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How tight does a stitch need to be to sew cloth together? Obviously the tighter the stitch, the stronger the seam.

In that same spirit there are events which occur in all of our lives that sew the fabric of time together. The final product is the character of our being. Our actions and outcomes act as a needle stitching our cloth into who we are.

I would like to weave a cloth for discussion purpose quickly for us and then sew it together to fit some earlier words I posted here.

Critical Theory

Critical theory stems from the ideas of the person who is introduced as the Father of Modern Socialism, Carl Marx.

Thus, the word Marxism. The term Cultural Marxism is filling the main stream these days. So how did they get from Carl Marx in the 1800’s to here? Well, They never left and they never quit.

In the early 1900’s The Fabian Socialist from England (Europe) proclaimed that by wearing a sheep’s cloth they as wolves could slowly PROGRESS their Socialist Agenda into America. We were the last land to conquer in this race to Communist Utopia.

People like the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margret Sanger, were the early leadership for the Fabian Progressive movement in America. Her Eugenics principles were used as motivation for the Germans in WWII. While numbers may vary among historian it is safe to say that the eugenics program of the German National Democratic Socialists, Nazi’s, was responsible for the death of over 6 million Jewish people. Planned Parenthood has managed to kill over 98 million people without firing one bullet.

Prior to this, Teddy Roosevelt, a stalwart to some Republicans was our first Progressive idealist in America to be elected President. He actually ran on the Bull Moose Party. From there we were blessed with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Johnson, Carter, Bush, Clinton and then Bush and then Obama. Neither side is clean.

The word Progressive began to be applied back in the early 1900’s as well. The agreement was that if victory for the revolution did not happen in their lifetime, they would sow the seeds of Critical Theory in every corner of our culture. They watered them. They nurtured them. And they began to slowly bare fruit.

All pillars of our society were planted with this weed. Academia, Business, Government and the press are all now vehicles for an Anti-American Global Socialist Agenda.

And today you are witnessing the outcome of a century plus of effort to declare Marxism King and America dead.

So, from the seed bed of history, Cultural Marxism was foist on our land like a plague upon our house. We have turned our face from God as a people and he has let us stray to our own end. This is how one ends up in the Socialist camp and uniform. The State is your God in Critical Theory.

The variant of Socialism being used today is referred to as National Socialism. Not too far apart from Marxism. They are really more equal then dislike. There is a ton of literature you can read as I did on the topic if you want to know the intricacies of the two. I will link some ideas on reading below.

The values exercised by these group do not demonstrate peaceful nor American intent. The rioters of BLM, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street and the list goes on – they are ANTI-AMERICAN

Just so I do not have to explain later, BLM is a private corporation. It is owned and run by Three self-avowed Marxist Women. Period.

They have hijacked a cultural topic and rubbed it raw until we are ready to rip each other apart. They are the Marxist. Authoritarian in nature. The Mob Rule. As evidenced here.

Then there are these types. The other corporate interests that are funded by deep Left-wing Global pockets. These are the same people that organized Occupy Wall Street. How nice.

This is not a small matter anymore.

There is a vast network of giving causes and training platforms that are now being used to promote this Insurrection against America and our way of life. For anyone willing to do some basic background you can find them too.

There are good people of earnest intent that have allowed themselves to be willfully or otherwise used as cover for a group of people that do not like America. The discussions we should be having should be productive discussion among Americans for the betterment of us all. Not a civil war on our streets, in our classrooms and in our homes.

We are still Americans.

As a people we have done things that we are proud of. We have also done things we are not proud of and have later regretted. By facing those transgressions head on it has allowed us the opportunity as a good people to obtain justice and resolution and to further Liberty in her cause.

We have even created a better Nation by abolishing English practices in America of man being shackled for the use and benefit of another man.

We did so in such a compressed window of history that on a time line, man’s freedom appears as but an anomaly of humankind.

Be sure though that we cannot remove the monuments and statues, degrade the fabric that is our storied past and to pretend that we are not trying to re-write our history and reality. It does not fly in the face of reason.

There is a significant percentage of the world’s population that understands there is a strong “disturbance in the force”. Like us, others recognize the approaching storm, and it is grand in proportion. Things aren’t working.

