out there that are polite, fed up and ready to take back America. In those facts lay a concern I have as well as a plea.

There is an inevitable onslaught of SJW types that will soon permeate the Parler perimeter. How we as users and you as a platform respond will either set the initiative back to a tribal level of chaos and conflict or it will help exonerate us for being sensible.

What I mean is this. If the fellow patriots on Parler turn and gather as defensive tribal turf warriors – we lose again. After all what is really gained or lost except the narrative. Which at that point is pretty senseless anyway. And if that is the case in the end then all your efforts reflect a truly organic illness deeper than social media by any name.

If we as God fearing Christian Americans cannot stand with Grace then this effort is set back. In my humble opinion.

I sense a few different groups within this community. Each in my estimation is a vital component of your rapid rise. The first is the political novice. They appear to be primarily Christian Americans that make this country roll. They seem evenly split demographically. (men and women). Second are the Meme warriors and Third are the patriots on the ground sending news and ideas out worthy of deeper discussion. They do so not only in consideration of a #MAGA or an anti-liberal slant, they do so in an interest to talk to ALL Americans. There is room for everyone.

That said; let it be known that if the whack-A-doodle elements in the digital realm want to spar, you better prepare for a good old American butt whippin through intellect, reason and truth. You see, to succeed IN the world requires a humans thinking. To succeed OVER the world you need GOD.

So when we come together we do so with the biggest giant of all. This is how and why Parler will change the world. Because you have a collection of some of the most honest TRUTH seeking souls on the planet in one place that I pray will facilitate idea and conversation not just tribal warfare. Good things can stem from this technology.

Let’s turn down the volume so we can hear our own side first. Then let’s scream with the most unified voice we can when it is time to scream. I love this Country. I want it known that no one will take it from me or you as long as my heart is beating.

This is why adults need to regain a control over the tools that assist us in our daily effort to be a stronger people. Stay American. Stay hungry. Stay safe in the search for TRUTH. Most of all remain united in the light and Grace of God.

In the mean time I sure could use a translate button in Firefox – Just Sayin !

All The Way and Then Some

On Parler @NoMoMrNiceGuy