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We all have heard the name Sigmund Freud. For those who are fortunate enough not to have, he is the father of the then modern psychology. He had a Nephew by the name of Edward Bernays, Edward grew up at his Uncles knee learning the science and art of the manipulation of thought and idea in a human mind.

Over time, young Edward went on to be a Father to humanity as well. He went on to be the “Father of Propaganda” for his part in the war effort. He was rebranded sometime later with a new moniker as “The Father of Public Relations”. The other was just a bit too dirty feeling I suppose.

This is the point in history where two of the pieces fell together to start a slow and now rapid arrival towards a place called the singularity. This is a place where everything is always on and always there. It is a time of man and machine interconnections. Today is the day where you have a digital persona as well as a physical reputation. They are becoming blurred lines more and more everyday though. The protection of your digital persona is near non-existent in comparison to your physical reputation based solely on questionable “contract law” (the EULA).

Now we are at the very edge and beginning of a merger of bio and digital blending into a transformed human. Who gets to share in it though? What of those who choose not to share in the new digital transfer? Will it be just those with means or influence that will gain from the ability to achieve super human characteristics?

How do we make it able to be distributed for benefit of the species as a whole on a scale never achieved by mankind? Not just one class of people. Easy, make it give the person something free that they would otherwise not have and they instantly give their humanity over to you and the digital realm. With the humanity goes Freedom.

Many have already given their face, retina and thumb print to their phone and to the people at the other end who are sitting behind their keyboard and looking at your bio-metric information on their screen. Maybe this time it is as a single person or maybe next as a much smaller part of a whole group of people. Your dossier is updated for accuracy every time you use it. It is convenient I guess.

Have you been watching how rapidly the world is changing in real solid ways? Like e-mail and texting and voice mail and chat. Things like drones and implants for sight and speech. There has been rapid change over 20 years ago in our capability to solve, design and make just about everything. Have you noticed?

It is when the human animal subsists in a habitual routine formed over time from the compulsory recurrence of daily rigger that the nuance of change is generally lost to the conscious mind by the subconscious.  That is until the change that has been occurring culminates into a catalyst which then modifies either the environmental appearance of the world or the requirement of the human to perform their day-to-day grind noticeably changes.

In other words, change now affects them so they consciously notice. It could be as simple as a stop sign showing up “overnight”. The hardest to see are the forces that do not show up in front of you. The forces that are in the shadows and dishonestly represent themselves are harder yet to codify.

Usually it is either too late for the human to change the restrictive force pressed upon their personal liberty or the change is a strong enough fundamental change that the framework of humanity rebukes it. This is why slow change is usually referred to in conversation with the classic line of “How did we get here?” or “Boy I remember when …”

This natural human condition exists in us all too varying degrees. How we discipline our self to be observant and proactive instead of reactive gives us time to immerse our self in the change, observe the change closely, ignore it or rebuke the force.

The forces in life that have potential to directly affect our family or us are looked at with a greater sense of consciousness. The fact that we perceive a threat or benefit from the forces in life that shape our ability to walk in freedom is built in. The degree to which we recognize these forces and embrace, reject or avoid them is fundamental in our life outcome. Man has forever worked to influence the masses and always will. It is our nature.

The acceptance of these changes is directly related to the perceived value or threat the individual holds of them. The changes that have affected humankind have existed in two realms until recent history. The first being the physical change, the wheel, railroads, newspaper, telegraphs, cars, horses, steam, gas, and fire are examples of humankind changing forces that are physical in nature. They modify not only our perception but also our physical methodology of living and working.

The other has been more ethereal. When the auto was introduced, it was a revolutionary utilitarian milestone. The full on acceptance was not instant. Fear, skepticism and tradition stood in the way of making buggy whip makers fall by the way side. It took a narrative of ideas and discussion to propel the car to the forefront. Later it took even more imagination to convince people of the value of different brands. We did this with advertising or propaganda. Both of these are aimed to make the human “think” or “feel” positive towards one idea over another.

