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This just in from Talk About Martin

Below is an excerpt from an Editors piece that ran on Talk About Martin. The site is a new way of gathering people together and each keeping their own voice. Then, while collecting in a place that others do as well the voices get louder. It is amplifying the voices of those that participate and observe. Bold Really.

There will be a new button on my page that will look like this.

When you use it you will be taken to all the posts on the Talk About Martin site that I have published, and you will be able to launch into other contributors worlds as well.

It is still a growing beast so have some patients and feel free to contribute when and where you can.

[Excerpt follows]

…… We all know that we do not simply vote to pick a rabbit out of the hat and then let the chosen rabbit produce some kind of magic trick that we call governance. Usually all we get in return are small pellets of not so useful results.

Said simply, when you elect people to determine your future and do nothing to keep an eye on them then you will get less than desirable outcomes.

Man is Man and Nature is Nature.

The Nature of Man is such that your interest will soon be forgotten by the elected servants if you do not speak up, speak out and let the elected know what you want them to do. Or for that matter, stop doing. ………. <<read more>>