Large numbers of once civically and politically slumbering Americans are coming around to this reality. As well are many of the citizens in Socialist Europe. In the weeks, months and years ahead, the awakened and upset will far outnumber the establishment. Many will be and are ignorant as to their role in the process. All they want is resolution. They want somebody to fix it.  As they do wake and join the scream for an end to the insanity, those with power will become increasingly jumpy.

There is a bigger picture most people aren’t seeing. The goal of the globalists and our enemies is the dismantling of our American Heritage, and there by the destruction of our identity as a nation.  Removing historical monuments and statues is first. Removing the Anthem is next.

Ultimately the goal is to remove the Constitution. If we continue to capitulate and give these social justice warriors and their globalist handlers what they want, then we will have given away our Republic. If allowed to continue then they will succeed in the dismantling of our culture and the removal of our heritage. This will leave us in chaos and primed for socialist governmental control, in other words we are quickly becoming the Altered States of America.

The tactic is not new. It has been the game plan for a long time. We, those of us awake, are seeing this unfold right before our eyes. It is far deeper than what you see on the surface.

Do not allow yourself to get to the point that you just become overwhelmed by the pressure. Do not give in. Letting things go is what got us here in the first place.

When the weight is lifted from this societal pressure cooker we call culture, it will create a window of opportunity for humanity to take a great leap forward or for us to fall into another dark place and time.

While it is easy to explain fault and play arm chair quarter back, it is much harder to suggest solutions or assist in the resolution. My effort towards the latter is sincere. It is offered with full understanding that what I write, think and espouse will be attacked and called heresy by many. So, let’s start in a place that we all stand together. Our local community. Where we are being ripped apart at the seams, just like our Nation and culture.

I have built this platform to assist me in helping mold dialogue and outcomes in consideration for all who wish to read. It is a voice. My intent is not to attack. It is to defend Liberty as an unapologetic American.

I have recently demonstrated a legitimate connection between a sitting Councilman locally, and one of these training groups I mentioned above.

The name of the group is the YEO Networks. I am hopeful that the former US Army Lieutenant and Councilman will recognize the polar opposite bearing on the Constitution and the values of YEO.

The former Lieutenant and now Councilman is a member of YEO.

He can be seen wearing the shirt and acting on their behalf by foisting their progressive values on everyone, whether they agree or not.

He has stitched his cloth into a suit. It is his to wear. Just no longer as a sheep’s cover. Should he come to find he has strayed, we welcome him home. Until then, he is in the place he has chosen with the suit he has sewn. There is no reason to believe he does not know otherwise.

Not all Veterans view the Constitution the same it seems.

So, who is the YEO Network? Well the YEO network is a Progressive Socialist training operative group funded by the far-left radical agenda. They stand for Anti American Values. As expressed in the graphic on their site.

From their website: “Our vision is to create a new political system of truly representative government that amplifies the voices of youth and marginalized communities.” – What’s wrong with this one? A discussion for later.

Here is a link to their policy manual as well. Notice Bernie Sanders, a self avowed Democratic Socialist.

YEO Policy Page

YEO exists for the purpose of mentorship and guidance to any elected or candidate willing to adhere to the Progressive YEO agenda as well as willing to carry out their Anti-American plan of Liberties subversion.  The YEO members receive National support, locally for their obedience to the Progressive agenda.

The graphic here from their site says the same thing “Progressive Values”.

So, again I ask. How tight of stitch do you need to sew a seam?

We are facing the Naked Communist in our own front yards. How you decide to deal with the reality is yours.

You may ignore it. Discount it. Submit to it through participation. Do nothing and still submit because you have done nothing.

I have chosen to stand in the breach. If you are one of those who expect someone or some government to make everything better, well, no. Be aware that when they take me out. They are coming for you next. They will come for your livelihoods. Your reputations. Your dignity. As well as America and our Religion and our values.

The future requires us to act as responsible Americans with our eyes wide open. How many are left? This moment in time is an exciting time to be alive, you are needed. Liberty is calling and we are the generation that will determine the outcome of events forward. Period. That is just the way history works.

So, I ask that you stand with me in Liberty to defend the same. And when we do please carry the lantern of truth on the path of righteousness, we will meet in the darkness. Our lanterns will shine twice as bright and attract twice as many to the light of truth.

As we show the way, darkness will cast shadow and be exposed. It all begins with you and what you do. Regardless of what the topic is. You make choices. So please consider Liberty as an option over Marxism.

~ Eric D. Miller – 2020