Still today, we can see an excellent example of this change and a need to convince people that it is what they need. The electric or hybrid vehicle was supposed to be the next iteration of automotive innovation and evolution. Ask yourself why the electric vehicle has been adopted on a scale that is much smaller than the gas powered automotive market. Your answer will probably show a lack of acceptance to the idea of the electric vehicle as it compares to the benefit of a gas vehicle.

Change has been typically slow for millennia because of this natural law of human acceptance. Life is complicated enough without having to adapt our tools that work for us and allow us to get through the day. New “ideas” come with a high degree of learning and failure. Most are unwilling to be adopters until it is the only alternative or makes life more convenient.

This pattern can be reflected with most if not all of the innovations we accept into our day-to-day life. It has happened slowly. We have always said nothing just happens overnight, and until now, we would be accurate in our portrayal by saying that of large-scale change.

For the past two centuries, man has worked tirelessly to find ways to convince their fellow humans that there is one particular way that is better over another or a particular product that is better than another is. The learning and trade practices have been slowly refined to know what to say to you, how to show it to you and how to make you want it.

You know this in its most basic materialization as advertising. It is someone trying to convince someone else to act, think or accept something or someone. They want you to perceive it their way for their benefit, and not necessarily always yours.

The one element that has precluded man from achieving rapid massive change was the inability to saturate the masses with single narrative. Because our “advertising” platforms of the past were, slow in their dissemination. They were weak in their broad control by one or a group. There was not a singular source from which all of the societal nudges could work.

Ford took one approach and Buick took another. All the while, the effect was to say “car good” – “buggy bad”. Therefore, each work to convince you or a subset of us that one is better for you than another is. Specialization in marketing kept us from driving one model of vehicle and then the next as someone else would have presented to us, had we had only one source of advertiser.

Imagine if there was a way that every person was able to receive an ad for a product that they had already shown a proclivity to use. Or if their day to day habits were reflected and we could tell whether that person walked more than they drove, or the advertiser knowing if the person is male or female. What are their religious, political or leisure preferences?

It was not until recent history that we could gather this information. It took forever for companies to do it too. There were new companies dedicated to compiling addresses for advertisers to send their information too in an effort to influence you. The more they know demographically about you the more they can target you with things that may be of interest to you. This explains “Junk Mail” as we coined it.

I would hope that we could all agree that the speed by which our world has changed has been slow and solid. Steps we have taken with new “things” have for the most part left us with works in the real world to accommodate our existence. A product or idea that fails to do that typically does not last long and does not take a solid hold.

Today though we are moving beyond the realm of advertising for the sake of economic or political gain. The information about you is being weaponized in a way that gently nudges you into changing your way of thinking. It no longer is only possible to try to convince you that you need to take your hard-earned money and buy a product. Today it has become much more and it has gone beyond life as we have known it. It is breaking down barriers to acceptance on a large scale quicker and more effectively than ever before.

Fire once discovered was coveted. It has taken us from the time of man’s discovery for personal convenience of the flame to transform it into rockets, cars and a world of other potential innovation that has revolutionized our material world. What has taken man millennia to do now take years and will soon take days.

Today we are discovering smaller particles of energy and how to manipulate them with greater speed and clarity than would have ever been possible. We are achieving results now in a compressed window of time that has not been seen in humankind’s lifetime. The speed of innovation and change is about to accelerate beyond potential for trial and error and acceptance.

What you are about to witness and are living through is the industrial revolution on a scale that is fifteen times faster. Imagine the world impact of change that rapid. Compare it to the chaos and change that took place over one hundred and fifty years and now expect that same upheaval in fifteen times less amount of time.

Several once disparate and now connected forces have culminated into the equivalent of placing your foot on the gas and accelerating beyond imagination in a lifetime. Let’s stick with advertising to amplify this idea.

In early 1940, the information had to be culled from public record. It had to be kept by retailers and companies selling things once you became a customer. They built what then was a statistical understanding at a very high level of “consumer practices”. Companies held “focus groups” to cross section a demographic subset and try to figure out a better way to convince more of us to do or buy something. They did really well at it too.

It was common for kids to send in their name and address to a cereal company for a chance to win on their nightly radio program. Harmless enough in appearance but it enabled the company to now provide arrow like media impressions of their product onto your family. That was then.

