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Politics is not life. If it is then that is really sad.

Does it seem to you like nothing can be done or said without using the lens of politics to focus our cultural perspective?

What a mess we have made of our world. I mean that too. For the decades plus that I have spent walking the same planet earth that you and others have, the American culture has not moved in a sustainable direction.

If the experience of life is to be of any value, we have to regain the ability to shine the light on our culture from many different lenses and make them all resolute.  It is up to us now, We The People to mold our culture closer to our agreed upon charters. Not a government, a program, a grant or anything else. They will not solve the problem. They are part of it.

We have to regain the power of the Individual.

In order to do that, well, straight politics cannot be the lens anymore. It has gone from values and ideas, to R v D – Spy v Spy – Orange Man Bad – BLM – what is next?

The outcome is tragic if we cannot divert this childish behavior and tantrums by our leaders and citizenry.

We The People” have to stand up and put an end to the insanity by taking back our local Institutions. We must again begin to rebuild a new reality that is closer to the heart, through our neighbors, friends and  family. There is no time to wait for anyone else, the time is now and we are the ones that must decide our future direction.

What we are living through in our community today is a long-time effort to degrade our culture and we allowed it. How?

Seeing as it is Sunday, I would like to emphasize with you that the light we are trying to interpret internally is God. If it is not light then may I suggest you turn your face back towards light and reflect in the healing power of love. We are not fully equipped to understand the depth and fathom of God.

Many in our culture can barely gauge their own behavior and egos anymore. Why?

As humans, not of race, gender, or anything else. When we as just humans use the filters of life’s lessons, we can generally see what works for us and what does not. We can make decisions based on our past outcomes that were created by our actions. Agree?

The same is true with what we teach ourselves. It is true too that we make decisions based upon or economics, sexuality, religion, race and every other relevant filter that God has given us to use.

But when we turn politics from a filter to a lens and we magnify our hearts existence of self through that lens to the world, it becomes our light. It becomes what we are showing the world.

Talk About Martin is building a constructive narrative, approach and dare I say our own spheres of influence. Together, as we combine our light, we will be a collective of individual forces. Not a collective of force.

As one of our inaugural Talk About Martin Authors so eloquently reminded us all:

From time to time, we have to back up and straighten out before we can move forward. – Kimberly Jackson

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~ Eric D. Miller – 2020