Once the computer was introduced into this equation of advertising large subsets of data could now be stored in a way that allowed for deeper dives into the information in an effort to return more behavioral components of their clients and customers. It provided a way to “buy” your information and then compile study and advertise in a way that was even more effective. More efficiency meant greater speed with narrative to the block the advertiser wanted to reach.

Still it was not a very low cash requirement situation for obtaining new clients or customer procurement. There were still some real ways to make sure “you” received the message from the advertiser. Whether you looked at the piece or not was another unknown in the formula and was compensated for by larger volumes of drops for the advertising campaign. It got expensive.

Some of the different ways most reliably used to advertise to you were mail, first postal and then eventually morphing into e-mail and the phone. It started with your “land line”. Now it is your cellular digital phone.

We have all had calls from sales people and robo calls. This is because your behavior and name as well as your contact information have been sold repeatedly and you are paying the people doing the collection of it to sell your digital persona.

Shortly thereafter came the “smart phone”. It is appropriately named for the mission it was designed for. It is smart enough to know when you sleep, how long you sleep. It records how far you walk in a day and when you are more likely to sit. It knows when you are more likely to be in your car or home. It knows if you eat out more than at home. They are tracking and know more about your behavior, both physical and consumer related than ever before.

Beyond the obvious, it knows you by your typing pattern whether you are logged in or not. It measures your gate while you walk. It can extrapolate whether you have the phone or someone else does just by the range of motion you make unique to your movement. It knows your GPS location and the habitual routes you take. The list is endless.

It collects enough environmental data with the web access, texts, e-mail, camera, comment tracking, shopping history as well as the microphone. “So what,” you say? “I have nothing to hide. “ – Yeah right.

It can place you with someone else at the same time through GPS based telemetry and short range communication protocols built into the devices.

Even if you still subscribe to the “So what I don’t have anything to hide” category the question still exists and should be asked of them as to what good does all that information do for them to have? What good would it do me? It does only as much good as the questions asked of it.

To take the easy road we could suggest that we all be ever trusting of our fellow man, governments, and evil billionaire geniuses and say that all of the measure being compiled is for full on philanthropic purpose and no one has motives beyond the best for all of humankind. That would be great if it were true.

The ultimate goal of large tech, primarily for discussion, Google and Facebook, both of which are United States Intel funded in their infancy, has other ideas. They want your persona. They want to know where you are going before you know you want to go. They want you to dissuade your vote for a candidate that holds their values and vision of technocracy.

The goal all along has been to train Artificial Intelligence about humankind and our behavior. Forget advertising, it is paying the bills so the tech companies can gather volumes of information for rapid dissemination in a way and with a speed never achieved in humankind’s history. They are turning loose an abstract mathematical experiment on top of your behavior for the purpose of knowing everything there is to know about you and the human kind.

Of course these questions are very complex and the speed by which we compute information today is trifle in comparison to the power we need to do the real work. Many would have you think it is an impossible achievement to obtain.

What would take fifty trillion hours for Googles cloud servers to extrapolate was recently achieved in less than 30 seconds. To compare the speed at which the computations took place it means that today’s super computer would have taken ten thousand years to calculate what was done in 20 seconds by the newly announced Quantum computer from Google. It is a mind boggling 56 Qubits. Google said to expect double exponential growth in the speed of these computers.

They were right. A couple of days later a privately held company introduced a 2048 Qubit quantum computer for the general public. It has a water-cooled system that hooks to most if not all standard faucets found in today’s break rooms and bathrooms. You could even hookup in a broom closet – is nothing sacred anymore?

The speed of this unit is said to have the ability to break block chain encryption. The best military encryption is still out of reach but other sensitive forms of encryption for trade or national security has been rendered breakable. Just like the enigma machine during WWII.

One other nice feature to this little puppy is the out of the box ability through an API (Advanced Program Interface) to create code that the quantum computer can contemplate and return result values for you. Crazy cool if you ask me, crazy scary too.

Let’s jump back to the smart phones data for a second and entertain the idea that these new processors coupled with General AI can extrapolate information about human nature never known to man.

Already today without the quantum bump AI is diagnosing medical ailment with a greater accuracy than human MD’s. AI is producing digital designs for new materials and frameworks that are printed by 3-D rendering printers in all sorts of medium. We can create in cement, metals, plastics, bio-edible material and now bio-human organ and tissue regeneration. All of this without quantum computing.  That is at least until now!

Have you seen the humanoid and four legged autonomous droids from Boston Dynamics lately?

They can do standing back flips and gymnastic routines.

Is there a chance you have seen Asimov from Honda who is designed to be your “digital robotic go get it for me” droid to make your life more convenient? Easy to see how it would make life more convenient especially if you are handicapped or need a mobile assistant for whatever reason.

Have you spoken with Alexa or Cortana?

Well even if you have not they have been listening to you. That’s right, even if you are not the owner. The technology behind the scenes is capable of analyzing a face or a voice print and not just one but many at a time. It can tie your voice heard over someone else’s microphone to your dossier. These different fronts have permission to study you like a cockroach in a lab, which was given to them willingly by all of the adopters of the new drug called digital. Problem is though, those of us who did not agree. There are a few of us out there.

I guess this is a good time to offer Amazon to fair inclusion of this discussion. In addition, let us not overlook the ambition of Virgin Galactic.

If the merger of machine, mind and quantum capacity all of which far out shadow the understanding of man or mankind are not enough to make you pause for a self-honest second, then let me add to the blueprint a few more pieces and then maybe you will begin to see a much bigger picture.

Have you ever wondered why there are no real examples of autonomous vehicles all over the road today? This is the acceptance factor at play here again. They just do not instill confidence and that is because they should not in their current iteration. There are issues of mathematics and speed of communication that needs to be overcome. Once these two are met, the self-driving, flying, walking, swimming, or whatever, will have the ability to know exactly what quadrant of space they exist in and be able to react accordingly.

The issue of latency or speed will be accommodated for as 5G is rolled out. 5G will begin a new era of fast that will allow this all to begin to change, fast. This is why Uber, Amazon, Lyft and others have been busy building pads for non-terrestrial shuttles. That’s right Air Taxis. Oh yeah, and Unmanned Air Delivery Vehicles. At least that is what each of the company’s own propaganda departments tell us.

The launch and final iteration of 5G will be the surveillance grid you and everyone else walk in. Not only is it a surveillance grid it is run on low-power microwave. Prepare to be drenched with microwave radiation. Low power or not, it is microwave radiation. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Of course the government and corporate pundits are not calling it a surveillance grid, or a global microwave but it is.

Still, the 5G rollout is designed to provide high-speed digital access to every square inch of the above surface earth. They do this by placing a series of satellites in a synchronous orbit above the planet and saturate every portion of the globe in a grid like manner. It seems to me that common sense dictates that he who controls that grid obtains a great deal of power. Because “He who controls the data – wins”!

Up until the promise of 5G, the functional application of self-driving cars has been held back by a problem in the current GPS and data transfer speeds. The speed issue is known as latency. Best described as the amount of time it takes to send and receive information between two points. A usual amount of time is measured in Milliseconds. It may not seem like a lot of time unless you are traveling at 80 miles an hour in a car that needs information immediately to decide whether to brake. You really do not want the info milliseconds later, you want it now.

So 5G is a redesigned system and is now capable of providing instant always on capacity for the “Internet of Things” (IoT). It is amazing really that anything will be able to communicate whatever they are told to anyone or anyplace they are told to do so and it all is being done in real time.

Sounds like Science fiction, but it is today. Here and now. Proven, tested and awaiting final rollout. The orbital rollout has already begun and the terrestrial preparations are coming to a rapid completion as well.

So let’s recap. We can now give the quantum computing droid that has General AI to do things in real time the speed to communicate in real time and we can keep track of them. They too can keep track of us down to the square inch because of the way the 5G grid is designed. Oh and smart phones will no longer be needed, I will get there in a minute.

Like the Chinese surveillance grid and social credit system the promise of facial recognition in the autonomous droid unit will give it capacity to know more about you than even you know about yourself. All of that data sitting in servers with your number is instantly retrievable to the droid once it sees your face or it watches your gate. No hiding from quantum computing autonomous droids with facial recognition and access to your social credit score. What could go wrong there?

Dare we even contemplate that there are and will soon be smarter and stronger advanced artificial machines? They will be robots that can design and replicate replacement parts for other robots as well as its repair parts. It will build and design its own generational offspring all without any human interface beyond starting it thinking.

Hopefully somebody has mentioned ethos and human preservation along the way. A prime directive of real value that is inherently known and unquestioned by the AI. It is a long shot but maybe.

Even if the terminator effect doesn’t happen we can always consider that Face Book, Elon Musk and others are working on brain interfaces that will allow you to interface neurologically through your thought in a digitally translated environment. Google for the brain!

Facebook recently bought a “wearable brain reading device” manufacturing company that produces a device that sits on your head and reads your thoughts. Then it translates them to audio, words, or into digital command to control something else. Oh yeah, and you can receive information digitally as well. Both the send and receive are wireless.

Elon Musk is said to have a chip implant ready to go in a short term. It employs AI neural surgery to implant devices in your head for facilitating man – machine communication.

One of the examples of this ability is a demonstration of a single pilot flying three jets in formation with only his thoughts and a video screen reflecting a visual reference for the pilot. If not jets then what about droids or other air drones.

We also have things like Oculus, which is a new piece of wearable headgear that provides a Virtual reality world that offers 3-D like experience. It also enables the use of devices that interact across the digital divide.

It does so by sending control signals to the other device that the other person wears. All while each person is watching the other in 3-D and using their device to send tactile instruction to the other persons device that replicates it and the person receiving the sensation feels it. Welcome to wearable immersive virtual clothing. You can use your imagination as to where that might go.

Virtual robotic surgery however is now a practical method of human surgery. Several new tactile methods have been designed to replicate pressure and other sensations to enhance the agility of the human controlled machine on the other end.

To date we have done amazingly good things with the use of the new technology. Others have demonstrated a converse direction in terms of usage and outcomes. Frankly, they are scary.

With that being what it is the quantum computing revolution is about to open doors to ideas of study and new possibility that has never been achievable to mankind. It also offers the ability to digitally enslave every man woman and child. The specter of militarization and weaponization of advanced technology is a real threat that is a clear and present danger for mankind.

Before mankind completely loses the human secession of self to convenience the promise of ubiquitous energy must be present. That is to say, that until power is always on and free to all. Then and only then will this animal we are creating be able to claim independence from humankind and evolve from there.

Are we, you, ready for the overwhelming onslaught of the tidal wave proportional change that is coming and that will be wrapping the globe in always on always there technology?

God, may we be forgiven for our conceit to believe that we can control what we create.

Let’s step away from the dystopia for a while and consider that maybe, just maybe all of this sorts itself out and the tidal wave of change brings utopian type promise with it. You know the place. The place where you can have a replica droid made after your likeness. Then, equipped with a specific AI it goes about the day-to-day grind for you. Who knows, maybe you send your droid to work and have it do the dishes, laundry and vacuum when it gets home.

Of course this too is going to require a permanent and always on source of power that is ubiquitous.

Alternatively, we could look at the trans-humanists vision of man merging with machine. Not to say we already have not. The only thing missing from having the phone attached to you right now and working as part of you is the processing capacity that has until now been missed in the equation. Now it has been given a jolt of excitement as we advance closer and closer to the day of the Qubit.

Obviously, no one can say with any certainty what outcome will stem from a global life-changing event. However, if you observe the landscape around you with a greater level of situational awareness towards the digital realm, you too will see potential end for what is to be a historic time in humankind and our certain quantum betterment or our quantum destruction as a species.

In the end there is but one source of ever on and infinite power. That source is God Almighty and to him all things are known and will be. Therefore, given that I already have immortal life I am not going to sweat the small stuff on this one. I am however going to strap myself in for the ride because this one is epic and is going to take us places as a species faster than ever before.

Eric D. Miller ~ 2019

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